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About Andre Gonzalez

Andre Gonzalez is an American author who has made quite a name for himself in the horror genre. His storytelling prowess captivates readers with its originality and gripping plots. Gonzalez has a real knack for bringing his characters to life in ways that resonate with fans. His tales often leave a lasting impression, thanks to the vivid personalities he creates.

One of the standout features of Gonzalez’s writing is his ability to craft protagonists that readers can’t help but cheer for. These central characters are sketched with depth and evolve in ways that keep you hooked until the very last page. The enjoyment of his stories is considerably heightened by the relatable and dynamic heroes facing frightful situations. It’s this kind of character development that enhances the entertainment value of his writing.

Gonzalez’s talent extends beyond just character creation; he’s also a master at weaving narratives that pull readers in. His stories are structured in a manner that encourages a constant eagerness to see what happens next. This gift for storytelling ensures that readers are consistently engaged, turning page after page. Indeed, Andre Gonzalez continues to be a beloved figure among those who appreciate a good horror story with a strong narrative.

Early and Personal Life

Born on January the 6th 1990, Andre Gonzalez hails from Denver, CO, where his fascination with the eerie and otherworldly took root at a tender age. Night after night, his imagination would be stirred by the fearsome scenes played out in both literature and film. These early encounters with horror, from classic scares such as ‘Halloween’ to the chilling narratives found in Stephen King’s ‘Pet Sematary,’ fueled his creative spark, leading him to craft his own dark tales, some becoming classroom assignments, and others, personal projects.

Having pursued his interest relentlessly, Gonzalez saw his early scribblings grow into a professional journey with ‘Followed Home,’ his first novel, inspired by a nightmare from his youth. Dedicated to his craft, he looks forward to translating the dread found in everyday life into fresh, spine-chilling stories. Gonzalez’s goal is simple yet ambitious: to leave readers lying awake, contemplating the haunting worlds he weaves with words.

Apart from his literary life, Gonzalez is a proud alumnus of Metropolitan State University of Denver, where he completed a business degree in 2011. His downtime is filled with hobbies that include watching baseball, playing poker, swinging a golf club, and globetrotting with his loved ones.

Gonzalez firmly believes that the key to broadening one’s creativity lies in embracing the wide range of human experiences, which he acquires through his explorations and interactions around the world. Currently he lives in Denver, where he resides with Natasha his wife Natasha, and their two children.

Writing Career

Andre Gonzalez established himself as a formidable presence in the realm of horror writing with the launch of his ‘Exalls Attacks’ series, beginning with ‘Followed Home’ in 2016. This series marked the start of an ongoing adventure for Gonzalez, with subsequent titles such as ‘Followed East’ and ‘Followed Away’ deepening the chilling narrative. His ‘Insanity’ and ‘Wealth of Time’ series, along with the ‘Wealth of Time Prequel,’ further display his talent for crafting interconnected stories that would keep readers eagerly anticipating each new release.

In addition to series, Gonzalez’s solo efforts include the standalone novel ‘Snowball’ released in 2019 and contributions to collections like ‘Choose Your Doom’ and ‘Darkest of Dreams.’ His versatility as a horror writer also shines through in shorter formats, evident in works like the novella ‘A Poisoned Mind.’

With an impressive bibliography that continues to grow, Gonzalez shows no signs of slowing down, as indicated by recent releases and the promise of more gripping tales on the horizon.

Zero Hour

‘Zero Hour,’ penned by Andre Gonzalez, is the fifth book in the ‘Wealth of Time’ series, released on January 19, 2021. Available through the Kindle platform, the book is best enjoyed when read in orders.

As time ticks forward, Martin finds himself unavoidably on a path that requires him to rapidly grasp the weight of his newfound duties. While adapting to his role and earning the Road Runners’ trust, he must navigate a maze of critical choices. In another part of the country, Chris is frantically deflecting a barrage of dangers and planning a unique offensive.

Their actions propel them into a collision course, culminating in a showdown that will decide the fate of the time travel world.

Here Gonzalez deftly manages to keep the tension high and the pages turning. As the saga unfolds, the intricate narrative invites new and returning fans alike.

This installment holds its ground as a compelling chapter in an enthralling series.


Andre Gonzalez’s psychological thriller ‘Replicate’ is the third entry in the ‘Insanity’ series, made available to readers on September 25, 2018. This book was published by M4L Publishing and is also ideally read in order for the full series experience. ‘Replicate’ continues to tantalize fans of the series with its thrilling narrative.

Jeremy Heston enters a new chapter of captivity, challenging the belief that he still has power over his destiny. His perspective shifts dramatically when an old friend reveals a harrowing reality, spurring Jeremy to devise an escape with the help of an unexpected ally. The broader world may have progressed past Jeremy’s notorious past, but not all have relinquished the memory or impact of his perilous deeds conducted two years prior.

Driven by a resolve to complete what he started, Jeremy is prepared to take his psychological experiment to its final stage, raising the stakes on the potential cost of human life.

Each page intensifies the plot, ensuring a captivating read. Fans and newcomers to the ‘Insanity’ series will find themselves immersed in the unfolding drama. This third installment stands as a testament to Gonzalez’s ability to maintain suspense throughout the series.

A Poisoned Mind

‘A Poisoned Mind,’ a novella that blends science fiction and horror, was written by Andre Gonzalez and hit the shelves on June 27, 2017. The novella was brought to the public by Createspace, offering yet another thrilling tale for readers to dive into. It marks Gonzalez’s foray into shorter, yet impactful storytelling within the horror fantasy genre.

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