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Publication Order of FBI Special Agent Andy Fisher Books

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Jim DeFelice is widely known for the novel, American Sniper, a New York Times bestselling novel. DeFelice is also the author the very first in-depth biography of one of America’s five general stars, Code Name; Johnny Walker. Code Name; Johny Walker is the story of an Iraqi native who risked everything to fight alongside the United States Seals. While Jim DeFelice specializes in military thrillers, some of his notable works include the Rogue Warrior series and the Dreamland book series, which he has co-written with Dale Brown. The Andy Fisher book series is another outstanding series by Jim DeFelice. In the Andy Fisher book series, Andy Fisher is the main character in this set of highly entertaining tech-thriller series. Andy Fisher is a special agent who works with the FBI, who is widely known for his chain smoking, coffee swilling and hard driving. He is a bad ass who loves to raise the ire of his enemies and his superiors as well.

Andy Fisher Series

The first Andy Fisher book series was published in the year 2003, with Cyclops one being the first book in this highly entertaining series. With that said, Jim DeFelice is a writer with style and craft. DeFelice’s character development goes beyond the trite descriptions of other authors. DeFelice puts the readers in the pockets of Andy Fisher, an FBI agent whose brain analyses keeps his juniors two step behind his cigarette smoke. Cyclops One is America’s most advanced airborne laser system. It is capable of taking out warplanes and a dozen of missiles more than three hundred miles away. Cyclops One is believed to be a revolutionary war system, that is going to change the face of combat forever. One day, the plane that was carrying the warhead it disappears during an exceedingly heavy storm over the Canadian Rockies.

From the look of things, the entire mission reeked of sabotage. Thus some of America’s best investigators are summoned. One of the agents is Andy Fisher, whose unorthodox techniques and irrelevant manner have earned him the reputation as both a wild card and a genius within the Bureau. As Fisher goes on with his investigation, numerous questions arise about the hyper-secretive security agency that developed the laser as well as the motives of the people who were involved in the Cyclops One project. With that said, Jim DeFelice is a brilliant writer who possesses the ability to develop real characters with complex personalities. All the heroes in this book are realistic and have their flaws. Despite the fact that the author has portrayed Fischer as an exceedingly dark and selfish figure, he is still likable and outstanding.

Threat Level Black is the second book in the Andy Fisher book series. In this book, Jim DeFelice’s unconventional hero makes a return in an exceedingly chilling novel of international terror within the borders of the United States. Scientists from North Korea have created an exceedingly powerful weapon, known as the E-Bomb. The E-Bomb has the ability to render any electronic system or device useless within a 10 miles radius. Andy Fisher, the protagonist, is still uncertain as to whether such a device exists and whether the group that claims to have the device in its possession have the device. The terrorist group also claims that it has in its possession an exceedingly dangerous gas, the Sarin gas. As time goes by Fisher comes to the realization that the threat was more immediate than he had expected. The terrorist had already begun proceeding towards their objective. With more than five million lives hanging in the balance and the leadership of the world as well.

With that said, Threat Level Black is another excellent addition to the Andy Fisher book series by Jim DeFelice. The author, Jim DeFelice has done an excellent job in creating an Unconventional hero, Andy Fisher who uses ways and means that are beyond the law to protect his country as well as the American Citizen. The action was great while the characters were well developed. Threat Level Black will keep you the reader engaged from the first page to the last. The Helios Conspiracy is the third book in the Andy Fisher book series. As the third book in the series, we meet once again with the Maverick FBI Agent, Andy Fisher in the near present feature. While going with his day to day activities, Fisher receives an email from a former girlfriend while on duty. Fisher decides to ignore the email and soon he lives to regret it.

While Fisher was being engaged in one of the local bars, Feder, his ex-girlfriend is killed in cold blood in her hotel room. Tragically, her email is opened a little too late. Fisher gets to learn after her death that she had emailed him asking his help to deal with something exceedingly terrible. Fisher is not only agitated but also vows to track down the person who was responsible for her ex-girlfriend’s death. As he began with the investigation, Fisher gets to learn that his ex-girlfriend used to work as the finance vice-president for Icarus Sun Works, one of the leading energy company in the United States. The Helios project was the company’s main project, and its function was to tap the sun’s solar energy and the beam it down on earth. The threat that this innovation process possed on other key players with the energy business supplies is an obvious reason for her killing and Fisher travels to this country to bring Feder the justice that she deserves.

Despite the fact that the Helios Conspiracy is a work of fiction, one cannot help but wonder as to whether there may be a grain of truth in the story. Jim DeFelice is an excellent story teller, while Fisher on the other hand is an excellent character, that you just cannot resist from falling in love with. While solving cases, Defisher is able to find his exceedingly soft and cynical side in the process. Overall, the Helios Conspiracy is an excellent read that has been penned down in the style of Mickey Spillane and Raymond Chandler. The Helios Conspiracy is definitely a must read.

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