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Angelo Surmelis is a highly renowned German born Greek-American author and designer, who hails from California, United States. He is particularly very famous for being a professional designer all over Los Angeles. Recently, he has decided to try his hand at writing novels and seems to have started on a very high note. So far, Surmelis has written only one novel, but it has helped him get noticed by the who’s who of the writing world. His book, The Dangerous Art of Blending In has been received quite well by the critics. It has become widely successful and the success has helped author Surmelis to get attracted to many fans in all parts of the world. Surmelis has been working in the field of professional designing since the year 1995. Over the years, he has had many well known clients. Many of them are from the entertainment industry and include companies like Playboy. Some television shows have also been her clients. One such popular client of author Surmelis is the show called Fab to Fab from VH1. Besides all these famous clients, Surmelis has also catered to many private individuals. The name of Surmelis’ design company is angelo-HOME. Being a designer, author Surmelis was the part of the TLC program called Clean Sweep. He has even been associated with Merge, a Lifetime program, and My Celebrity Home program from the Style Network.

Surmelis has also worked as a television, although it was mostly related to his designing work. He has hosted the HGTV show ’24 Hour Design’ for a total of 4 seasons, as well as the series for the same TV channel, called Rate My Space, for 3 seasons in total. In addition to this, Surmelis has featured in a book called Conquer the Clutter. Currently, author Surmelis’ design brand is involved in selling upholstered line of furnitures at,, QVC, CSN,,, etc. The interview appearances of author Surmelis has been on a number of shows. Some of the most popular ones include Good Morning America, Good Day Live, The Today Show on NBC, Tyra Banks Show, and a TV series known as Extra. Author Surmelis was born in Bonn, Germany. He moved to the United States after growing and attained citizenship there. While he was growing up, Surmelis spent a lot of time in Greece. He holds the citizenship of this country too and considers himself as more of a Greek national than an American. This particularly due to the fact that the roots of Greece and its culture are embedded in his heart and mind deeply. When author Surmelis was just 6 years old, his family shifted to Chicago.

There, he attended the Columbia College and obtained his graduation degree. At the time of his initial days, Surmelis used to work as a screen and stage actor in New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago. And during his acting days, he has given appearances on General Hospital, Angel, Port Charles, and Saturday Night Live! As of today, Surmelis has his permanent residence in Los Angeles, California. Surmelis has won awards and recognition in all the professions he worked in throughout his life. He kept achieving new heights of fame and glory with each passing day and hopes that he continues to do so in his new career of novel writing as well. For being involved in different professions and achieving grand success in all of them, Surmelis got the chance to appear in magazines like Entertainment Weekly, InStyle, and TV Guide.

‘The Dangerous Art of Blending In’ is the debut novel penned by Angelo Surmelis. This book was published in January 2018 by the Balzer & Bray publishing company. The chief characters described in the book consist of Evan Panos and Henry. At the start of the book’s story, Evan Panos is introduced in the plot as a 17 year old gay man. Surmelis has mentioned that Evan Panos knows his place in the society very well. He has a strick mother of the Greek origin, who sees him as nothing more than a disgrace and disappointment for the family. Evan’s father keeps himself busy with his work and remains quiet most of the time because of him being gay. He hopes that he does not land in any form of conflict because of his son’s sexual orientation. Evan Panos has a close friend named Henry, who is always supportive of him. The two remain together all the time and their friendship has grown stronger with the passage of time. Evan develops feelings for Henry, but keeps it a secret from him. And the more he sees him, the more he tends to find him distractingly attractive.

After some time, a stage comes into Evan Panos’ life when he feels totally isolated, tired, and scared. He escapes to a nearby abandoned church, which he finds lonely like himself and hopes that it would provide him some respite. Evan feels attracted towards many boys in his locality. He even kisses one boy as he could not control his temptation. But, this act of his makes him a target for teasing for many people around him. Henry is the only one whom he finds completely irresistible. Evan hopes that Henry understands his wish of making him his gay partner. Later, Evan finds out that Henry too has the same feelings for him as he has and he too wishes to become his partner. All of a sudden, Henry looks interested to have a lot more with Evan Panos than just friendship. He tries to make Evan believe that he is much more than the terrifying abuse and the harsh words of his mother. The things between Henry and Evan Panos continue to heat up for some more days, all the while Evan is forced to tolerate the escalating abuses of his mother.

Evan knows that he has managed to survive so far by trying to avoid attention from others. And he also understands that he does not have any other choice than continue avoiding attention at any cost. However, he wishes that he gets a voice with which he could tell his side of the story and enable the people to see him with love and mercy. Finally, Evan decides that he will set out to find this voice and help himself to change his condition. This book looks like an excellent description of a social issue. It has great characterizations and an intriguing storyline. Author Surmelis appears to have done a fantastic job of taking up this topic and sharing his point of views with the world through this story. The critics loved the plot and the characters of Evan and Henry very much.

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