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The Friday Cage (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Warren Lane (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
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To Hell with Johnny Manic (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wake Up, Wanda Wiley (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Sellout (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Andrew Diamond is a popular American writer of crime fiction, mystery, thriller, and noir books. He has penned several widely popular standalone books in his career, including Gate 76, To Hell with Johnny Manic, Impala, Wake Up, Wanda Wiley, and Warren Lane. Diamond’s books are well known for their strong characterization, dark humor, cinematic prose, and twisting plots. His book, Impala, was named as the month’s best mystery book. It was also included in the IndieReader’s list of the best books of 2016. Impala then went on to win the Favorite Gold Medal and the Writer’s Digest award in the best mystery category. Diamond’s other book, Gate 76, has been included among the best thrillers of the year by and has also been added in 2018’s Best Books by Kirkus Reviews. The book emerged as the winner of the eLit Book Award’s Silver Medal for suspense, mystery, and thriller.

All the other novels by author Diamond have also been labeled as feverishly readable and fully entertaining. Wake Up, Wanda Wiley is filled with comedy and pokes fun at the tropes of the thiller and romance genres. Diamond says that the authors who have inspired him and influenced his work include James M. Cain, Dorothy B. Hughes, Jim Thompson, Patricia Highsmith, Elliot Chaze, Charles Williams, and Elmore Leonard. Besides writing mind-blowing novels, Diamond is also credited for creating the chief protagonist Russell Fitzpatrick. He has depicted Russell as a software engineer like him. Also, the observations and attitudes of Russell Fitzpatrick also come from Diamond’s experience as a software developer.

Author Diamond believes that it is common in the world of software technology to be burnt out and empty. So, he has shown Russell portraying such a personality, in the beginning, to make his role look more convincing and suitable to the tech world. Russell Fitzpatrick appears to be at a point in life where he is almost worn out and desperately needs to recharge himself. Diamond likes to keep his stories tightly focused. He thinks that adding too many technical details causes a distraction from the main track. So, he likes to include them only in places where they are pertinent. Also, he explains the action only so much so that it could make sense to the reader and not make it look oversimplified. A number of early readers have said that they learned a lot about hacking and computer through Diamond’s novel Impala. It surprised him to know this because he did not attempt to teach anything to anyone. He had added the technical details because they were required to make the story look sensible.

Many noted critics have liked Diamond’s portrayal of Russell Fitzpatrick as a conflicting character, who wants to take up the responsibilities and yet wishes for everything to get destroyed. Author Diamond is of the opinion that conflicted characters become quite fascinating when they are thrown into a chain of tough situations. So, they are forced to choose what is really valuable to them. Although there have been several demands from readers and fellow writers to use Russell Fitzpatrick more books and develop a series of multiple on him, Diamond has not planned anything like that yet. He is currently focusing on developing the books whose drafts he has prepared and has no time for at least the next couple of years to think of a story where he can use Russell Fitzpatrick in the lead role again.

An excellent book written by author Andrew Diamond is entitled ‘Wake Up, Wanda Wiley’. It was released by the Stolen Time Press in 2019. Diamond has created the primary characters in this novel as Hannah Sharpe, Wanda Wiley, Dirk Jaworski, Trevor Dunwoody, and several others. Initially, it is mentioned that Hannah Sharpe has been the main character in all the 18 romance novels developed by Wanda Wiley. She is seen as a runaway heroine, who does not conform to plots written for her. So, Wanda consigns her deep into the realm of her imagination. The other protagonist that Wanda has agreed to write an action thriller on as a ghostwriter, Trevor Dunwoody, is obtuse and single-minded. He understands only what he can shoot, screw, or beat up. And just like Hannah, Wanda does not know what she should to with Trevor.

Hannah is well aware that she will be stuck in the subconscious mind of Wanda Wiley until she comes up with a story suitable for her. But, Wanda is trapped in a troublesome relationship with a philandering narcissist named Dirk Jaworski. As a result, she is sinking into depression. Wanda begins smoking pot to self-medicate so that she does not think about her disastrous relationship, which starts impairing her writing abilities. This makes Hannah worried that her timeless isolation might get prolonged. When Hannah discusses Wanda’s present situation with Trevor, she realizes that she knows Wanda better than she knows herself. If she succeeds in breaking out of the limbo of the subconscious of the author and nudge her, then she can achieve freedom for both of them. For this plan to succeed, Hannah decides to make use of the big, action-ready, and dumb Trevor Dunwoody.

Another popular novel of Diamond’s writing career is known as ‘Gate 76’. It was also published by the Stolen Time publication in 2019. The central character of this novel is shown as Freddy Ferguson, who is depicted as a detective having a violent past. This novel opens by showing that a mysterious lady flees an unknown terror and takes the wrong flight at the San Francisco International airport. She undergoes a serious of unplanned events and vanishes in the country’s central region. Freddy Ferguson is a troubled detective, who believes that the woman is the only witness alive to a terrible crime with which the entire nation has been captivated. He sifts through her past’s wreckage and slowly starts to understand who she is running from and the reason behind it. Now, Freddy must find the woman before she gets into the hands of her pursuers and save her from getting silenced forever. He searches for her in the entire city and trailing her footsteps before finally succeeding in finding her and obtaining the information from her that has put her life in great danger.

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