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The Mysterious Stranger (As:A.R. Cunningham) (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Creeping Sludge (As:A.R. Cunningham) (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Sky Prisoner (As:A.R. Cunningham) (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Ride of Doom (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Ghost Car (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Yestertime of Time Travel (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Yestertime Effect (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Yestertime Warning of Time Travel (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Yestertime Shift (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Andrew Cunningham is a mystery, thriller and science fiction author who also writes mystery novels as AR Cunningham. Cunningham was born in England though he has spent much of his adult life living in the United States. His stint in the US included a quarter of a century in Cape Cod before he moved to Florida. In his previous life, he made a living as an interpreter for the deaf. For a very long time he worked as an independent seller of books and he has also been a full-time freelance copy editor and writer. Cunningham has been very active with his martial arts, where he is a “Tang Soo Do” 4th degree Master Black belt. He finally let go of the sport when his body gave out and he could no longer move like he did when he was younger. He is a married man and has two adult children and several grandchildren. When he is not writing his novels, he travels across the United States and the Americas alongside his wife. He has become very fond of taking cruises to the Caribbean. Andrew published his debut novel “Eden Rising” in 2013 though he acknowledges that he did not know what to expect from audiences since he was a very inexperienced writer. But then he sold several copies and his confidence boosted, he went on to write more than eight titles in the “Eden Rising” and the “Lies Mystery” series of novels.

Cunningham had always wanted to become a writer right from when he was a child. When he was in his twenties, he took a children’s writing course. Once he graduated, he started penning a series of witty and humorous mysteries targeted at middle grade audiences. Andrew would write five manuscripts before he started querying agents and publishers. He could not find a publisher interested enough to publish his novels though some of the publishers he submitted to offered encouragement and told him that he should continue writing as he was on the right track. Cunningham wrote the manuscript for his debut novel “Eden Rising” in 2011. He went the same way with trying to publish that he had with hIS children’s mysteries and for two years he made little progress. It was not until he discovered eBooks and self-publishing that his career took off. Eden Rising was such a huge hit that when he wrote the manuscript for his second novel “Wisdom Spring,” he got an offer from a traditional publisher though he was having so much fun that he turned them down.

Many of Andrew Cunningham’s novels are drawn from his experiences as a child. Growing up the family used to move around a lot and hence he lived in so many places across the United States. As such, he sets many of his novels in places such as Cape Cod where he spent at least three decades. The reason for this is that he has become so familiar with the locations that he can write naturally about them without doing much research. As a child and later as an adult he has lived in Battleboro, Vermont, Wahoo, Nebraska, and Fairfield in Iowa. His wife is a native of East Boston and hence the family visits Boston a lot which is why he sets some of his novels in the “Lies Mystery” series in the town. As for “Wisdom Spring,” the setting is inspired by the two months he once lived all alone in Utah after he got an interpreting job at Utah State University. He also has Homer, Alaska among many other locations in his novels and said that he fell in love with the town and state when he went to visit his brother and his family that lived there. There are also several other places mentioned in his novels that he has visited including Yellowstone and Las Vegas.

In Andrew Cunningham’s “Eden Rising,” the Earth had expired in an instant when most of its inhabitants died when the cities were reduced to rubble. Millions of people had been left dead with the population reduced to just 5% of what it was before. It is at this point that the author introduces Lila and Ben, two teenagers who have to achieve what they had never thought possible now that their world is radically different. They still have to deal with the sorrow of everything they have lost in the devastation even though they have now found new love in each other. They go on a quest that will test them to their limits as they come face to face with the fragility of their very lives. They have to deal with everything from a world that is coming apart at the seams, to extreme violence that the surviving humans mete out on each other. But Lila and Ben are determined to soldier through it all as they seek a place to call their own, where they can at last make a life together. In the process of remolding themselves, they may have to survive by becoming just as vicious as the world all around them. Still, they have to do whatever they can to hold on to their humanity, which is the only thing keeping them sane.

“Eden Lost” the second novel of the “Eden Rising” series of novels by Andrew Cunningham is a story set seven years after a catastrophe that hit the world hard. Ben often remembers the days before the devastation when they had everything against them but somehow managed to survive against all odds. Many survivors of the catastrophe had not made it and Lila and Ben had to learn about self-preservation very fast They had seen the best and the worst in humanity though the balance tipped towards the worst. But maybe experiencing the worst was exactly what they needed to gain the necessary strength and skills that would keep them going. Their story of overcoming the odds soon became a legend and rallying cry for many. They became the folk heroes all across the eastern and western shores of the Americas before they disappeared as they made their home in the quiet of the Great Smoky Mountains. They did not want to be folk heroes as it was something that was thrust upon them by the hopeless, the needy and the scared. Immediately after the devastation they has develop the skills to defend themselves, to live off the land and when circumstance slowed defend those in need. Many times, it was their skills but a lot of the time they were also very lucky and luck can be a fickle thing.

Andrew Cunningham’s “Eden’s Legacy” is set nearly two decades after a catastrophe devastated the Earth. The violence that had been endemic during the early years is now a thing of the past and Lila and Ben are now living in peace and quiet in a small community in Yellowstone. But there is trouble n the horizon as their sixteen-year-old daughter goes out with eleven of her friends to explore the countryside and bring back trouble. They are gone for a month only for two girls, one in deep shock and another near-death to stumble back into the small community. They tell of the death of one member of their group while the rest were scattered when they were attacked viciously by an unknown assailant. Lila and Ben have no option but to go after Kate and her friends but they may just be too late.

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  1. Ray Raulerson: 1 year ago

    Sir; You have provided me with many hours of pleasurable “adventure” with your two series, EDEN RISING and YESTERTIME, can’t thank you enough! I would like to read more of both. especially Yestertime storyline…so many possibilities. Once again thank you!
    Ray R.

  2. Kay: 3 years ago

    I just read your series of “Lies” Mystery Thriller Series 1-3. Really enjoyed the series. Could do with less cursing etc.


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