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Publication Order of Standalone Novels

The Lost Night (2019)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
The Herd (2020)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
We Were Never Here (2021)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

Andrea Bartz is a Brooklyn based American author of mystery, thriller and suspense books known for her debut novel The Lost Night. Besides writing, she is also a journalist, an editor, a copywriter and several of her articles have been featured in Cosmopolitan, The Wall Street Journal, Women’s Health, Marie Claire, Elle, Martha Stewart Living Vogue, Redbook and many other outlets.

The Lost Night is a story about a woman trying to discover the dark truths that surround her best friend’s suicide. According to an article published by the author online, The Anatomy of Story authored by John Truby changed her “writing life” by helping her focus, sharpen and transformed her approach in writing her debut novel. According to an interview published online, Miss Bartz admitted that her greatest inspiration in writing The Lost Night is Tana French, a master author in crafting suspense stories set in closed-door worlds. The book has been described as whip-smart and captivating by Library Journal and has been listed as the best books of 2019 on Real Simple, Glamour and Marie Claire.

The Lost Night

The year is 2009 when a New York college graduates Edie lifeless body is discovered leaving behind a group of confused and lost friends. Her death is ruled as a suicide and brings to a sudden stop the group’s endless nights of partying. But a few of Edie’s good friends a left with one big unanswered question- what happened to Edie that night? But that’s just the beginning of this fast-paced, thrilling story.

Fast forward ten years later, close to the 10th anniversary of Edie’s death; we meet her former friend and roommate having lunch together after not seeing each other for close to ten years. Lindsay, the best friend and Sarah the roommate, were together with Edie’s ex-lover, drinking, smoking and partying that fateful night. As Lindsay and Sarah recalled about Edie and the night of her apparent suicide, their memories are quite different, and Sarah reveals that she was convinced that her roommate was murdered and went on to investigate what happened that night.

This sparks Lindsay, the main character and one of the unreliable narrators you could wish to meet, due to blackout episodes on a mission to find out what happened to her friend that night. She even wonders if she’s the person who murdered Edie since she had already planned a nasty best friend break up with her and that night she experienced a blackout. As she begins to dig deeper and gather information into Edie’s death, Lindsay gets sleuthing assistance from her current best friends Damien and Tessa.

Edie was a redhead; she had a magnetic personality, fair skin and was always the main focus of attention. It’s also revealed that she also dropped people like rocks and this behavior had attracted plenty of enemies who could have wanted her dead. She and her friends lived in a rambling apartment with little privacy, was less secure and people would get in and go out all hours of the night as most of them were party hippies.

Edie had just been informed that her parents were on the verge of losing her childhood home and they would not be able to help her with her school tuition. Additionally, she had a worrying medical condition that required her a visit to the emergency room and had also broken up with her lover, Alex. Two of her roommates, Keven and Sarah (the only people who knew her medical condition) could not believe that she had committed suicide.

However, life goes on as everyone puts Edie’s cause of death in the past including her unstable mother. But one Lindsay and Sarah have their lunch after a decade, Lindsay embarks on an investigative mission into her past trying to figure out if Edie was suicidal or she was murdered and staged like a suicide.
At one time, Lindsay had idolized her best friend and has since idolized that time in her life and since that time. Despite having a successful career and two best friends, she knows too well that she is stuck accepting the short-lived love of men knowing that she will never be good even to be classified as a girlfriend. In some ways, her life and her mindset haven’t progressed past her wild and loose ways she lived ten years earlier. And thanks to her frequent blackout episodes that her memory of the past come back scratching at her mind waiting to be remembered even if through videos, pictures and her friends conflicting memories.

The story progresses well as the stories are compared, the past is dissected, videos and pictures are picked apart, and our heroine promises her worried friends that she will never give up on her investigations despite her blackouts and memory lapses. But her investigations don’t please some people and the more she digs deeper, the more she could be putting herself in danger and those she cares about as well.

Andrea Bartz’s The Lost Night is a fascinating and thrilling suspense story featuring interesting main and supporting characters. Edie is the type of person who could do different things for different people, and so everyone thinks that they alone knew her true characters. On the other hand, Lindsay is the narrator. She is self-aware, curious, and always eager to investigate and takes a lot of pride in her intellect. Additionally, due to her past, she is also self-sabotaging, insecure, and mired in deep shame.

Andrea Bartz second novel The Herd is also a mystery thriller and gives the readers a glimpse into female friendships, how the society has set high standards for women and what exactly happens when some successful women perfect molded veneers starts to crack. The story is narrated from the alternating point of views of two intelligent sisters with divergent worldviews and just like the author’s debut novel The Lost Night, the story it’s thrilling, suspenseful, dark and twisty and of course a story worth your time.

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