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Andrea Rousse is a bestselling author from Louisiana that is best known as the author of the “Belle, Ridge Texas” series of novels.

The native Louisianan was born and brought up in a home that was on the banks of the mighty Mississippi.

While she loves Mississippi, she moved out as an adult and currently makes her home in Texas where she lives with her husband and two children.

The author made her fiction writing debut with the publishing of “Lost” in 2021. She now has more than half a dozen titles to her name spread across several series.
Andrea has asserted that she will not be slowing down any time soon and intends to continue writing even more bestselling titles.

Over the years, Andrea Rousse has become known for writing some titillating romance with some handsome heroes and feisty and beautiful women who usually fall for them.
In 2022, Andrea penned the bestselling single-standing novel “Be My Game Changer.”

“Lost” by Andrea Rousse is a compelling romance novel that asserts that a problem or trouble shared is usually halved.

But the question is what will happen to a person that is unwilling or unable to share, swims in lies, is lost in plain sight, and is on the run from their past?

Mallory Evans is well aware of how evil looks and is willing to do anything to ensure the people that she loves are safe. She has been on the run for more than a decade after a fateful night that upended her life.

Mallory had then fled to Belle Ridge, the small Texas town, where she started living a life of lies and kept her head down. But things had changed when a handsome stranger had come into Belle Ridge and she starts asking if it is worth it to merely survive.

Lucas Witter is well aware of where he comes from and who he is. He is confident of his purpose in life and has come to the small town with a singular focus. Soon enough he sets his eyes on Mallory and he is no longer so sure of himself.

He is shaken to his core and he starts wondering if he will be able to walk away from it all when he is called upon to. When ghosts from the past make a reappearance will she be his downfall or will he save her?

Andrea Rousse’s novel “Return” is the story of Stella Sutton who knows too well the feeling of abandonment. She comes from a family that has always had center stage in the gossip mill in town.

As such, she knows how to keep her chin up and go on with her life. After years of trying to mend her broken heart, she is content with life in Belle Ridge the small Texas town.

Things get interesting when her sweetheart from high school comes back into town and brings back more than a charming smile and old memories. Clay Atwood had been forced to leave his hometown following great devastation and loss.

Four years later, he is back for his younger sister’s wedding and stirs more trouble than even what he had done earlier. He knows he has most of the answers Stella needs but thinks he is better off staying quiet at the moment.

When there is some new danger, Clay will need to make the decision if it would be easier to stay and fight for the woman he loves or to abandon town as he had done before.

With everything on the line, just how far is he willing to go to avoid getting any blood on his hands while keeping her safe?

“Escape” by Andrea Rousse is another beautiful novel that starts by asserting that time will usually heal wounds. Still, it may be impossible for some people to move on when they are haunted by the very thing that has been causing them so much pain.

The lead in the novel is Brianna Boswell, who is no stranger to fear as she had endured abuse and trauma at the hand of someone that was supposed to be the love of her life. She now lives afraid of what may be lurking around each corner.

She has to leave town if she is to escape her nightmare but then her first love comes back into town. He is promising to protect her if that is what will make her stay in town.

Colton Sutton could not have been happier returning to the small town he grew up in and its comforts.

When he learns that Brianna the woman he has loved all his life intends to leave town because of a secret, he comes up with a plan to protect her so that she will not suffer the same fate that he did.
He knows that trauma often leaves long-lasting wounds that leave behind ugly scars and now has to decide between losing everything that matters to him or forging his own path.

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