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My Name Is / The Forgotten Woman (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Middle Child / Dear Mother (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
If Only (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Dead Simple(2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Written in the Stars(2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Angela Marsons is an English author who writes books in the crime genre. She discovered her passion in writing during her primary school years after gaining merit from her short story “On the rocks and the seas”. This was the only merit she ever got. She used to write stories that burned inside and stored them safely in a drawer. She finally ventured into writing after much urging from a friend. This she did by first entering into writing competitions in Writer’s News which eventually resulted into a win and three short story entries.

The 47 year old released three of her books in crime series in 2015. The books have already topped the Amazon charts all around the globe. Her debut novel titled Silent Scream went on to sell over 600,000 copies and clinched the number one Amazon bestseller in the UK for a period of over a month. It was top 5 in the United States and has now secured rights deals in 10 countries which include Germany and Lithuania.

Angela Marsons gave up her job of 19 years to focus fully on writing. According to her, his was a dream come true. Formerly, she worked as a security guard at Merry Hill Shopping Center. Before she got the short stories entries, she was rejected by publishers for 25 years. They would always tell her that they loved her work but it did not have enough content. Despite the constant rejection she kept pressing on without feeling dejected until September 2014 when a commissioning editor at Bookouture, a digital publisher approached her to ask whether she would be interested to publish with them. For her, this was a lifeline and having gone on to achieve the success she now has is unbelievable. The dream for her had always been to write for a living but this success has made her reap the financial benefits of an international bestseller almost overnight. To her every royalty payment seems like lottery! According to her, the passion of writing developed because she felt like she had a story to tell.

Angela’s books feature a formidable, no-nonsense main character; Detective Kim Stone. They also have a Black Country setting. Her first book Silent Scream is a thriller set in a children’s home in Rowley Regis. All her stories are set in local areas due to her being a local girl. All her characters are make believe as opposed to anyone or a set of people she particularly knows. Now let’s look at two of her books.


This is a fantastic novel by Angela Marsons. It has twists and turns blending with wit and emotion. Detective Kim Stone embarks on a hunt for a ruthless killer and the clues she unearths are become personal. They have a common bond with the victims but Stone is determined to find justice regardless of the outcome.

The action as well as intrigue sets immediately you start reading the novel. Eventually 10 murders occurring in the previous and present years are what Detective Stone is set to investigate. Meanwhile you are introduced to a cast of characters which is quite large. Detective Kim Stone, the protagonist here has had a difficult upbringing which left scars on her. Her minimal social skills as a result of her upbringing cannot stop her from coming to the aid of suffering innocents. The death of a headmistress who is found strangled is one of many. Later human remains are found at a former children’s home in Crestwood. These remains lead Detective Stone into the hunt for a murderer who has been active for many years. But running this investigation will need her to come into terms with her past.

Her passion is somewhat uncontrolled and this keeps her in the doghouse with her seniors. Her team members respect her deeply and are extremely protective and loyal towards her. As the story of the challenge to solve the murders unfurls we get to know a bit about Kim’s past.

Angela Marsons did a wonderful job with both the protagonist and the supporting characters, both bad and good. The characters are quite unbelievable especially in the close but unromantic relationship between the Detective and her partner Bryant. A sinister air pervades the story creating perpetual tension for the reader. As the story progresses, your interest will not flag for a moment due to the twists and turns.


This is a follow up to Silent Scream. This is a book that makes for fantastic reading and clearly shows Angela’s mastery in crime stories. This story revolves around the mutilation in the brutal murder of a rapist. Eventually more killings come to light calling for more investigation because someone more sinister is at work. The investigations soon gain momentum and Kim finds herself endangered at the center of a lethal individual doing their own twisted experiment. This is basically a sociopath who knows Kim’s every weakness endangering every move Kim makes. Soon body count mounts and investigations intensify.

The plot in this book is quite breathtaking and will have you on the edge of your seat. This is a crime fiction but with a mix of psychological thriller. In this thriller Detective Kim Stone is not just a cardboard cutout cop, she is different due to her great work ethic. More of her character is revealed in this book as she goes head-to-head with this sociopath. This character grows exceptionally as the story progresses in this series.

The book outlines the true character of a sociopath; manipulation and evil. You will love to hate this sociopath. The character is well developed and interesting. Angela Marsons has managed to make the character to “pop” out of this book. The plot is intriguing and fantastic from the beginning of this book. However, there are disturbing and emotional scenes in this book. Some of these scenes are quite horrific. It gets into the psyche of the mind of a human being and shines a light into its every motive. This is a masterpiece which you cannot afford to miss reading.

Her other books include: Lost Girls, The Middle Child and My Name is.

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7 Responses to “Angela Marsons”

  1. Ray Jones: 1 year ago

    In my seventies,and steeped in literature from Chaucer onwards.
    I adore Angela Marsons, though many a literature snob wouldn’t.
    She writes with addictive clarity, and the short,staccato chapters help with this.Her characters, even the minor ones, all come across as highly individual,rather than as caricatures.
    Unlike many other crime writers, I never struggle to get through an Angela Marsons novel.
    What’s more, she writes about a very varied, but largely working class Black Country,reminding me of my roots there before I left the area more than fifty years ago.
    Well done Angela. You fully deserve your growing success.
    Don’t ditch the template!

  2. Mandy Chapman-Buffery: 1 year ago

    Not read any of your books Angela. And had no idea of you . I am a local girl and find it intriguing read of your scenario’s close by. My first read is Hidden scars . I certainly will be purchasing Silent Scream therefore following on from that . Easy to read so enjoyable. Please, keep these books coming. You have a new follower.
    Thank you 🥰

  3. Paul warnes: 1 year ago

    Got the first book in march 2019,Now on book 15, had a break for over a year. Soon got back into the characters,already got books 16 and 17 on my shelf ready to read. Keep up the excellent work.

  4. Amanda Morales: 2 years ago

    When will more of the Kim Stone series be released?? I have read ALL of your books….I need more!

  5. Debra MacLeod: 2 years ago

    I just finished Silent Scream and all I can say is Holy Cow! It is a story that keeps you riveted from page one all the way through to the end. I thought I had it figured out and then she throws a twist from a different perspective. It move along at a great pace and shows that teams do work well together. As you can see I am looking for the order to read more of Angela Marson’s cases with Kim Stone. The ending of this one still has me shaking my head in it’s complexity. Can’t wait til the next one!

  6. Jeannette Daniels: 3 years ago

    Have just finished Child’s Play, book 11, having read 1-10 & found them EXCELLENT. So glad I started at number 1! I’ve purchased 12, 13 & 14. I see there is a ‘prequel’ (First Blood) to the series between book 11 & 12 (Killing Minds), so a purchaser can catch up with the characters – my advice would be READ from number ONE, this author does not disappoint. Excellent series.

  7. Jeannie Crowe: 3 years ago

    Love all your books. Have just read Twisted Lies and am keen to read your next book in the Kim Stone series.
    Thank you.


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