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Publication Order of Nathan McBride Books

First to Kill (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Forced to Kill (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Option to Kill (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ready to Kill (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Contract to Kill (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Right to Kill (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hired to Kill (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

Suspense Magazine September 2012(2012)Description / Buy at Amazon

Andrew Peterson Biography:

Andrew Peterson is a talented author known for writing impressive thrillers. He was raised and born in San Diego, California. He attended the La-Jolla High-School, then went on to receive science degree from the University of Oklahoma. He started writing fiction in 1990 and sold his first short story, titled “Mr. Haggarty’s Shop”, in 1992 to the San-Diego Writers-Monthly.

Andrew has been interested in rifles from a young age. During a summer camp, he won his first ever shooting competition. From there, he grew a fondness and expertise in rifles. He proudly won several shooting competitions in the West Coast throughout the 90’s and currently holds the position of Master in the NRA’s High-Power Rifle ranking system. This certification can probably be credited to his gold medal in 1995, which he earned at the-Excellence in Competition march at the Nevada-State Championship; or first place at the 1994 1,000 yard service-rifle match in the Arizona-State Championship.

Andrew started writing his Nathan-McBride series in the year 1997. His career took off in the year 2005 when he-attended his first writer’s conference. Three years later, he sold his-first Nathan-McBride novel, FIRST-TO-KILL. Peterson is very involved with veterans’ hospitals and has donated over two thousand books to wounded troops around the country.

Andrew Peterson is currently-working on his-fourth Nathan-McBride novel in the series. There are three other books; which include FIRST TO KILL, FORCED TO KILL, and OPTION TO KILL. Andrew is now living in California with his wife, Carla.

First to Kill – Book One

This is the first of the Nathan McBride-series, and the start of a fascinating and complex trio of fictional books. This book is an action thriller that has a fast-paced plot right from the moment you start reading. Nathan-McBride is a former Marine sniper and covert CIA operative with the constant heart and ambition to help those in need. His training is now needed by the government. It appears that an undercover FBI agent and a mass of explosions have vanished into thin air. Although Nathan is retired, he feels like it is his duty to take on this mission. This is a fast-paced novel that will keep you on the-edge of your seat. This book also has a personal aspect to it; the missing FBI agent just so happens to be the grandson of Frank Ortega, the former director of the FBI that asked for McBride’s help. McBride finds the men who have stolen the explosives- two brothers named Leonard and Ernie Bridgestone. McBride kills one of the terrorists working for them, and in return they blow up the California FBI headquarters building. And somehow, even under all of this pressure, McBride finds time to get romantically involved with Holly Simpson, another FBI agent. You’ll find yourself falling in love with McBride’s character; he’s a humble hero that doesn’t allow anyone to be bullied.

Forced to Kill- Book two

This second book in the-series starts off with a blast from the past. Fourteen years ago, Nathan was brutally tortured nearly to death by a Nicaraguan interrogator named Montez de Oca. Montez de Oca tortured and interrogated many others, but Nathan was the only one who survived. Although he still bares the physical and emotional scars, he still must avenge all those who weren’t lucky enough to escape. After being missing for over a decade, Montez de Oca is back and worse than ever. The FBI has now discovered a badly mutilated body in a Utah Lake, which is no doubt the work of Montez de Oca. Before McBride or the-rest of the FBI can capture the horrific Nicaraguan nightmare, however, he kidnaps the Dalton family. It is then discovered that a company by the name of Energy Solutions, Inc. is connected to the chaos. It’s up to Nathan to recover the Dalton family and stop de Oca before it’s too late. If you enjoyed the first book, you’ll find this one to be even more intoxicating. Forced to Kill plays off the first book in the-series, First to Kill, but constructs its own action-packed plot as well.

OPTION TO KILL- Book three

The current last book in the-series, Option-to-Kill is like no action thriller you’ve ever read. Nathan now has to deal with a scarred child, and having no prior experience with any children whatsoever, this is a new and frustrating experience for him. The story starts with Nathan rescuing a 12 year old girl named Laura from a kidnapper. Nathan and Lauren are having a hard time trusting each other; Lauren has just portrayed a far-fetched story surrounding her kidnapping. She tells Nathan that she’s in the-Witness Protection Program and believes that the US Marshals were involved with her kidnapping. It is also learned that Lauren’s stepdad was murdered the previous night. Nathan can’t believe how complex this seemingly simple kidnapping-rescue case has gotten, but he must learn to work with Lauren to unravel the-mystery behind her kidnapping. This book is more unique from the others because it basically takes places over a day and a half. This book was originally released in seven (7) episodes in the Kindle Serial system. Starting in September 2012 and ending in November 2012, each episode will keep you on your feet until you read the next one. Some people prefer this method of reading the book because it adds a more suspenseful factor and eliminates the temptation of turning ahead to the-end of the book. However, most people would prefer buying the whole-book at once.


Andrew is still set on releasing a fourth and fifth book in the Nathan-McBride series. Andrew has clearly used his passion for rifle-shooting as an inspiration for his CIA-based writings. These books are incredibly popular with Andrew Peterson’s fans and they can’t wait for the finales to come out. If you enjoy a good read with a suspenseful and thrilling plot, be sure to try the Nathan McBride-series. The books were given an overall four (4) star rating by satisfied readers, and for good reason. Once you start-reading a Nathan McBride novel, you won’t be able to put-it-down.

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      I cannot tell you how awesome the Nathan McBride books are. I feel like I know them personally. I am eager for the next book in this series.


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