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After Hours on Milagro Street (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Full Moon Over Freedom (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Best Women's Erotica of the Year, Volume 7(2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Twelve Naughty Days(2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Angelina M. Lopez is a romance and contemporary author. Since a young age, being a writer has been all she has ever wanted. She worked as a journalist for a popular newspaper, a content marketer for small businesses, and a freelance magazine writer.
Angelina writes Sexy and inspiring stories featuring strong women and the men who get lucky to love them.

Her debut, Lush Money, was listed as a top 10 Romance Debut of 2020 by ALA’s Booklist. After Hours on Milagro Street received a starred review from Publishers Weekly

After Hours On Milagro Street

Alexandra Torres returns home to her freedom after many years of being a bartender in Chicago. It’s an emotional journey for her as she hasn’t been home since she was a teen.

She finds her grandmother, Loretta, in hospital, and Alex is coming up with a plan on how she’ll save their family bar on Milagro street named Loretta’s

Professor Jeremiah Post is living in a rented room above the bar as Loretta had taken him under her care since he has a plan for the bar to convert into a museum focusing on the history of Mexican American community.

This will involve the Traqueros who constructed the railroads after the Chinese Exclusion Act, leading to labor shortage. Alex has a high temper which controls her. Her relationship with her family is not good, and Jeremiah thinks she has no good intentions. Sometimes it’s hard to tolerate her, pushing everyone away because she doesn’t want to get hurt.

Alex plans to save the bar after blowing out with her previous boss back in Chicago, leaving her unemployed. She is suspicious of Jeremiah since he’s deeply attached to white people’s history. Alex won’t let him have the bar as she wants to use it to resurrect her career.
Alex had been called upon by her sisters to help convince their grandmother to sell them her bar so that she retire peacefully. Many in her clan think she has a bigger voice than the rest and would be perfect for the job. They don’t know that she has an ulterior motive as she is on a mission to bring her game back to the top and is ready to do what it takes to reach there.
The two decide not to work together until a big threat reveals their plans. Jeremiah doesn’t believe that Alex has the best interest of her family, the community, or the bar’s legacy. He’s determined to stand tall to protect all three as he tries to resist the attraction they feel between themselves.

Jeremiah is quieter compared to Alex but also intelligent. He can let go of his rivalry with Alex after realizing she plans to turn Loretta’s into a more modern bar without destroying it.

Jeremiah is a local college professor looking for a place to call home. His aim in buying the bar is to preserve the town’s history and that of Torre’s family. Even though he and Alex have different personalities, they are attracted to each other.
Alex plans to use what she learned from her previous job and social media to put Milagro street back on the map. Even though Jeremiah Post is a professor, he still lives in a room above the bar. His backstory is a mystery to the people in Milagro street, and he plans on keeping things the way they are; he loves how grandmother Loretta treats him like family.

Alex knows what she wants exactly and isn’t shy to go for it, no matter the cost. However, when an old enemy threatens Loretta’s bar and its neighborhood, Jeremiah and Alex must come together to save the home they both need.

The novel is more about family, friendships, fighting for what’s right, and the power of uniting and loving your culture. It’s a blend of history, mystery, and steamy contemporary romance wrapped up in one story.

It’s about family, belonging, and the power of the past on how it affects one’s future. The author also shows how sometimes digging someone’s true self a little deeper is essential.

Alex and Jeremiah hold deep secrets and heartbreak, but they gradually learn to open up and trust each other.
Lush Money
Lush Money is the debut in the Filthy Rich series. Roxanne Medina has won over the town bullies and boardrooms filled with men.

Medina has decided since she has achieved all her goals in life, she sees this as the right time to settle down. All she wants is a kid but not a husband, as she is used to being in control and has no interest in a man except for his sperm.

She has made a generous offer, and once the contract is fulfilled, everyone will go their separate ways with everything they want. After careful vetting from those interested, she picks Mateo Esperana, the prince of the Monte, to become her donor.

Prince Mateo is one of the successful winegrowers and isn’t ready to marry or even have a baby with a stranger. Even when the money she is offering could help save his once great wine–producing business, he is reluctant.

His vineyard has been struggling because his father hasn’t used the money well. Mateo’s father was the one who signed the deal with Roxanne in exchange for millions of dollars which he hopes would save the vineyard once Mateo agrees to the sperm donation.

Mateo isn’t informed of the full details until he meets Roxanne, and his pride doesn’t allow him to sign the deal. However, back in his mind, he cares for his people, and since he hates Roxanne, he thinks the agreement will not be too hard for him.

Soon he realizes that his mind and body want something different, and he can’t assume his attraction to her. He agrees to the deal where they’ll have sex three nights a month during her ovulation period, and once she conceives, he can walk away with his pay.

As easy as it sounds to him, he begins making things complicated as the story progresses. Medina decides to use a weapon prince Mateo hadn’t thought of, His desire.

Medina and Mateo are products of their upbringing where Medina was raised believing she isn’t worthy of love, and Mateo was used to being constantly embarrassed by his parents due to their neglect. Their behavior and the choices they make in the course of getting what each want are questionable.

However, it’s their flaws, those human vulnerabilities, and those moments when they let each care for each other. Even though they start off fighting each other, they gradually evolve into true partners who fight for each other.
It’s thrilling and refreshing to watch two people who met as enemies fall in love through friendships even after fighting it for a long.

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