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In the Valley of the Sun (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Boatman's Daughter (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Andy Davidson
Andy Davidson is an American author of horror books best known for his In the Valley of the Sun book. The book crawled its way up the world of horror to emerge the finalist in the Bram Stoker award. The author was recognized for a Superior Achievement in his debut novel. Andy Davidson graduated with a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Mississippi and has so far published three outstanding books. The Arkansas born author now resides in Georgia, where he lives with his wife and unruly cats.

In the Valley of the Sun
In the Valley of the Sun is a horror story set in the Texas desert. The story features Travis Stillwell, a man who spends most of his nights looking for women. While he is not proud of what he does to them, Travis is able to quiet his demons for a while. Things take a terrifying turn one night when Travis meets a mysterious girl wearing striking red boots. In the morning, Travis finds himself alone in bed. He is bloodied and weak, and the strange thing is that he has no recollection of the previous night. The hunter has now become the hunted after the mysterious encounter with Rue.
Annabelle Gaskin is curious about the camper who parks behind her motel. When the two get talking, Annabelle offers the cowboy a few jobs so that he can continue living there rent-free. Travis is happy to take up the offer. After all, all he wants is to find a comfortable place to lie low and heal. During the day, Travis spends most of his time fixing the motel as he gets to know Annabelle and her son better. By night, Travis fights a disgusting hunger in his camper. While he tries to avoid bonding with Annabelle and her 10-year-old, it is hard to resist this kind of woman’s charm. It is not long before Annabelle realizes that there is a lot he doesn’t know about the cowboy packing in her property. By then, Travis is so ill he can’t work during the day.
Across the state is a Texas ranger tracking down Travis. Because of his past misdeeds, the Texas ranger is determined to capture Travis and make him pay. His quest for revenge leads him down a monstrous path where revelations beyond his wildest dreams come to light. Just how much darkness is the Texas Ranger willing to endure to get revenge? All these lives converge one autumn night, and in the chaos that ensues, an old evil finds new blood and a new life.
The author is successful in creating a sympathetic character from a women-killer. Travis turns into a vampire when his prey turns the tables showing him what it means to e a real predator. You will appreciate Travis’s restraint for his insatiable blood lust. The author also lets the reader into Travis’s past, so it easy to see the link between him and Rue.

If you are a western fiction fan, you are going to love In the Valley of the Sun. The book is also perfect for psychological suspense and horror stories lovers. There is gore, a lot of blood, and complex characters you will love to hate with minimal if any success. The story is beautifully written, and the building suspense will keep you turning the pages.

The Boatman’s Daughter
The Boatman’s Daughter features Miranda Crabtree, a young woman who is confronted by ancient forces she has no control over. From the time Miranda’s father is killed, the young girl fends for herself by ferrying contraband for a crazy preacher and his followers. The young woman also works to protect a secret child and old witch. Unbeknown to her, dark forces are conspiring to interrupt Miranda’s dangerous and peculiar life. An unthinkable demand by the preacher sends Miranda on a perilous path where she will have to make a huge sacrifice to keep those she loves safe. Will Miranda survive and lead the life she is used to after this? How about the young boy and old witch she cares for?

Set in the swamps and rivers of Arkansas, this story will let you into Miranda’s life and her struggles to stay afloat despite the curve balls life throws at her. The tale also introduces a special boy who was discarded only to fall in the loving arms of an old witch. Additionally, the drug runners is comprising of a dwarf man, a mad preacher, and several bikers and locals. For the drug runners, nothing is taboo. They will do everything to get their way and ensure their business thrives. Miranda gets caught up in their selfishness, and there is no telling how this will affect her complicated life.
The author has done a great of developing the characters. It is going to be easy to fall in love with some of them while hating others. All the characters feel real, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself thinking about them long after reading this book. The descriptions here are also quite vivid. From the hot and humid weather to the bug-infested ways around the streams, rivers, and swamps, the author paints a perfect picture of the setting. It is easy to picture the scenes perfectly and imagine what is going on in each character’s head. With an impressive style, the author combines Russian fairy tales, small-town life, and witches into one exhilarating piece.

Boatman’s Daughter is a thrilling story of love, duty, discovery, and loss. The author takes the reader on a horrifying journey into the dark nature of humankind. From the first horrific scene, the story will have you hooked, and the bittersweet end will leave you feeling all emotional. Imagine a situation where all the people you care for are in danger, and there is nothing you can do. This is how it will feel as you follow Miranda through the journey she must undertake and either complete or lose her life. Get your hands on this greasy supernatural thriller, and you can be sure that you will not regret this decision.

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