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The Last Day (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Sanctuary (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Beginner's Guide to Breaking and Entering (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books

The Book of the Year 2019 (With: James Harkin,Anna Ptaszynski,Dan Schreiber) (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Andrew Hunter Murray is a fiction and non-fiction author best known for his co-host role in a podcast titled No Such Thing as A Fish. With more than 250 episodes to date, this podcast has been downloaded a few hundred million times. The podcast has also led to the birth of three books, starting with The Book of the Year. The London born writer has also written The Last Day novel that received positive reviews in the science-fiction world. In his free time, Murray performs in Austentatious, an award-winning comedy show that plays around the UK.

The Last Day is a thriller book set a few decades in the future in a world where- because of a doomsday event in the heavens- the Earth’s rotation ceases. For more than three decades, half of the planet faces constant frozen darkness while the other half has been in sunlight. None have survived on the sunlit side, and the frozen sides and the only remaining ones survive on the ring on the sunlit sides between the two unhospitable halves. It’s a thriller set in a realm with a young scientist who slowly discovers the truth that a lot of people wish she didn’t.

The Last Day

The Last Day is set in 2059, 30 years after the earth stopped turning. The planet has been rendered uninhabitable, with half of it left in frozen darkness while the other half has turned into a desert. By sheer luck, a narrow part of the planet has been spared from these extremes. This part is in Britain, and as it stands, everyone wants to go there, if only to safeguard their lives.

Ellen Hopper is a scientist working in the oil rig in North Atlantic. Ellen is divorced, childless, and fully committed to studying water currents and flows. She is surprised when two government officers come to her and say that her mentor wants to talk to her. Ellen is reluctant to see her university lecturer again, given that their relationship ended on a bad note. However, her visitors put pressure on her, and she figures that there is no harm in listening to the wishes of a dying man.

The young scientist sets on a journey to see her mentor in London, where he is hospitalized. Well, the meeting takes place, but the talk leaves Ellen more confused than ever. The meeting marks the start of a journey that will come with numerous challenges. Ellen’s search for the truth comes with successes and failures in equal measure. Fortunately, Ellen has friends in all the right places, and in the end, the truth is revealed. What answers does Ellen seek? Why did her former lecturer choose Ellen of all the students that he had mentored? Find the answers to all this and so much more in this gripping tale.
Away from Ellen’s story, we see how the iron fist rule used by Britain’s totalitarian government affects those under it. From limited movement to harsh punishments to those who break the rules, the people here are under a lot of pressure. While this could be a turn-off for everyone who doesn’t live in Britain, Ellen decides to take a risk to get answers that could save humanity.

This story is characterized by fear, mostly of the unknown. No one knows how the planet will survive or how much time is left before oxygen levels are depleted. Already, a good part of the earth is now inhabitable, and it is only in Britain and a few neighboring regions that life can be found. Thanks to the uncertainties, some people are careful not to have children, while others see no point in pursuing careers.

The Last Day is a perfect read if dystopian thrillers are your kind of thing. Get to read an intriguing story at a period when the time has stopped moving. Life is chaotic, and the only place that people can run to is pure hell. As the only person who understands what is happening lies on his death bed, a young woman is introduced to a secret many would kill for. This is one hell of a story, and the writing is so good that you will have a hard putting this book down.

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