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Andrew James Greig is a crime fantasy author best known for his debut novel One is One. The United Kingdom born writer thinks that writing allows him to explore the worlds he never thought existed in his mind. Greig also says that inspiration finds you when you are not looking so, he enjoys taking drives or visiting new places whenever he experiences a writer’s block.

One is One

One is One tells the story of Tania, a woman in search of the truth about her past. Tania’sTania’s grandparents have just passed on, and she is curious to learn about her parents. This young woman grew under the care of her grandparents because her parents disappeared on Orkney island. It has been years, but Tania wants closure. Were her parents murdered? How comes so little is known about the disappearance. With nothing but a burning desire for the truth, Tania sets on a journey to an Island where her African heritage will stand out against the Nordic locals. Tania enlists the help of a local detective, and it turns out that he is also trying to solve another disappearance.

The London Metro Police detective has another disappearance case on his hands. Unfortunately, the only lead he has is a photo of a flower. To make things worse, this flower is not found in the ordinary world, so he will need to do a lot of digging. When Tania approaches him, the detective cannot help but wonder if the two cases are connected. Could there be a serial killer who takes out people on this remote island now and then? How comes that no bodies have been recovered so far?

Thomas the Rhymer is a 13th-century seer who has become part of Orkney island’s mythology. Even though Thomas is disconnected from space and time, he is drawn to something he doesn’t know, but those who have no respect for man watch his every step. What is the relationship between Thomas and these two disappearances? This story converges both human and supernatural threads on a remote Scottish island. Here, those seeking answers will get more than they bargained for when deep-seated secrets begin to unravel one after another.

This story has everything from fantastical mythology to a murder mystery. The setting in the lush Scottish islands and Iceland also gives the tale quite and edge. Different plotlines merge compellingly, which helps keep the tension high while leaving you guessing to the end. Greig’sGreig’s writing is poetic and intelligent, and the storyline is unique.

One is One is an enjoyable story that incorporates mythology and real-life issues into a story filled with mystery. The characters are well-developed, and everything from the plot to the narration is quite solid. Greig also cleverly crafts the story, imaginatively weaves mystery, fantasy, and crime in a tale spanning from London and Iceland to the islands and highland of Scotland. If you are looking for a gripping read to fill your weekend, this is an ideal choice. Fall in love with the characters and follow them as they uncover secrets that change all those who come in contact with the truth.


Whirligig introduces James Corstorphine, a DI who is in the middle of a huge case. It all starts when a gamekeeper is found hanging from a tree. At first, everyone assumes that this is a suicide only to discover that the body is snared, just like the rabbit found beside it. There is a story about the tree the body is hanging on that is many years old. It is believed that a long time ago, a woman was hanged on this tree. The case was never resolved, and the people of this sleepy highland town don’t like sharing the details with strangers. Just when DI James is beginning to investigate the story, more bodies turn up, and the strange thing is that they come with the same snares. The police find a clockwork mechanism made up of bone and wood placed on each crime scene.
DI James teams up with DC McKenzie to solve this case. These two will realize that the town people are not keen to share their secrets. While the community seems peaceful from a distance, corruption is the order of the day. Those responsible for protecting the vulnerable in society turn the other way, so corruption continues unabated. The only way justice is served here is if those who feel offended take the law in their hands. As DI James works through this case, he is also trying to deal with his wife’s loss. Since his wife died of cancer, the DI has become more daring, refusing to back down even when fighting enemies that could easily end his life.

Follow James and McKenzie as they work to solve this mystery and prevent more deaths from happening. While the Assistant Chief warns the duo about digging into the story of the woman who first died in the first tree, these two are determined to get to the root of these mysterious killings. Sure, they will put their lives on the line more than enough times, but what does a good detective do when confronted with such mysterious killings. What secrets will the detectives unravel? Is there any link between the ancient murder and the ones recorded many years later? Why does the killer find it necessary to leave the clockwork at the crime scene?

Whirligig is a cleverly written story that will draw you in from the start and leave you yearning for more. The atmosphere throughout the novel is sinister and tense, with many grim moments that are sure to give you chills. What happens when an investigation raises more questions than answers? How does the community receive ancient and unsettling secrets? The small-town setting gives the story quite an edge, and the two detectives are a joy to interact with. This is a brilliant book with a unique storyline, excellent character, and a pace that doesn’t ease up. You can be sure that you will enjoy it, especially if you are a fan of dark historical mystery stories.

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  1. Judith Manning: 2 years ago

    I’ve recently finished reading the authors last book Devil’s Cut and like Whirligig was a brilliant read, quite enthralling – a can’t put down book until finished. Thoroughly recommended – I do so hope Andrew James Greig writes another.


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