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Chronological Order of Angelbound Origins Books

Angelbound is the first installment in the Angelbound book series, and it tells us the story of 18-year old Myla Lewis, who’s a girl who loves two things; kicking ass and really kicking ass. We discover that she’s not your average quasi-daemon, half-daemon, and half human girl. And for the past 5 years, she has longed for the day when she gets a chance to battle in Purgatory arena. So when souls would like to be tried by combat in order to gain the right of entering heaven or be damned to hell, they have to battle her, and she’s yet to lose a battle.

As she begins the senior year in Purgatory High, the fights in the arena are not enough to lift her spirits anymore. Even the daemons begin acting strangely, even by daemon standards. The King of Daemons is called Armageddon, and when he visits her school, Myla knows that everything is starting to change, which spells doom for the quasi-daemons. So she starts questioning everything, and she’s not impressed with the answers that she’s getting. It seems like 17 years ago, quasi-daemons started being used as slave laborers. Her mom always appeared so sad, and no one wants to tell her the identity of her father.

Things start getting interesting when she meets Lincoln, who’s high prince of Thrax, and a very seductive half-human, half-angel daemon hunter. So Myla wonders what a quasi-daemon girl should do because she’s fallen in love with a daemon hunter. The good thing is that Myla isn’t afraid to break some rules. She is convinced that she should fight for her love for the daemon hunter and so Purgatory should be ready because things are about to get heated up.

Myla has a special talent of kicking ass, and she fights daemons, bad seed human beings, and generally anyone who makes her angry. To the death duels are what she lives for, and she readily obeys the ghouls running purgatory. All the while, the king of daemons looks on. We also have Lincoln, who is such a sexy character that readers are already in love. The other characters in the book are also very interesting, and the author has done a good job of making readers want to learn more about what goes on in purgatory. Even the truly bad characters have a way of gaining your attention.

Some of the people who have read this book confess that they actually picked it up even though it had no reviews or ratings. And they are glad that they did because they discovered the hidden gem that is the Angelbound series. For some of these readers, after they bought the book, they started reading it without too many expectations. By the end of it all, some readers have actually read the book in one session, which shows you that this is a compelling story to read. Most people who have read the book give it a five-star rating, and so you can be sure that Myla’s story is one that you should also read for yourself.

The second installment of Angelbound is called Scala, and we find 19-year old Myla has transformed into Great Scala, the only being with the power to move souls out of purgatory and into heaven and hell. There is just one problem; a magical thing known as Lucifer’s Orb has limited her abilities. When she attempts to transport a soul, this orb forces her to evacuate it straight into hell. So what can a girl do? Send innocent souls into the fiery pits of hell?

There’s no way that Great Scala is going to do that. She goes on a so-called supernatural strike, which means that no souls are going anywhere until that orb is history. It’s just the right course of action, but the problem is that the soul storage buildings have turned into ticking time bombs. That’s because there are no souls moving out yet millions are allowed to come in. So Myla is determined to look for the orb so that she could rightfully send innocent souls to heaven. But the time is running out, and the containment force fields are just about to burst, which will release a horde of homicidal spirits.

The good thing about the book is that Myla will kick your ass but then give you a hanky to dry your tears when you start crying. She is simply an adorable character and many people are going to hate her guts. The plot of the story moves much faster than in the first book, which makes it even more enjoyable. However, one might be disappointed because Scala is a much shorter story compared to Angelbound. The 2nd book syndrome appears to have caught up with the author and some people might be disappointed with the book.

However, this book is worth reading and there are some people who like it more than the first book. Being Great Scala, Myla is now able to take charge, and the relationship she has with Lincoln has now become rock solid. Supporting each other in all circumstances, Myla and Lincoln have now formed a great partnership. They also don’t second guess each other, and this is one of the most likeable things about the whole story. Myla’s mother has also developed and she has assumed the presidency of Purgatory.

Unfortunately, we have a saying that goes along the lines of “to whom much is given, much is expected”. And so Myla is now faced with many responsibilities, and her roles are not confined to fighting souls in Purgatory arena. Armageddon hides Lucifer’s Orb in Purgatory and its daemonic power hinders her ability to perform her duties effectively. With the storage containers filled to the brim with souls, some characters want her to simply empty it and send every soul into hell but she would hear none of it. She has a sense of justice and she wants to see innocent souls go to heaven while the evil souls go to hell. If you enjoy the first and second books, there are other books that you can look forward to reading.

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