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Publication Order of Angels Everywhere Books

A Season of Angels (1993)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Trouble with Angels (1994)Description / Buy at Amazon
Touched by Angels (1995)Description / Buy at Amazon
Shirley, Goodness and Mercy (1999)Description / Buy at Amazon
Those Christmas Angels (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
Where Angels Go (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Angels at the Table (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon

A popular author of equally popular romance novels, the American writer Debbie Macomber has been writing her unique brand of fiction for quite some time now. With a whole range of titles behind her, she has become one of the most prolific writers in her field to date, with a long and extensive backlog of work. This has put her at the forefront of her genre, and one series that has managed to be particularly successful is that of her ‘Angels Everywhere’ franchise. Running for over seven titles so far and counting, she has been able to craft a highly popular and unique franchise that has achieved success both nationally and internationally. With their warm and friendly style that ensures they’re easy to pick up for readers looking for a casual and light-hearted read, they’re building an audience on a worldwide scale. Creating a lasting impact upon the marketplace, they’re approachable in their style and tone, allowing the reader to pick-up at any point if they so wish.

Largely regarded as the ‘official storyteller of Christmas’ amongst her many legions of fans, she has released a Christmas-themed novel almost every year since 1986 without fail. This impressive legacy she has set herself has become almost a tradition in of itself for many, something which the ‘Angels Everywhere’ series works at capturing. With their seasonal warm tidings, they really manage to set the tone for the cold winter months, bringing some much-needed light to many with their feel-good stories. It’s also worth noting that looking taking a look at her ‘Angelic Intervention’ series might also be useful too, as, whilst not essential, will definitely provide some further insight into the thematic ideas of the two conjoined franchises as a whole.

A Season of Angels

Originally published in December, 1993, this was the first book to set-up the series as a whole and the many ideas that were to be contained within. Establishing both the style and the tone, it manages to build upon the atmosphere and the ambiance, creating a clear visual style in the minds of the readers. Whilst this was relatively early on in the writing career of Debbie Macomber, it’s still worth noting that she had been writing for quite some time beforehand and has already established quite a following.

With ideas of Christmas that Christmas spirit that seems so hard to define for many, this works at capturing the essence of that magical time of year. Creating a tradition from the outset, these releases have become a yearly ritual in of themselves almost, with each title being eagerly awaited by the readers. Providing characteristics such as an appeal to goodwill and altruism, the themes contained within are timely and ring universal all year round. Set in a nondescript town for this particular novel, the location itself could be almost anywhere in America, or the world for that, which ultimately brings it home for the reader. The subsequent novels move from place to place, but still retain the core values and principles of the series to heart, as they maintain the magic throughout. Where it’s set is immaterial, as the story told is a traditional one regarding Christmas miracles and magic, something which will last for many years to come.

In the series itself there’s three angels and they’re not as how one would typically expect an angel to behave, with some very lively and animated behavior. Called Shirley, Goodness and Mercy, they aim to bring light and virtue to a world that might otherwise have all but forgotten such values and decency. Whilst they may be angels sent down, though, they are also fairly unpredictable in their nature and behavior, as they go about their business in a particularly wacky manner. This time they must help Leah Lundberg, helping this maternity nurse bring a child into her own life, whilst learning a lesson in the process. Then there’s Monica Fischer who hopes to find a husband, but has all but given on such a seemingly impossible task, leaving it by the wayside. Lastly, there’s Timmy Potter, a nine-year-old boy who hopes to gain a father figure in his life, despite his mother all but giving up on men as well. Will they get their Christmas wish? Can they learn an important lesson? What will become of them in a season of angels?

The Trouble with Angels

Initially brought out through the Harper/Avon publishing labels back in 1994, this sequel to the first was delivered one year after the first, just in time for the Christmas season once again. Continuing from where the last left off, it features many of the same ideas and characters again, developing them and establishing them even further. Giving the readers more of what they want, it works at building on what they came to know and love about the first book, whilst providing some twists and turns along the way as well.

This time heading to the ‘City of Angels’, or Los Angeles, they set their sights on the big city where ideas of Christmas may have all but fallen at the wayside once more. With three distinct patrons for their wishes once more, they hope to teach their charges about life, love and everything in-between, as they get them dreaming once more. Providing a sense of optimism, they hope to leave a lasting impact, but that might prove to be a little difficult in such an otherwise jaded and cynical town. Will they be able to do it? What lessons do they have to teach? Can they overcome the trouble with angels?

The Angels Everywhere Series

This series exemplifies everything that works about Debbie Macomber as an author, as it allows the reader to really get an insight into why she’s one of the most successful authors in her field to date. Capturing her friendly warm-natured style perfectly, they come across as sincere where others might fail, as it’s not so easy as one may imagine at first glance. Whilst there’s a lot of competition in this particular market Macomber has risen to the top, as she never topples over into sentimentality that’s cloying or forced, whilst simultaneously being self-aware about what she’s writing. This is something that her many readers have come to know and respect her for, with each title being met with an almost instant bestseller status, something that will continue for many years to come.

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