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Publication Order of Angels of the Dark Books

Angels of the Dark is a series of paranormal romance novels by the renowned American author Gena Showalter, known for her young adult, paranormal and contemporary romances. Showalter was born in Oklahoma in 1975, and by the age of 27 she has sold her first novel. The USA Today, and New York Times bestselling author currently has more than 25 titles in print in both the adult and young adult genres. Among her bestselling titles include the “Otherworld Assassins,” “Lords of the Underworld,” “White Rabbit Chronicles,” “Original Heartbreakers” and “Everlife.” Her accolades include two-time RITA Award nominations and a National Reader’s Choice Award. Her novels have been featured in the “Seventeen” magazine and Red Hot Read in “Cosmopolitan.” Her novels have been translated into several languages, mentioned in “Orange Is the New Black” and she has been interviewed on “Nightline.” Her novels have been called utterly spellbinding narratives and sizzling page-turners while the author herself has been referred to as “a star on the rise.”

Angels of the Dark by Gena Showalter is a spinoff of the highly popular “Lords of the Underworld” series. It comes with gorgeous warriors, a handful of villains, flighty females, and hot love scenes. As a spinoff, it is set in the same world of the “Lords of the Underworld” series with its demon-possessed men that are constantly defying their dark demonic urges in the quest for good in their world. The series of novels are about Zacharel a dour angel and his angel colleagues that are thousands of years old. Zacharel and his colleagues had gotten in trouble with the deity for their cold emotional detachment since it made them not take into account the collateral damage on humans while they were battling demons. After a series of punishments fail to work, the deity mandates that Zacharel would lead an army of angels named the Army of Disgrace. The army is composed of a bunch of tortured and rebellious angels who are cold and detached to the bone, and now his fate and theirs rested in his hands. If they behaved well they would get to keep their place in heaven but if their bad deeds outweighed the good they would be cast out of heaven and lose their wings. Together with his army, they are now known as the Sent Ones. They look like ordinary men and women but are angels even if they have to deal with the desires of the flesh. The Angels of the Dark thus tells the stories of Zacharel and his Disgraced Army as they fight against an army of demons while trying not to cause human casualties. They experience despair, hate, pride, rage, envy, greed and lust and are ultimately saved by the woman who loves them.

In “Wicked Night’ the first novel of the Angels of the Dark series, Zacharel the badass sexy and aloof angel is a panty-melting man with cold indifference and arrogance that have landed him in deep trouble. He angered the Deity and has now been charged with leading an army of misfit angels who are just as badass. But the crimes they committed are serious and the Deity is serious about their punishment should they fail to reform. They are starring the fall right in the face though Zacharel is the most at risk given that he is just too ruthless, dangerous and cold-hearted for the Most High. He has always been about defeating demons and has never cared about collateral damage to humans as long as the job got done. But then he finds that he has a vulnerability for one human who unleashes a deep desire in him. It is a desire that he has never experienced before, which makes him determined to claim the human for himself. The woman in question is Annabelle Miller who had allegedly killed her parents and hence had been condemned to a life behind bars. She is living in a mental institution for the criminally insane and has always protested her innocence to no avail. She claims that demons are following her and that they killed her parents but everyone just thinks she is insane except for Zacharel. He may be her only hope for getting out of the institution, though he is conflicted when their relationship grows into something more than he expected. How can an angel like him be in love with a woman that has been taken over by a demon? But even as his conflict grows so does their desire for each other.

“Beauty Awakened” is the story of half Nefa soldier/half-angel Koldo, who is a member of Zacharel’s Army of Disgrace. For all his life he has known nothing but suffering and pain as he was abused by his Nefa father and his Angel mother, which makes him full of hate and a narcissist that loves to cause pain. They have robbed him of his wings leaving him stranded and unable to fly as an angel should, until he gets one last chance to redeem himself. Mandated to serve under Zacharel, he needs to prove that he deserves another chance to make things right. But he thinks it may be an impossible task until he meets Nicola a human girl. Nicola and her sister are beautiful young burdens who were so ravaged by doubt and fear that they invited demons into their souls. Just on the verge of giving up, she meets the enigmatic Koldo and suddenly she regains the passion and strength to fight. She will fight for love and for the right for her and her sister to live. Koldo is determined to save her and will fight right alongside her though she needs to play her part. It is an inspirational, funny, heartbreaking and beautiful story of two persons knocked down by circumstance and life. But they may have to make the ultimate sacrifice so that they can live and be together.

“Burning Dawn” the last novel of the Angels of the Dark series is about Thane, who leads the trio of Xerxes, Bjorn, and Thane and also owns the “Downfall” club. He had once been held in captivity by demons, which made him realize that he was a sadist and masochist that loved inflicting pain and also experiencing it. But his behavior made him one of the bad apples that had to be put under Zacharel facing the prospect of getting kicked out of heaven. He has never bonded with anyone or even slept with a woman more than once until he was trapped by a Phoenix. Kendra the Phoenix had screwed him up by changing her shape into different women so that he slept with her numerous times until he formed a bond with her. The moment he discovered her scheme, he had killed her but then instantly became her slave. Given that she is a Phoenix, she resurrected and came back to haunt him more viciously than ever. It would seem there is no way out of his predicament until another slave named Elin comes in to save him. Elin Vale is attracted to the exquisite warrior though she has her own scars seared deep into her psyche. He challenges her boundaries though his determination to protect her means that she needs to face up to some of her deepest fears. Elin has to give herself up to a world where victory means giving in to surrender and where passion is power.

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  1. Faye: 1 month ago

    There’s one more book that is part of this series. The story of Bjorn. The darkest assassin it’s written in her 1001 Noel series.
    Idky such a separation of one of the main characters from the original but, it’s a great book.
    Currently I was hoping to see the story of Axel since the story of William was released.
    Anyone have any info on that?


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