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Publication Order of Angels Walking Books

Angels Walking (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Chasing Sunsets (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Brush of Wings (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Karen Kingsbury is a published author of fiction.

Kingsbury is known to readers for penning the fiction series titled Angels Walking. This fascinating fiction story is an up close look at what can happen when the everyday world is totally transformed by the entrance of supernatural characters into the mix.

Angels Walking is the first official book in the series that carries the same title. In this book, readers get the chance to meet the main character of Tyler Ames for the first time. He may be a little cocky, but he is one sports player that the world needs to watch out for.

Tyler is unique among other young men for his age. For one, he is into sports in a big way. But he isn’t just into sports the way that some guys go out and play on the basketball court. He managed to do very well at one particular sport and did so well that he was recruited and became a star. Just like that he went from a nobody in the world of baseball to being someone that was celebrated. His name was on everyone’s lips and they all came out to see Tyler Ames play.

With a reputation like that, he should have had it all. After all, he was playing at the national level. Tyler was on top of the world, and just as suddenly as he had arrived there, it all fell apart. It happened just the way that it could have happened to anyone. Tyler gets an injury in his chosen sport field and he goes from being the star athlete and the center of attention to becoming virtually invisible over night.

He just wants to get his life back to the way it used to be. Things were so simple when he was at the top of the heap. He can’t help but wonder whether he is going to be able to get back a fraction of the old happiness that used to motivate him. He may not be the first athlete to suffer an injury that ends up making you retire early, but it feels like he’s the first person that this ever happened to and he doesn’t know how to handle it.

The problem is that on his way to the big league baseball arena, Tyler managed to alienate a lot of the people that he was close to. Each of these individuals mattered to him in some shape or another, but now those relationships have totally and utterly fallen apart. This former star has no idea whether he is even going to be capable of repairing them and putting them back together.

He’s doing his best to try and make things happen, but it seems like just about nothing is working out for him. He starts trying harder and really believes that things might turn around for him in the end. It may not end up being true, but it makes him feel better to cultivate a positive mental attitude. All that may end up well being in vain, however, as he discovers that the one person that he truly loved has chosen to move on from him to something new.

They say that the grass ends up being greener on the other side, but for Tyler, there will never be another woman that rivals what Sami Dawson meant to him. He has just about accepted the reality of the situation when doors start flying open for him out of nowhere. They may be perceived as being mere coincidences, but he knows better than that at this point. Sometimes you have to be low in order to understand what you’re losing or what you have lost in the past and are now seeking to get back.

Tyler sees all the new things that are happening for him as miracles. He even manages to get a new job, employed at a retirement home where the older people there are full of life. It’s totally unexpected for him to witness this vitality, but he approves of it even if he doesn’t quite understand what role he has to play.

When he meets an older woman that goes by the name of Virginia, it seems that destiny may have finally chosen to take a hand in his life. The woman has Alzheimer’s disease, but even though she is struggling with this condition, he cannot help but feel this lady may have the many answers to the questions that he has about just about everything.

The Angels Walking team decides to do him a favor when they take the mission on. The goal is to meet Virginia, Sami, and Tyler, and help them to find and restore the hope that they have been missing for so long. Small things that go unseen can often bring redemption with them,, but is healing possible for this troubled sports player? Find out by picking up a copy of this amazing book!

Chasing Sunsets is the second book in the engaging series known as Angels Walking. You already read the story of Tyler. Now find deeper meaning as you delve into the story of a woman that wants to find the meaning that she has always been searching for in the days of her life.

The main character in this story is named Mary Catherine. She grew up in a home that was comfortable and never wanted for anything. Her parents may have been wealthy, but the lifestyle that they chose to lead always left her wanting something different for herself and her life.

She does her best to help others through her various efforts at charity. Even though she gives away some part that belongs to her, she never makes the mistake of giving someone the keys to her heart. Living with Sami her roommate, is lots of fun. They live in Los Angeles and try to support each other as best as they can.

The two have the goal of being single, but when Mary meets Marcus, will the sparks fly? Their new romance could be giving her everything that she ever wanted. But will bad medical news destroy her newly discovered hope? Mary has been waiting for a long time for this love. Can she give it up or will she pursue her dreams? Read this fascinating book to find out!

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  1. Sherrilyn Johnson: 2 years ago

    Is there a book #4 in the Angels Walking series by Karen Kingsbury?

    • Graeme: 2 years ago

      Only the three.

  2. Mike Dapprich: 2 years ago

    (My E-mail is under my husband’s name.) I have all three books for this Angles Walking series, and I am presently reading it second time around. (I want to see what I missed first time around!) Is Book #4 out titled: Always and Forever! I like the soft book covers. I never considered that the Lord would send a team of angles to help with our circumstances!! Our family has been dealing with a sad set of circumstances for 3 years. My son-in-law was unfaithful to my daughter and they are presently separated. HE is a former pastor and they had a wonderful ministry together for 20 years. I have called the ‘hound of heaven’ to wake him up . Now after reading the first 3 books of the series, I wonder if I can ask for a team of angles to help with the situation! My current library has about 68 of Karen Kingsbury books. I send them around to others to read and pray the books help them with their current life situations. Please let me know about Book #4. Thanks for your help. Kathy Dapprich in Mount Vernon, Ohio.


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