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Angela Flournoy is one of the best female authors who have shown the best writing skills. Despite publishing just one book till date, she has always been on the top point as she has been able to get various awards with the single publication. She was born in the Southern California, California, United States. In her writing career, she has won several awards like the Debut author, National Book Award for Fiction and the NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Literary Work. She is a graduate from the Iowa Writer’s Workshop. For the undergraduate degree, she got it from the University of California.

Besides being an author, Angela Flournoy has also taught in The Writer’s Foundry at St. Joseph’s College in Brooklyn and at the University of Iowa. She is about to join the faculty at Southern New Hampshire University’s low residency MFA program in due 2016. She has only published one book till date and the book is entitled as “The Turner House”, which was published on 14th April 2015. The book is available online and you can always get the copy to enjoy the great story written by Angela Flournoy. It is also available locally at the local libraries and bookshops where you can easily get a copy of the book. She has also written for The Los Angeles Times and The New Republic. Besides this, her work has been published in The Paris Review.

The Turner House

This is the pioneer and the only book that marks the journey of Angela Flournoy as one of the prolific American authors. The book was published on 14th April 2015 and has greatly attracted the attention of readers world-wide within the shortest time possible. It has about 352 pages and therefore you can easily read it within a couple of days to enjoy the fiction story by Angela Flournoy. All you need is to get your copy of the book and you will definitely love it.

The protagonist character in this book is known as the Turners. They are the residents of the Yarrow street a place they have called home for the last fifty years. They are a complete family, but have experienced a lot of challenges in their life. It has been a blessing to them because the God has blessed them with thirteen children, of which some have gone and even returned to Yarrow street, which is their home. The children have married and got grandchildren, which is another blessing to the family. Unfortunately, they have lost their father. Besides this, they have also experienced the fall of the Detroit’s East Side. Despite all these challenges, they have not given up on life and their home still stands. They have not also been disturbed by the inevitable shift outward and even the embattled city. This therefore shows how strong and determined in life irrespective of the hardship and challenges.

Something strange happens to the family as they are forced to abandon their lovely home. This is something that really stresses the ailing matriarch Viola. She has to leave the home and move to a place they are not yet aware of. Together with the eldest son are in a very critical situation at the moment. Their house also worth only a tenth of its mortgage and this is on the contrary, to their expectations. Due to this critical condition, all the Turner children are called back home to aid in the situation. They are to decide on the fate of their home and even to reckon with how each of their pasts haunts, the future of their family plus the shapes among others.

This is just but the summary of the book that will gives you how love is important in every family despite the poor background. To find out how the family members decided about their home and even how they progressed after abandoning the Yarrow Streets, then you need to get the copy of the book that will give you more information about the next step they took in life. With the fewer pages, you will easily read through the book.

In this book, we find out that Angela Flournoy has written a smart fiction story that is full of love and pride. The book therefore brings a very colorful and complicated brood that is full of true love for our family members. It also shows unlikely inheritance and sacrifice. When you read this book, you will also realize how important the family is and it is what always brings us home. You will also learn about the price we as human beings have to pay for our future and dreams to come true.

This is a smart book that is full of lies, history and the myths that will bring together any family that is undergoing such hardships as the Turners. This, therefore, implies that Angela Flournoy has shown some touches of grace and humor in the portrait family that is described to be humane and generous, the transition and even in the city. With the great story, you will always savor as you read the elegant and living novel. The story also shows the aggravation and the love of being in a large family just like the Turners. By having about thirteen children always gave them hope to continue living. It also reveals about parenthood and aging. It will enable you understand the benefits of lifelong union and siblinghood. It will therefore motivate you and even gives you the hope to continue living despite the challenges or hardship you are undergoing. Love and cherish whoever God has given you in life because everyone has a purpose. This is something that Angela Flournoy also reveals in her book. The debut novel is therefore very compelling and unforgettable with a very beautiful story you will read for ages.

This is how much Angela Flournoy has shown her great writing skills just in her first book. This is the best fiction book so far that you will really love reading. The book is available both locally and online. Get a copy of the book and it will motivate you and even educate you on how to love and care.

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