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Andrew Britton, was born to his parents as Andrew Paul Vine-Britton in the area of Peterborough, England, on the date of January 6, 1981- March 18, 2008) and relocated to the United States with his family at the young age of seven years. He left the world early but in a few short years his list of accomplishments would be circumvent the globe. He established himself as a writer at an early age and published his first mystery novel at 23 years of age. He was bound for notoriety. With books published that reached the public in several languages, he was well on his way to being a world figure. he was certain to become one of the world’s finest writers.

This young gentleman lived in England as a boy and moved to the US in 1988, spreading his time between North Carolinas and Michigan he finished high school, served in the military and begun a college career. His life was like most young people only his imagination took him further. He published “The American” the first of his triumphs. Then came The Assassin” published in 2008, “The Invisible” a 2009 release.” The Exile” released in 2010 and the “Operative” a 2012 publication. Although he left the world in 2008, his writing still shares his great sense of adventure in his exhilarating spy novels.

The Man:

This young author like his characters was larger than life. He set out to achieve goals. Traveling across the world at a young age by way of his parents but this may have been a glimpse into what was to come about. It would seem he was always achieving, on the move to see what was nest, trying to get as much done as possible in a compact space of time. He was busy writing, spinning his stories as he moved from school to military service and back. His mind always turning, seeing the world in a different light, imagining what could be.

He was adventurous and the world loves adventure. He filled his life with new things to do, always searching for achievements and setting goals. Writing his first novel at 23 barely out high school, he tackles the world of big business. He studies economics and psychology in college perhaps twisting money and mind games into his novels.

He was young active and handsome but like his novels, things do not always go as planned. The pit falls along the way are not always kind. He filled a young life with energy and activity, treating it positively, continuously challenging himself, time and time gain. Constantly finding out how much he could change. He left the world books and the challenge of living life to the fullest.

Andrew Britton came into the world and took it by storm. His books hit the best sellers list and challenged the best mystery writers the world has to offer and this he did in his early twenties. He was a marvel but showed appreciation for the leaders in the field that came before him. In his novel, “The American” the character Ryan, came back from his place of solitude to manage his pupil. Even a villian has role models.

His life and his novels are inspiring. It leads onlookers accomplish in every way. His characters are infamous, and daring. He himself tested the water, serving in Korea taking on the challenge of college and traveling. He was an innovator with his ideas of the world. He entertained and no doubt left characters that might develop a series of stories, as his life is a story, to be told. No doubt a little of himself is in each character, the clever, the daring, and the love of country. Only Andrew Britton really knows, but we can speculate.

Andrew Britton was born in England but was raised in America. He is lovingly claimed by two great nations and holds a marker in both. His novels are printed in many languages and will feed the imagination of generations to come. The energy of youth is in his writing and the curiosity of what could be. It is difficult to forget an energy that make you smile, that makes you think, and that makes you care. Andrew Britton was such a person. He left the impression of always being willing to give it a go.

Andrew Britton the Author:

In Andrew Britton’s exit from this world, his mother placed a part of his ashes at the military internments on the continent of the United States and left his name across the pond. His busy sense of adventure lingers still in his novels giving the world a glimpse into the creativity of Andrew Britton. He did not only write books he created worlds and characters that made the world give them a place in the mind. He created larger than life personalities that make the world know them and remember.

The characters of Andrew Britton command attention when readers flipped through the pages. He is described as a combination of the top writers of his time, twirling these figures into a curious package of modern day plots with an undercurrent of subtle energy. His super spy novels, “The Assassin and The American are laced with pages of intrigue. These characters traveled continents and sabotage nations. Inflicting intrigue and fear on the world, his main characters set out to avert disaster and make things right. These super spies manage things the rest of the world has no control over, with skill and tenacity.

His daring characters of “The American”, Ryan Kealey and Jason March are both worthy adversaries, working towards opposite goals. Kealey tried desperately to withdraw into his own private world while Jason March is willing to enjoy the wealth of his absence. Now, Kealey moves from the shadow to aid his country once again. This novel lacks nothing. It has the beautiful Naomi Kharmai and a villain that has the capacity to bring the world to its knees. These characters are cunning, survivalist with every resource at their fingertips. They are linguist and travelers, equipped to handle anything that comes their way. Andrew Britton’s novels left the door open to change. His characters were versatile and resilient. They suffered many trials, sometimes succumbing to the disasters of the day but always looking forward.

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