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Andrew Fukuda is a half Japanese, half Chinese author of young adult fantasy that was born in Manhattan and grew up in Hong Kong. After graduating from Cornell University with a degree in history, he got a job with the immigrant teen community working in Chinatown in Manhattan. It is from this experience that he went on to write his debut novel “Crossing.” The novel was a 2010 Top Ten Crime Novel, Top Ten First Novel, and Editors Choice by the ALA Booklist. He then pivoted to writing series writing his second novel “The Hunt” that was the first of the “Hunt” series of novels. “The Hunt” was published in May 2012 after a successful auction which was won by St. Martin’s Press. Prior to becoming a full-time author, he worked for the state government as a prosecutor. Fukuda now lives with his family on Long Island, New York.

Andrew has always felt a connection to Japan since his father is from Osaka, Japan. As a child, he remembers visiting Japan with his family every other year. He still has fond memories of the cool video arcade centers, great food, firecrackers at night, baseball at the local park, and the intense summer heat. However, the visits were only a few days long and hence he never had a chance to learn the language or culture though they always left him with a craving for more. Once he was done with college, he got on the Japan Exchange and Teaching Program (JET) and went to live in Japan for a while. He had intended to stay in Japan for no more than a year but he loved it so much that he spent four years, which transformed his life. His stay in Japan had a direct effect on his debut novel “Crossing” given that the lead in the novel shares the Asian experience. The Chinese immigrant who moves to the United States has a lot of experiential overlap with the author even though some of his experiences are very different. Fukuda has asserted that he always felt a need to prove himself given his Asian heritage and he does this through “The Hunt.” For the most part, the young adult genre is dominated by white and mostly female authors and hence he combines his artistic vision and the need to prove himself to show that he can make an impact even as an Asian immigrant male.

Andrew Fukuda first got started writing when he submitted a short story for a local newspaper contest. At that time he did not know anything about writing literature but wrote an honest story from the heart. He was surprised to learn that he came in first and thought that maybe he could just become a professional author. Nonetheless, his path to publication was never easy as once he had written the manuscript for his debut, he had to endure several rejections. Most publishers thought the novel too dark in tone and hard to categorize and they believed it would be hard to market. Moreover, it was a crossover young adult novel with an Asian male protagonist and a plot with hardly any fallen angels or/and vampires. With no ninjas, flying dragons or cathartic returns to Asia, it was also not a traditional Asian young adult novel. However, he was persistent and continued submitting until AmazonEncore accepted the novel for publishing. He wrote the novel from his experiences working in Chinatown where many immigrant teenagers shared a sense of isolation and general disillusion with America. An experience in which he and his group got into an all-white church and got cold suspicious stares is what drove him into thinking of the experiences of a teenager in such a community. For “The Hunt,” series it began when he had an image of a boy who had a secret that caused him so much terror that he isolated himself from his classmates lest they find out about it. After researching gene mutation, he came up with the idea of a human who was the sole survivor in a world full of vampire-like creatures and so was born the premise of the “Hunt” series of novels.

Andrew’s debut novel “The Hunt” introduces Gene, a man who is so different from everyone in the world he lives in. He can walk in the sun without any trouble, he cannot run with lighting speed and does not need blood for his sustenance. He believes he is the only human in a world full of vampires and to stay alive in this dark world he has to keep his nature secret. The vampires have a lust for blood and humans are hunted for their blood, which is considered a delicacy by the creatures of the night. But then he is chosen for a difficult but once in a lifetime opportunity to save his race. Not knowing that he is a human, the vampires ask him to hunt the remnant human population and the mission now threatens to expose his carefully constructed lie. He meets a girl that makes him feel such intense passion and attraction when he had once sworn he would never love again. Things only get more complicated when other hunters begin to suspect that maybe he is not a vampire. Now that he has found someone he truly loves, he cannot afford to die but could his newfound love be worth getting found out and losing his humanity or even his life.

Andrew Fukuda’s “The Prey” is the story of Gene and the remnant human population who live in constant fear of death. It is a vampire’s world and they are always hunted and are thus constantly on the run. There are hungry predators all around and they need to come up with ingenious ways to survive in The Vast. Vampires are not the only thing Gene has to worry about as he now has feelings for the human girl named Sissy he met recently. He is also haunted by the memory of the love of his life he had left behind. They believe that they finally found safety when they stumble on a colony of exiled humans living high in the mountain ridges. But there are more questions than answers in the new civilization that is led by a group of highly secretive elders. They mete out harsh punishments on anyone not adhering to the harsh code of behavior they establish. What is even more perplexing is that there are hardly any young men in the colony. Gene thinks they may have gotten into a world as evil as that they were running away from. With each passing day, life becomes more perilous but this only serves to cement his relationship with Sissy. Their only hope of staying alive is supporting and looking out for each other in an increasingly violent world.

The Hunt Trilogy gets a fitting finale in the novel “The Trap.” The novel which has been compared to “The Hunger Games” opens to Gene and Sissy who have barely escaped the colony and now have to stay alive and stop the destruction of their world. They are on the train and are traveling into unknown parts alongside some people that they had managed to convince to run away from the colony with them. Gene, Epap, David and Sissy and the other members of their small group know that they need to stick together and exploit everything in their possession to protect themselves. However, they have come a long way since they first set out as they now have hope for a cure that will finally turn the vampires back into humans. Now that they have the cure, Sissy and Gene can also have hope of creating a better life for themselves by saving the people they love. But in the quest to get their society back, the mission sets Gene on a headlong path that will have him clashing with his first love turned enemy Ashley June.

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