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Andrew Gaddes is an English author.

Gaddes was born in England in Grantham. He was born in the East Midlands in the heart of this historic place. He says that the sleepy market town resides in a rural area and it is known for having two famous residents. Many people have heard of Margaret Thatcher and Sir Isaac Newton, and it is an area that is steeped in folklore as well as history.

He attended Oxford University for his higher education, where he was able to get his degree in the field of jurisprudence. After that, he ended up being admitted to the Supreme Court as a solicitor in England as well as Wales.

Gaddes worked in the city of London as well as Brussels after graduating. He then chose to go back to Pennsylvania along with his wife. There he decided to practice law. They have two children together. He enjoys all things history. He also likes to lose himself in a novel, whether that be of the genre of fantasy, mystery, or historical fiction.

Gaddes first became a published author officially with the release of his first fiction novel in 2018. The historical mystery book received quite a bit of praise. “Those Who Go By Night” was held up highly by individuals like Anne Perry, who called it a story of fear, love, and power that is ‘vividly told’, seeming like a different world but inspired by the same themes and qualities that we can all relate to.

Matthew Pearl praised the novel as inviting the reader into a pilgrimage into the 14th century that is “immersive”. Pearl said that the eloquent and elegant prose allows the author to luxuriate in mystery, intrigue, and ultimately, dark secrets. Peter Tremayne called the author an exciting new talented voice in the literary world with a novel that is “expertly crafted” and shows impressive historical knowledge too.

If you are looking for an engaging novel to read and a new voice in literature to check out, then you should get yourself a copy of this debut book by Andrew Gaddes for yourself!

Those Who Go By Night is the first full-length novel of fiction from talented author Andrew Gaddes. This historical mystery is set in the fourteenth century. If you love tales of murder and more, then check out this story for yourself!

A murder in an English village and the gruesome sight of the body has all of the inhabitants and the local people talking. This is what is going to start off a dramatic story that has so many twists and turns that you won’t see what happens in the end coming!

The murder serves to have a type of domino effect. What starts off as a death will lead to a series of events that include but is not limited to death, witchcraft, and secrets that have long since been buried. The year is 1324, and the place is England.

England at the time is a country and land that is not quite what it is today, although you can see echoes of the past and history nearly everywhere that you look. There is not only superstition, but there is a new fear going around. No one wants to get on the wrong side of the Church and face their wrath, which is sure to be swift, vengeful, and holy.

Things really start to get stirred up with the murder of a beggar. It appears that a killer is on the loose. Bottesford is a quiet village where nothing like this ever really goes down, although there are troubles from time to time. The local people are alarmed, and even more disturbing is the way that the body was set up once the beggar was killed.

The corpse is placed across the St. Mary’s altar, propped up in a pose that is perversely alluding to pagan sacrifice. Could this be a clever move to rile up the local people or to incriminate pagans? Or is it really the move of a pagan group or individual that wants to make a statement against the church? No one really knows for sure.

What they do know is that the Inquisitor General for the Pope has now been alerted to this tiny hamlet and his sights are set. No one wants the extra religious trouble that this would bring to the town and they’re even worried that this bizarre homicide is going to bring the feared Inquisition down upon all of their heads.

That would be very bad indeed. The Bishop of Lincoln decides that there is nothing to be done but to send Thomas Lester. He is the son of a Templar Knight that since fell into disgrace, and so there is a bit of an incentive for him to clear the family name.

Even though Thomas is being sent, it appears that an emissary from the Archbishop is also being sent. In fact, he has already arrived and is ready to get his inquiry started. Still, Thomas Lester decides that he will go ahead with his very own investigation as well and see what he can find out about it.

As he gets started, his investigation will lead him to uncover what is a virtual viper’s nest when it comes to shady players in the game. There’s the wife of a local lord, who definitely appears to have her secrets. There is an Irishwoman there present that has been accused of carrying out witchcraft. There is also an assassin that has left behind him a trail of blackmail and murder.

The drama continues to unfold. As things go on, Thomas is slowly starting to fall for a woman that is both beautiful and courageous. She stands in defiance of the power wielded by the Church and he is starting to wonder if he is in love.

Meanwhile, the killer is still out there. Will they try to strike once more, or have they already accomplished what they wanted to? With the possibility of the Church getting tough with the hamlet’s people, this case needs to be solved quickly. Can Thomas get it done? Read hits book to find out!

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4 Responses to “Andrew Gaddes”

  1. Phil Cochran: 1 year ago

    I too stumbled across this book and enjoyed every minute of it. If you tend to think critically of the Catholic Church’s role in history this will fit you well. Plus the story line will leave you hoping for more from this author.

  2. Pat Manchester: 1 year ago

    I stumbled on Gaddes’ book ( FIRST!) and having a need to have something to listen to while moving into my new apartment, I found myself stopping my work to pay close attention to the story.
    I totally enjoyed it. the reader was very good,. Keep him for your future books, Mr Gaddes
    Make sure those future books come soon.

  3. Laurie Visher: 2 years ago

    I am a bookaholic. I am browsing lists of books on sale on Black Friday, and I am trying very hard not to buy too many of them. But I think I need to buy this book by Andrew Gaddes. And maybe a few others. After all, there are a lot of sales out there today. And I ate too much on Thanksgiving, so I need some exercise. Does shopping for books on the internet count as exercise?

    • Graeme: 2 years ago

      Get into audiobooks and listening to them when you walk. Then you can justify buying as many as you want as it’s essentially exercise equipment for your health! 🙂


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