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Andrew Warren is a renowned writer who was born in New Jersey. However, he currently resides in Southern California due to the regions warmer climate. Warren studied film, psychology, and English at the University of Miami. He has more than a decade of experience in the film and television industry, where he has served as story producer, writer, and postproduction supervisor. His passion for traveling and writing eventually led Andrew Warren to Japan. As soon has he landed in Japan he fell in love with the entire country. He also felt compelled to use the country as a setting for his novel. It took him a few years, but Tokyo Black was the first book that he used Japan as a setting for the novel.

The author’s exceptional writing skills ensured that he became the main writer for YouTube Fight of The Living Dead, which premiered on August 2016. Andrew Warren’s love and passion for the Far East extends to all types of Asian Cuisines. He also from time to time scours the Southern parts of California in search of the best Ramen, beef noodle soup and dumplings. Andrew Warren does all this in the name of research. Currently, Andrew is working on the next book in the Thomas Cain book series, which is going to be set mainly in China. Warren’s fascination for such kind of genres came to life due to the author’s love for James Bond films. While growing up, Andrew Warren always knew that he was never going to be exceedingly muscular like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone.

Thus, the author opted for sophistication and charm with a smattering of super cool spy gadgets and brains. When the author is not writing down novels, he loves to sit down and relax at home with his cat and pet dachshund.

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Tokyo Black is a masterpiece that was created by Andrew Warren. This novel has been set in the legendary Shinjuku District in Tokyo. Any earthly pleasures that a person is looking for can be found in the clubs within Shinjuku District. A salary man heads into one of the clubs so that he could pay up, one of the hostesses. Before he could be able to pay the hostess, he is rudely interrupted by a group of well-dressed men, who were entering the club. They were interested in knowing where a friend to the hostess was. After they had got the information that they needed, they headed out; however, this was after they killed the patron and burned the establishment. From here, the author takes us to the Southern Side of Thailand, where we are finally introduced to the book’s main character, Thomas Cain. Thomas Caine is currently using the alias of Mark Walters.

Caine is in the business of smuggling things, and he is expected to close another deal before he is not only bushwacked but also framed for a number of crimes that he was not involved in. The Thai Police arrest him and take him to the police station where he could be processed. The news about his arrest eventually reaches his old bosses at the CIA. One of the bosses is a woman by the name of Rebecca Freeling, who takes note of the case when she is handed a promotion together with a new case to work on. With her brand new stature, Freeling flies to Thailand and takes a journey to Bang Kwang prison, a prison that Cain had been booked. She eventually finds him, and it is also revealed that they used to be lovers. Rebecca Freeling had come with a new job offer for Thomas Cain. A top NSA CIA Asset had refused to release valuable information, concerning a threat to the interests of the United States, until his daughter who had been missing for some time is found.

Possessing the appropriate language skills, previous work experience, and combat training, Caine is the perfect candidate for this kind of job. Initially, Cain declined an offer, but after he experienced a nightmare within the notorious Thai jail, he decides to accept the offer, and he is released from the jail. He immediately heads to Tokyo, where he begins by first activating his old identity and also establishing his connection he had made with the underground network when working for the Yakuza family. However, as Thomas Cain makes his move, he soon discovers that he has to go against other people, who were more than willing to knock him down and also turn him into a pawn. An exceedingly rich Japanese nationalist political organization that has been working through some of Tokyo’s notorious criminals had been gearing up for an attack, which was going to change the entire world completely.

A team of mercenaries finally arrive in Tokyo, with the aim of assassinating Thomas Cain before he is able to complete his task. Across the Pacific Ocean, the Director of Clandestine Operations begins to make the final preparations to one of the most ambitious black operation in the history of the company. All of these threads eventually come together in brooding intrigue, a blaze of gunfire and an immersive and cinematic experience. With that said, when it comes to plotting, Tokyo Black is one of the best surprises. The author had previously worked in the television industry; thus he is a dedicated plot enthusiast. He has proven to be exceedingly familiar with the conventions and the primary tropes of spy fiction and is even better at executing them in such a manner that they are fantastic for a first time novel. The story has been well-crafted with lots of twists, action and excellent dialogue, all coming together to develop an exceedingly seductive atmosphere that in turn draws the reader deeply into the novel.

Within some days, Thomas Cain goes from within the depths of the metropolis to its heights. From the District’s clubs, where the protagonist is forced to draw first blood, to the safe houses where deaths are not only discussed but also dealt with, the story can deliver an extraordinary climax. With that said, this is an excellent read that will have your adrenaline pumping from the first page to the last, especially when the action begins.

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