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Publication Order of Andrew Z. Thomas/Luther Kite Books

Desert Places (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Locked Doors (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Serial Uncut (Bad Girl) (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Break You (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Stirred (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bad Girl is first in chronological order then it follows publication order.

The Andrew Z. Thomas series is a series of thriller novels written by the noteworthy American novelist Blake Crouch. It is comprised of a total of 3 novels published between the years 2004 and 2011. All the novels of the series feature Andrew Z. Thomas as the main protagonist who is described as a successful author of the suspense and horror genre in the series. The character of Andre Thomas also acts as the narrator for each of the novels of the series. Because of its immense among the readers all over the world, the series is also known as the Andrew Z. Thomas/Luther Kite series. Author Blake Crouch began writing the series in the year 2004 when he was on the first novel of the series. He subsequently released the first novel of the series in the same year. Over the course of the next 7 years, Crouch was able to complete writing two more novels in the series, thereby making the final tally to 3 successful novels. Even though the series is believed to consist of only 3 novels, it was added with 2 more novels. The first extra addition to the series was the novel ‘Stirred’ which technically concluded the Andrew Z. Thomas series. This novel is also the final novel in the Jack Daniels series written by author Jack Kilborn. This novel was followed by the addition of the novel ‘Break You’ to the series, which serves as the prequel to the novels of the series.

The first novel of the Andrew Z. Thomas series written by author Blake Crouch was published in the year 2004 by the St. Martin’s Press publishing house. It was titled ‘Desert Places’ and featured the main protagonist in the form of Andrew Z. Thomas. The plot of the novel introduces Andrew Thomas as a novelist and narrator. In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, Andrew Thomas is depicted as a novelist, living a peaceful life. But very soon, his life gets transformed into a nightmare due to a mysterious killer. The killer murders a young woman and buries her body on the property of Andrew Thomas. This way, Andrew Thomas gets framed by the killer for a crime that he has not committed. The suspicion of the murder on Andrew grows even more as his blood is mixed with the cover of the dead body. Before doing anything further in framing Andrew Thomas, the killer informs him about the plotting that he has made against him. He threatens Andrew to turn him over to the police and frame him with the murder of the young woman unless he Andrew Thomas agrees to do what he asks him. The unknown adversary of Andrew Thomas makes him spin on his finger tips. The novel proves to be a very well written psychological thriller. Author Blake Crouch has depicted the life of the main protagonist Andrew Thomas, as a novelist of thriller novels, in a very good way. He has very well shown how the suspense, horror, and tension in writings turns into reality and disturbs his life.

At the start of the novel, Andrew Thomas is shown to have all the success in his life. He possesses a lakeside property, enormous amount of wealth, loyal friends, and a relatively peaceful and stress free life. After a short while, Andrew Thomas receives a letter from an unknown person. What follows next changes everything in his life and turns it upside down. The letter informs him that a dead body of a young woman is buried in his backyard. The unknown person also informs Andrew Thomas that he has covered the dead body with his blood and the knife with which he killed her is missing from the kitchen. The killer also tells Andrew Thomas that he will inform the police and frame him in the murder if he tries to seek help from anyone. He leaves a set of instructions for Andrew which he must follow in order to prevent himself from getting incarcerated for life for a murder that someone else has committed. The killer asks him to stay in the game and do what he says. After a little while, the killer tries to connect sincerely with Andrew and tell him everything about himself. He says that he can go to any extent in order to do what he wishes to do. The result of this kind of a plot setup is a tense and suspenseful exploration of the psychic behavior of a serial killer. The readers found the culprit and the reason behind the story of the novel to be very interesting. The story of the novel is supposedly the depiction of survival in horrific and unfavorable circumstances, especially at the hands of a serial killer who targets with remorse. Even the ending of the novel was liked very much liked by the readers. The critics saw a great potential in the novel to attract numerous readers and therefore most of them reviewed it positively.

The second novel of the series was published under the title ‘Locked Doors’. It was published by the Minotaur Books publishing house in the year 2005. The plot of this novel takes place 7 years after the events depicted in the first novel of the series and continues to feature the main protagonist Andrew Z. Thomas as a successful novelist of the thriller and suspense genres. In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, Andrew Thomas is depicted a fleeing from his house and creating a new identity for himself as he was wanted by the FBI. He was framed by a serial killer seven years ago by burying dead bodies on his property. When the victims’ dead bodies were recovered from Andrew’s property, the FBI suspected him, due to which he had to flee and find some clues to prove his innocence. He moves into a cabin in the remorse wilderness situated near the Haines Junction in Yukon, in order to change his appearance for deceiving the FBI. Andrew Thomas remains linked to the society through e-mail and learns that all the people whom he loved and cared about were getting killed. The secluded and spooky plot of the novel culminates in the path of Andrew Thomas, where a psychotic killer named Luther Kite and a young and bold female detective collide. The novel became much more successful as a blistering narration of suspense and thrill.

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