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Publication Order of Angels Of Mercy Books

The Angels of Mercy series is a successful series of fiction, mystery, romance, and suspense novels.

C.J. Lyons, who is NY Times and USA Today’s bestselling author, wrote the series. The series consists of 4 books in total, which were released between the years 2008 and 2010. Each and every novel of this popular series features the same set of main characters that include Lydia Fiore, Gina Freeman, Jerry Boyle, Linda Fiore, Nora Halloran, Lucas Stone, etc. They are supported by some very good secondary characters that keep appearing as the series proceeds further. Most of the lead characters are shown in the roles of doctors who work for a medical center named Angels of Mercy, located in Pittsburgh. The stories of all the four books take place in Pittsburgh, and in and around the Medical Center. The series has been rated R by the critics because of the numerous adult situations and violence described by author Lyons. C.J. Lyons was able develop the stories successfully around the field of medicine and surgery because she is a pediatric E-R doctor herself and has practiced for many years before turning herself into a writer. The bestselling writer has penned more than 30 books in her literary career. She says that she has actually lived the life that she has described in her books.

Author CJ Lyons has won the coveted International Thriller Award from the ITW on two occasions. The Pittsburgh has labeled her as the master of a genre within a genre. Author Lyons believes that all her success is dedicated to her fans, who believe in her stories and have faith in her writings. She also believes that she would have not been able to make it big in her second career if it had not been for the love of her fans towards her work. Their love and support kept her motivated all the time and eventually, she kept coming up with interesting stories each time. Most of the work of author Lyons has been praised as being riveting and breathtakingly fast paced. The Newsday magazine has said about her characters that they look like having three dimensions and beating hearts. The debut novel of the Angels of Mercy book series written by author CJ Lyons is entitled ‘Lifelines’. It was released by the Berkley publication in 2008. Lyons has mentioned the chief characters in this particular book as Lydia Fiore, Amanda Mason, Nora Halloran, Gina Freeman, and a few others as well. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that Lydia Fiore is the new attending physician in the ER of Angel’s of Mercy hospital. On the very first day of her job at this hospital, Lydia is not able to save the life of a patient. And it turns out that the patient was the son of the Surgery Chief of the same hospital. Because of this failure, Lydia Fiore thinks that her career almost over. But, she believes that the patient did not die because of her incompetency, rather the reason behind his death is something else. Lydia begins investigating on her own in order to unravel the real reason behind the loss of the patient’s life. And it is after proving the truth in front of the panel of senior doctors only that Lydia Fiore will be able to save her medical career. Her search takes her into risky and unfamiliar territories.

However, Lydia Fiore does not fear about the dangers that lay ahead as she knows that making the truth come out is very important to her as well as to the others. Lydia Fiore is not alone in the search for the truth. She has a team of assistants to help her discover the reality and catch the real culprit.

One of her assistants is a medical student named Amanda Mason. She is a sweet girl from the South. Amanda seems to be going through her own problems. But, she does not care about them because she thinks that Lydia Fiore cannot commit any mistakes during the operation and the reason for the patient’s death is something else. Lydia receives help from another lady named Gina Freeman. She is a resident doctor at the hospital, who appears to have a chip on shoulder. Nora Halloran is a no nonsense woman, who works as a charge nurse in Lydia’s hospital. She looks like having a fiery temper, but a cool head. There is another assistant of Lydia Fiore in the form of a paramedic, who would go to any lengths to help Lydia come out of this big problem. The next book of this bestselling series is called ‘Warning Signs’. This book was published by the Jove publication in the year 2009. The setting of this book is also done in Pittsburgh.

It features the primary characters in the roles of Amanda Mason, Dr. Lucas Stone, Gina Freeman, Lydia Fiore, and Nora Halloran. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is mentioned that Amanda Mason visits the AoM hospital on rotation as she is still studying in medical school. Amanda seems to be finding it difficult to complete the med school. She knows it very well that she has reached such a stage in her medical career where she cannot afford to commit any mistakes. Also, she is keeping a secret that troubles her very much, but she can’t let it out and allow it to be known to others because it can put career in jeopardy. Amanda Mason has been experiencing some very strange symptoms recently. She finds it surprising that her symptoms are not listed in any of the diagnostic reports. Of late, the symptoms have been causing a downgrade of her performance, making her become less efficient in her work. Amanda Mason struggles a lot to control the symptoms and almost manages to succeed in keeping it from getting noticed by others. But, one person ends up noticing Amanda’s symptoms and suspects that something is definitely wrong with her.

This person, Dr. Lucas Stone, is the one who she doesn’t want her secret be known at any cost. Amanda sees Lucas as an irritating person, but she also finds him sexy and handsome. Later, a couple of patients die of the same symptoms as Amanda’s and another goes into coma. When Amanda Mason learns about the patients, she knows she has a limited amount of time left with her. In order to save herself from becoming the next victim of the strange new symptoms, Amanda must solve the medical mystery before time runs out. For this purpose, she decides to take the help from her friends, Lydia, Nora, and Gina.

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