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Hope Never Dies (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hope Rides Again (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Let's See Them Poems (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Look Mom I’m a Poet (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Great Philosophers Who Failed at Love (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Literary Rogues (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
How to Survive a Sharknado and Other Unnatural Disasters (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like F*ck This (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ain't Got Time to Bleed (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Oh My Goth (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Fic: Why Fanfiction is Taking Over the World(2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fifty First Times(2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

Andrew Shaffer is a published American author. He has also written books using the pseudonym of Fanny Merkin, which he used to write a parody of the ’50 Shades’ series, which is called ‘Fifty Shames of Earl Grey’.

Born in Iowa on November 9, 1978, Andrew Shaffer is the author of the Obama Biden Mystery series. The fictional series of novels debuted in 2018 and was a best seller. The first novel in this series features the main characters of President Obama and Joe Biden. It is titled Hope Never Dies. The sequel would bring the two of them together again in 2019 in yet another rousing adventure that readers could not get enough of!

Hope Never Dies is the exciting and best selling first novel in the Obama Biden mystery series. Hope Never Dies has been widely praised, getting positive reviews from people like the New York Times’ Alexandra Alter. She called the novel an ‘escapist fantasy’ that will have a likely appeal for liberals that were longing for the past administration and the team of Obama and Biden to once more come together and return out of their retirement from the political arena reborn as true heroes of action.

If you missed the Presidential and Vice Presidential team of Obama and Joe Biden, then you are in the right place! This quirky liberal mystery novel is a nod to two of the most influential Democratic politicians in recent memory. Barack and Joe are teaming up once more to take on whoever comes at them in this delightful take on two larger than life characters now put to print.

Parody has never been so political– or so funny! The President is back again in a thriller that is sure to blow your socks off. The stakes have never been higher in an action adventure filled mystery that will have you turning the pages to find out what’s next.

Full of all of the chemistry that a team such as Holmes and Watson shared while having the mystery chops to back it up, this may be a farce, but it’s one that is well worth reading! Joe Biden has left the White House and now without the Obama administration and his service defining his life and the majority of his personal and professional schedule, he’s feeling a bit lost.

It’s just like he’s adrift without his favorite profession, the career that had come to define so much of his life. But then something comes to his attention– a railroad conductor has passed away as a result of an accident that can only be defined as suspicious. It was his favorite conductor, and the man left behind a sick wife along with a trail of breadcrumbs to follow. Biden is determined to figure out what went on and who killed this man.

Amtrak Joe is doing his best to get to the bottom of the mystery. To do it, he’s going to have to team up with one man– the only person in the world that he has ever been able to trust fully. That would be the forty-fourth United States President, Barack Obama.

Once they team up, nothing can stop them! With justice on their side, the two are going to take on this case and do whatever it takes to solve it. From Delaware’s deepest and darkest corners to visiting in cheap motels to visiting biker bars to follow up on leads and more, this is the story of two American heroes working their hardest to get to the bottom of some dark forces.

Can the two take on this murder mystery and get to the bottom of it? Or will they find that an opiate crisis and some sketchy figures pose more of a threat than they realized? As it is partially the story of two men in an epic friendship and part a thriller with noir themes, you’ve got to check out this book if it sounds intriguing to you!

The first in a Biden and Obama fiction series, this is a fun and interesting read if you’re a fan of the duo or even if you’re not!

Hope Rides Again is the second book in the Obama Biden mystery series by author Andrew Shaffer. The presidential pair are back in yet another fun detective caper that is as liberal as it gets! Check out this parody to get in on all of the light, tongue in cheek fun.

If you liked the events of the best selling first mystery book, be sure to check out this thrilling sequel that keeps the fun going. Biden is back along with his trusty partner in crime. Biden and Obama have taken up their roles once more as best friends that hit the detective scene to solve cases.

This time Obama’s precious cellular phone has been stolen and they need to get it back. As the two race through the city streets of his home city, Chicago, they may end up stumbling into the middle of a conspiracy that is larger than they ever imagined.

Biden went on a book tour that was long but did very well. Now he has just one stop to make before is going home. One stop in Chicago to visit Obama and he can go and relax. His old friend invited him there sot hat he could meet a rich benefactor. The endorsement of this benefactor could end up turning the tide if Biden ever runs for President.

They’re thrilled to see each other, but the pair do not have much time to connect. Shortly after his arrival, Biden finds that another mystery has come to them. This time, it’s Barack’s missing Blackberry. It has been stolen, and the primary suspect ends up dead.

The cops say it’s a shooting by gangs. But the pair know better. Obama and his friend Joe are going as quickly as they can to track down the shooter. However, will they find a conspiracy that might be deeper than they imagined?

Can the pair get to the bottom of this mystery too, or are they finally in over their heads? Read Hope Rides Again to find out!

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