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Publication Order of Andreas Kaldis Books

Murder in Mykonos (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Assassins of Athens (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Prey on Patmos / An Agean Prophecy (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Target (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mykonos After Midnight (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sons of Sparta (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Devil of Delphi (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Santorini Caesars (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
An Aegean April (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Mykonos Mob / Island of Secrets (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Deadly Twist (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
One Last Chance (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
At Any Cost (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Andreas Kaldis series of books from Jeffrey Siger is a series of books about a detective in Greece. Kaldis is an experienced homicide detective who has been working in Athens for years. Many of his stories entail unique parts of Greek culture and bring readers to a variety of places all around the country. Siger has been consistently writing a number of books in this series and has allowed the character to evolve while also highlighting many points of Greece. The stories are also relevant to many of the key events and topics of discussion that are prevalent in Greece to this day.

These books are written by Jeffrey Siger, an American currently living in Greece who is also a former lawyer. He prides his books on being reflective of the extensive history and culture of Greece while also targeting many of the social issues that are prevalent in modern-day Greece. These include points about government issues, relations with other countries in Europe and even points about how people in modern-day Greece relate to the country’s extensive history.

The stories are filled with many amazing locations all around Greece including some beautiful spaces around its mainland as well as some historic sites. Many parts of Greek culture are highlighted in these stories. These include many historic sites and important references and allusions to a variety of important events that have occurred throughout the extensive history of Greece. The stories have become very popular among those interested in Greek culture and have especially been bestsellers in Greece.

The stories are especially filled with plenty of intriguing points and characters. The twists in these stories are especially unpredictable and intriguing to all readers. Fans of mystery novels will enjoy the many stories that are included in this series as they entail many fascinating point about Greece while keeping readers at the edge of their seats.

Best Andreas Kaldis Books

The 2009 book Murder in Mykonos is the first book in the Andreas Kaldis series. Kaldis is promoted from his post in Athens to work as the chief of police on Mykonos, a prominent Greek island. His enjoyable time on Mykonos is soon interrupted as a serial killer gets on the loose and starts killing various people around the island. This leads Andreas to many historic places and into a number of myths surrounding the island all as the strong reputation of the island is placed in jeopardy.

The 2012 book Target: Tinos takes place on Tinos, an Aegean island. As two bodies are found burned and wrapped along a torched Greek flag, Kaldis heads out to find out who could have killed them. However, it turns out that the two murder victims are gypsies. This leads Kaldis into a secret society that might have some questionable motives and attitudes. It brings out the suspicion that there might be a group out there that is aiming to kill gypsies and all those who do not believe in their particular ideals.

2015’s Devil of Delphi is about a former assassin who leaves Athens for the ancient village of Delphi. He soon joins an underground criminal ring. After he kills a member of a key political family, Kaldis is brought into the fray to find the killer before he can get away from Delphi and spread his work to other places around the country.

Another noteworthy book in the series is the 2016 novel Santorini Caesars. A protestor in Athens is killed but Kaldis believes that this was done as a means of sending a message to others who might be protesting ongoing issues in Greece. His investigation leads him to Santorini, a Greek island that has long been believed to be the lost island of Atlantis. The military leaders of Greece are discovered to be planning their own actions with the potential of them maybe trying to directly influence how the country evolves.

Andreas Kaldis Book Awards and Accolades

Many of the books in the Andreas Kaldis series have received rave reviews from a variety of organizations and prominent book critics. Target: Tinos was named by the New York Times as one of the year’s “Picks For the Beach” and also received a starred review from Publishers Weekly.

Devil of Delphi was also nominated for a 2016 Barry Award. The Barry Award is an award given to the best crime fiction novel and writer every year by the Deadly Pleasures crime fiction review publication.

Other Series You May Like

Fans of the Andreas Kaldis series of books will enjoy many other stories of similar intrigue. These include many stories that are reflective of all kinds of places from every corner of the world.

The Detective Emmanuel Cooper series of books from Malla Nunn is one popular series to see. This is a series that takes place in 1950s South Africa after apartheid began in the country. Cooper is a laborer and former detective who is removed from his position after having an affair with a black woman. Cooper works as a private investigator for hire that works in many places around South Africa and works to solve cases in the country. This comes in spite of his image being harmed and apartheid being a key factor in many cases as well as an obstacle.

The Inspector Challis series from Garry Disher is another great series to look forward to. This takes place on the Australian seaside near Melbourne as the inspector searches for clues to find answers to murder cases around the area. Many of the stories in this series are about the history of Australia and the unique culture that it possesses.

The Detective Jack Frost series by James Henry is a great series for fans to of the Andraes Kaldis series to read. This is set in the United Kingdom and is about a detective sergeant who investigates a number of crimes. Many of the stories in this series take place in the present day although there are also a few prequels that take place in the later part of the twentieth century that integrate historic topics and situations.

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