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Andrew Raymond is a suspense, thriller, and fiction novels author best known for his Novak and Mitchell book series, which has sold over 100,000 copies worldwide. He also writes action-packed espionage thrillers like the Duncan Grant series in an attempt to resurrect the spy genre in the 21st century.

Official Secrets

This is the first book in Novak and Mitchell book series. After a shocking political assassination, two reporters find themselves in a line between the truth and conspiracy that will shock everyone.
Stella Mitchell and Tom Novak are reporters covering the events after a devastating terror attack aimed at the British Prime Minister and a United States Cabinet member. But the further the two reporters investigate, the more questions they find in the official version of events.

With the assistance of a CIA officer and an intelligence analyst, the two reporters discover evidence of a conspiracy involving the British government, the white house, and a dark deep state organization.

As conspiracy theorists close from all sides, Mitchell and Novak will have to risk everything to hunt down the one source who can crack the case and reveal the truth. as they run for their lives, the two are bound to discover the lengths those in power are willing to go to help protect their secrets.

Official Secrets by Andrew Raymond boasts are the spicy ingredients for a refreshing spy thriller, thanks to the layers of intrigue, rogue agents, fast pace, twists and turns, politics, terrorists, coverups, and a healthy dose of genuine and likable good guys. The story pits the shady dealings of politicians and the dark workings of global security against the world of the press.

The story begins at a blistering pace right from the first page, with a young conspiracy theorist recording a CIA black operation on camera. What he believes would be the start of his youtube channel transforms in the blink of an eye into a game of cat and mouse, dodging bullets as an armed assassin are hell-bent on him destroying the footage at any cost.

Even before you’ve had time to change your reading position, the author plunges you deep inside the unforgiving walls of a black military site where we meet CIA Walter Sharp softening a suspect delivered to his facility hours earlier. Sharp’s instincts tell him that all isn’t as it seems with the prisoner, and during the questioning, the prisoner makes a shocking confession which triggers a series of chain reactions.

There is something awful at the heart of British political space that’s infiltrated the M16 as well as the GCHQ. Something so powerful that a few people in power are will to call an attack at the heart of British politics to keep their secrets guarded.

While most of the press obediently believe what has been said by the political public relations, Novak and Mitchell are keen to observe several discrepancies and coincidences that the security agencies are trying to keep under the carpet. Their amateur investigations bring them to the attention of a lethal political enterprise with everything at their disposal to protect their interests. Before long, the two reporters find themselves hunted through the streets of Washington and London as they fight to collect the evidence needed for their expose.

Their quest for the truth is aided by Rebecca Fox, a talented GCHQ analyst. Official Secrets is undoubtedly well-researched with a dash of sassy humor. Mistrust and conspiracy are rife, but the main characters, Novak and Mitchell, are easy to like and connect with. Andrew Raymond creates a surreal sense of place such that your imagination does not have to work extra hard to place itself, allowing you to focus on the main cast and the storyline.
Limits of the World

This book is set in North Korea, formally known as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. The story centers around Han, a party official tasked with guiding foreign tourists around the Pyongyang and the surrounding areas.
Han is a collector and dedicated reader of banned books. When he encounters Mae, the two create a bond, and they begin attending a secret book club together, which eventually leads them down a dangerous path.

In North Korea, any literature not written by or about the leadership of the country is banned. Any book that doesn’t focus on the rise of the Party or that does not glorify the rise of Kim’s power is banned. This makes it difficult to imagine the other, whether the other is a place, person, or time.

The story takes place at the end of the Kim Jun-Il era, and Han finds himself guiding two western tourists through the Korean Capital. What he doesn’t know is that the two tourists have a secret of their own. They are a successful journalist looking to take their career to the next level by exposing North Korea’s totalitarian regime to its people.

Despite emphasizing of the North Korean regime, The Limits of the World can also be considered a Cold War spy novel. Andrew Raymond does a fantastic job of detailing the North Korean realm where the main character lives. It is obvious that the author did extensive research into the country and the secrets, and most about this secretive government. The author also does a fantastic job in creating two believable western journalists trying to infiltrate and expose the dark side of DPRK.
Kill Day

The most gifted recruit in MI6 with a flair for maverick brilliance is Duncan Grant. Grant is charged with apprehending Henry Marlow, a renegade MI6 operative when a routine mission results in murder.

Grant is leading the hunt, but Marlow’s renegade mission intensifies as he hunts out anybody who might reveal his secrets. Grant must unearth a mysterious conspiracy that connects a Saudi prince, a dishonest Interpol agent, and a notorious black ops program if he hopes to stop him.

Grant must face Marlow in a horrific showdown with the very fate of MI6 on the line; afterward, nothing will ever be the same.

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