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Andrew Ridker is an American editor and author.

Born in 1991, Ridker first became a novelist in 2019. That is when his debut fiction novel came out. It is titled The Altruists and was released with the help of Viking and Penguin Publishing. It was scheduled to be released in North America in addition to being available for sale in over a dozen other countries.

Andrew Ridker is not simply an author of fiction. He is also an editor, serving in place for the Privacy Policy. Some of Andrew’s writing has been published and featured in publications such as The Believer, Boston Review, St. Louis Magazine, Guernica, The Paris Review, New York Times, and others. He was also named an “Iowa Arts Fellow” and participates at the writers’ workshop in Iowa.

Andrew Ridker first officially came into print for a full novel with the release of The Altruists. The book quickly garnered its fair share of praise. People Magazine named it their book of the week. They said that the book was written with warmth as well as humor as the author explored what family means and the baggage that can often inevitably come with it. They praised the debut as being ‘relatable’ and having an ‘unforgettable view’ when it comes to average people that make mistakes but always find a way to return back again.

Entertainment Weekly said that it was a debut novel that was ‘strikingly assured’ and as you go on to read it, the story becomes increasingly ‘complex’ and ‘uproarious’ with each page, leading to a climax that is unforgettable. The book also was named the best book of the year by Real Simple and The Millions as well as PureWow said that it was one of the most-anticipated books of 2019 that they were looking forward to.

This book is being hailed as perceptive, vibrant, and interesting. It is all about one father’s plan to be able to get the inheritance due to his children and win it back, and will have the reader turning the pages to find out what happens next!

If you do pick up a copy of this book, then you will find an engaging story that people are talking about. Nathan Hill laments that any writer this young should have so much talent and it’s slightly unfair. He praises the author’s sharpness and eye for the contradictions and the absurdities that can come along with America in the twenty-first century. Hill praises the story as compassionate and heartfelt, with the debut as ‘remarkable’.

The Altruists is the stunning first fictional novel from author Andrew Ridker. In this story, readers get the chance to meet Arthur Alter, the main character.

Arthur should be in a part of his life where he is absolutely thriving, but that is just not the case. He’s in trouble. He has a job teaching as a professor at a college in the Midwest, but it’s not like he’s a superstar when it comes to his career.

Things are not going so well when it comes to other things in his life, either. Like millions of people living in America, he has a mortgage. However, things aren’t going well and he’s finding that he’s not able to keep up with the mortgage and has no idea when that situation is going to turn around.

He has a girlfriend that is much younger, but that is not going too well either. Now he’s starting to exasperate her and she’s not crazy about him at the moment. On top of that, he has kids, but none of them are willing to talk to him. They avoid him as much as possible.

On top of that, there is also the matter of the money. Francine was his wife until she passed away, and it turns out that she had secretly guarded what had come to be a small fortune. Then she had decided to give it all to the children and none of it had gone to him, another bad turn of events.

The children are doing what they can to make it in this world. There is Ethan, who is a bit of a recluse and definitely has a problem with anxiety. He’s trying to manage it and is living entirely off the money that his mother gave to him. He’s on real estate in Brooklyn on a plot, and pretty much has no plans to get a job or anything like that.

Then there is the daughter, who is named Maggie. She is an average woman that is trying to do good. She’s also trying to find the nobility in living in poverty that is of course self-imposed. She inherited enough cash from her mother to be living better, but likes to live this way.

Arthur, at the same time, is close to losing the home that his family grew up in. Struggling to pay the bills, he decides that he is going to execute a brilliant plan. He is going to invite his kids to come back to the city. They will return to St. Louis if all goes well, returning for what should be a hopeful reconciliation. Maybe he can get forgiveness and find a way to maybe extend the time he has on the home with their generosity.

He decides to pull the trigger and puts the plan into motion. Arthur goes ahead and extends the invitation to his children. He has no idea that doing this is going to actually unleash so many old resentments and old memories that he will regret doing it.

Francine was the matriarch and glue of the family. Could her life be the key that could help keep the family together and bring them closer after being apart for so long? It is anyone’s guess in this intriguing fictional novel that takes the reader from Boston to St. Louis, New York, Zimbabwe and more.

This family saga is well-written and spans all sorts of topics from dating to politics, money, privilege, the beer industry, infidelity, morality, and more. Pick up a copy of The Altruists from talented author Andrew Ridker and check out this story for yourself!

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