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About Andy Griffee
Previously working as a BBC journalist, Andy Griffee comes to the crime genre with a strong background working within the industry. Knowing what audiences want and what they respond to, he definitely understands how to craft a highly compelling page turner. This is something that he’s developed over the years, from the release of his début, right back across his previous writing career. Combining the cosy mystery thriller with the detective genre, he brings all the right ingredients, making something quite different in the process.

Using real-life experiences to help inspire his work, he takes ideas from his time spent working in the news and reporting on crimes. Setting much of his work in the UK too, he keeps his material close to home, making sure it feels wholly authentic and true. It also provides many of his settings with a sense of character too, making them come to life off the page, allowing the reader to immerse themselves in his world. This has proven to be hugely successful over the years, with Griffee fast becoming an international household name for many.

Each of characters are well realized too, as they feel fully developed and fleshed out, and not just being two-dimensional caricatures. Due to this, the audience can really relate to them and whatever predicament they’re in, giving each of the stories a sense of heart and purpose. This also rings true for his protagonists, particularly in the case of Jack Johnson, a character that he would set an entire amateur detective series around. Readers would respond well to the character, which secures Griffee’s status as a mystery writer for quite some time to come.

Early and Personal Life:
Publishing his first book in 2019 at the age of fifty-seven, Andy Griffee was a BBC journalist who had always had a keen interest in writing. Previously reporting and working in the media, it was this background he’d use to help inspire him as an author of thrillers novels. Developing his style and approach to the art-form, he’d bring a great deal of authenticity to the genre in time as well.

Starting out in journalism at the Bath Evening Chronicle, he’d then spend over twenty-five years working at the BBC itself. This would provide him with a lot of insight, as he’d become Controller of the BBC English Regions, working to oversee much of the redevelopment there. Now living in Worcestershire he continues to write to this day, hiring narrow-boats and looking after his three dogs and chickens, as he searches for his next big source of inspiration.

Writing Career:
It was in 2019 that Andy Griffee would release the novel ‘Canal Pushers’, which would introduce him as a writer for the first time. Setting up not only his career, it would also begin the ‘Johnson and Wilde Mysteries’ series of novels for the first time as well. Establishing him as an author of fun and inventive mystery thrillers, he’d fast become a household name for many, drawing heavily from his own life.

Following up his first novel with the sequel book ‘River Rats’ in 2020, he’d go on to bring out the next mystery just one year later. Much of his work would be inspired by his own past working as a journalist, as the character of Jack Johnson in his novels would also be an ex-journalist. He seems to have a lot more to come as well, as there isn’t any signs that he’s stopping soon, with more to come in the future.

Canal Pushers
Initially brought out through the Orphans Publishing imprint back in 2019 on the 2nd of May, this would set up the ‘Johnson and Wilde Mysteries’ series for the very first time. Establishing the characters and the world, it would go about setting up their premise, creating who they are as people. It would also provide an extremely engaging self-contained mystery, whilst also paving the way for the follow up series.

This would be an extremely entertaining first debut novel from Griffee as an author, making for some highly compelling reading. Taking the mystery format, he’d also create some interesting and engaging characters, working in the friendship growing between them. Pushed to the limit, they both work together, something which is fun to witness as the book progresses, right until its exciting conclusion.

The ex-journalist Jack Johnson has just divorced and is now looking to pass the time, as heads aboard a narrow-boat with a stranger. Soon the two of them both find themselves in trouble, as they unwittingly embark on the trail of serial-killer who’s on the loose. Getting caught up in the world of organized crime, they also both find themselves on the run from the media as well. Can they get themselves out of this? Will they manage to find the serial-killer before it’s too late? What will become of the two canal pushers?

River Rats
Once again brought out through Orphans Publishing label, this would come out in 2020, as it was next in the ‘Johnson and Wilde Mysteries’ series. Following on from the first novel in the franchise, this continues with the next mystery for the amateur sleuth and freelance journalist. With plenty of exciting twists and turns, it takes the series in a new direction, whilst also staying true to the first at the same time. The characters are developed, along with the overall premise and world of the novel itself, as it’s evolved and taken forwards.

Pulling up his narrow-boat on the River Avon besides Bath, Jack Johnson finds himself working for the local paper, taking up the investigation of a murdered magistrate. With the help of the war widow Nina, they must now investigate who is behind this murder, as the editor of the paper hopes to gain a huge scoop. Then there’s the nearby boating community who are under threat from property developers looking to develop an adjoining industrial estate beside their moorings. How is it all connected? Who is behind the grisly murder, and will they strike again? What will become of the river rats?

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