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The Inventor's Secret (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Conjurer's Riddle (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Turncoat's Gambit (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Publication Order of Nightshade Books

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Invisibility (With: David Levithan) (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

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A Tyranny of Petticoats(2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Toil & Trouble(2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Andrea Cremer is a bestselling and popular author from the United States of America, who is particularly famous for writing down the highly successful Nightshade series. Since her childhood, Andrea has been very much fond of reading and writing fantasy novels. As an established author, she has written a number of highly interesting and extremely popular novels in her career based on the young adult, history, science fiction and fantasy genres. Andrea says that during her learning days, she was very much impressed by the works of the famous authors of her time such as Margaret Atwood, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Llyod Alexander, Homer, Piers Anthony, JK Rowling, Cassandra Clare, Susan Cooper, Dante, Richard Adams, Melissa Marr, Chaucer, David Eddings, and Neil Gaiman. Drawing inspirations from the works of these famous personalities, she has been able to write a few novel series’ of her own, and she has done incredibly well in her attempt. During her childhood, she used to keep daydreaming a lot and used to roam around the lake shores and the forests of Northern Wisconsin. She has always been fascinated by the idea of writing novels and has loved it so much that she has never stopped writing. Her passion and enthusiasm for writing exciting novels helped her to become a professional writer and she eventually went on to become a New York Times bestselling author because of her sheer hard work and dedication.

Before becoming a professional author and writing her first novel, Andrea completed her graduation and began working in St. Paul, Minnesota as a professor of history at the Macalester College. She has a particular interest in history and fantasy and always strives to bring these two passions into her books. As of today, author Andrea Cremer lives happily in New York and spends most of her time in writing fantasy and historical novels. She tries to indulge herself in different activities whenever she gets some time free from writing books. Particularly, she likes to try and master difficult poses of yoga. Wandering around the Lake of the Isles and hunting for new music for providing soundtracks to the novels that she writes are some of the other activities that she likes to spend her time in. Andrea likes to live in the City of Lakes, Minneapolis. She has said in her interviews that her passion for writing fantasy novels was getting subsided due to her love of horse-riding due her initial days, prior to becoming a famous author. And she considers herself lucky enough to break one of her feet during one of the horse rides, which forced her to shift back to her first love, that is writing novels.

In all, Andrea has written a total of five novel series’ of which four are related to the Nightshade series and one among them is totally different. It is known as ‘The Inventor’s secret’ and consists of a couple of novels published in the years 2014 and 2015. The first novel of the series was titled ‘The Inventor’s secret’ and was published by the Philomel Books publishing house. The plot of the novel is set in the an alternate 19th century era of the North America, in which the Revolutionary War did not take place and due to which the British Empire kept on expanding thereby becoming a global juggernaut by banking on the horrible and marvelous inventions in the machinery. The novel also focuses on the life of the main character named Charlotte, who is just 16 years old. In the opening sequence of the novel, Charlotte is introduced as one of the refugees during the time of the British Empire. Even though she is just 16 years old, she has successfully scraped out her way into existence around the edge of the industrial empire of Britain. All of the refugees are quite weak with just skin and bones in their body, but they feel satisfied by the fact that they are able to find enough food for their survival. They also realize that each one of them needs to stick with the group in order to save themselves from the slavery of the British Empire. Due to their unity, they have been able to avoid the labor gatherers of the imperial court, till now. Soon, a new exile joins the refugee group of Charlotte, who does not seem to have any memory about his escape from the cities near the coast. He does not even remember his own name. As this unknown refugee takes shelter in their camp, new dangers are also brought into the camp along with him. He also carries with him the secrets related to their terrible future, that is awaiting for all the strugglers, who wish to live freely from any kinds of bonds of the Machine works of the British empire.

The second novel of the series was published by the Philomel Books publishing house and was titled ‘The Conjurer’s Riddle’. This novel serves as the sequel to the first novel of the series and continues to depict the struggling life of the main protagonist, Charlotte during the time of alternate 19th century, when the British Empire has risen globally and in North America as there was no Revolutionary war. At the beginning of the novel, Charlotte and her fellow refugees become successful in escaping from the British Empire. However, they have not gotten over the dangers as the revolutionaries have warned to them about even greater peril if they decide to go against them. In spite of the warnings, Charlotte takes her group of refugee exiles towards the west on her way to New Orleans, into a world where surly fishermen and shady merchants thrive wildly. During her voyage, she continuously begins to wonder whether she was doing the things in the right way, after learning about the warnings of the revolutionaries. As time passes by, she and her fellow refugees become aware of the mystical world of the New Orleans bayou. They come to know that deep inside the shadowy tunnels situated below the city, there is a den of pirates, assassins and criminals. Now, it is up to Charlotte to decide whether the goals of the revolution were justified or the lives of her fellow refugees and friends are very much scared about the sacrifice in New Orleans. The novel written by author Andrea Cremer continuously gives an account of what would have happened to the people of America if they would have lost the Revolutionary War, throughout the series, and what the people of America would have done to taste freedom.

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