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Publication Order of Angel Island Books

By: Thomas Kinkade, Katherine Spencer
The Inn at Angel Island (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Wedding Promise (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Wandering Heart (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Way Home (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Harbor of the Heart (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

Angel Island is a series of books by Thomas Kinkade and Katherine Spencer. Located off the New England coast, the island of the books is home to a fishing village and goat farms. Thomas Kinkade was one of America’s interesting artists, who emphasized in simple pleasurs and life-affirming values in his paintings. Katherine Spencer was a fiction editor before she decided to devote her career in writing. Through her life she wrote more than 20 books for both adults and children and today she lives with her husband and daugher in small village on the Long Isand Sound.

The series of Angel Island consists of 5 books, that were published by the N.Y. bestselling authors. The first book was ‘The Inn at Angel Island, that was published in 2010. Then followed: ‘The Wedding Promise’ (2012), A wandering heart (2012), ‘The Way Home (April 2, 2013) and the Harbor of Heart (2013). The plot of all these books is set on Angel island, in New England, a place which is not far from the big shores of Cape Light. The presence of this unique island, as if it trully existed, can be felt by its captivating presence from the windswept beacher to the height of the amazing Angel Wings Cliffs. The island is said to be harbor to angels, that guide those ones who are lost and show them the pure light of love and faith. It’s a serene place far away from the big cities, which sets the rhythm for serenity and easy. The main character of the book series finds peace in this place and starts to believe in love and faith again.

The Inn At Angel Island (2010)
The first book of the Angel Island Series by Th. Kinkade and K. Spencer was published on April 6th 2010, by Berkeley Hardcover. The book depicts the life of Liza (the main character of the book), who arrives on the island. Liza inherits an old inn ‘B&B’ from her aunt and uncle with her brother, in order to run it or to sell it. But the only thing she wants is to sell the small inn as soon as possible, in order to get back to her busy and usual life in Boston. But she finds it an extremely tranquil place and the more time she spends with the locals here, the more she wants to enjoy this serene place, far away from a broken marriage and a nasty career as an advertising executive in the big city. In this small island she begins to have new local friends, who don’t want her to sell the B&B to developers, who will ruin the charm and tranquility of the small island. So, she has a lot of things to think about and resolve, before living the island. But the place reminds her of her lovely summers, when she was a child and she begins to have second thoughts about her life. She also wants to get to know more the charming handyman Daniel Merritt, who helps her to restore the inn. She begins to like him a lot, but she has a lot to think about. Even though she thinks she doesn’t have time for love in her life, Liza sometimes believes that her life passes her by – and she can’t change anything about it. So, she just may need a band of angels to fix her wings again and she might start to believe in love again.

The Wedding Promise (2011)

The Wedding Promise is the second book of the authors, which was published on April 5th 2011 by Berkeley Hardcover. In this book, the inn is officially open now for business after it has been restored. Liza Martin, who is the owner of the ine inherited from her aunt and unlce, books her first major wedding event to take place here and she is actually thrilled about it. The bride, Jennifer, actually met her fiance on this special island, some years ago, when they were still teenagers. Since then, she dreamed of getting married in this amazing place on earth and now her dreams become true. Liza wants to make everything to be perfect for this special day for Jennifer on her wedding day, but soon she understands that there is a lot of tension between the couple. In fact, it makes her wonder why there isn’t much love between them and doesn’t have a clue why this might be happening.But she hopes that everything will go all right at the end and there is going to be a beautiful wedding. But on the day of the wedding, a big storm rolls in the island and they can’t find the groom anywhere. It seems that everything goes wrong for the couple and Liza believes that this wedding might not take place at the end. But, then again, with love and faith on Angel Island, miracles can take place. It’s just a matter of time, because secrets, dreams and miracles can happen. The book is full of suspense, romance and secrets, but above all it makes the reader wonder and believe that miracles can take place.

About the authors

Thomas Kinkade was a great artist and painter communicator, whose light and tranquil infuse paintings brought joy and hope to millions of people. Each of his paintings created a serene messenger in the home, by introducing again the most trusting values of family and home. He deeply believed in God and to the beauty of nature. He was a devout Christian, who also used this inspiration in his paintings and some Christian messages in these book seires. He was a devoted husband and father. The second author of the series books, Katherine Spencer before she became a writer was a fiction editor. In her whole career she wrote a number of books and she also has writtern the Black Sheep Knitting Mysteries, under her real name, Anne Canadeo. Today she lives with her husband and her daughter in a small village on the long Island Sound. She is also very active with community projects, including preparing food for those who are in need and she generally helps the homeless. In addition, she participated in a literacy outreach program, which promoted reading and also provides free books.

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