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Publication Order of Anghara Kir Hama Books

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Anghara Kir Hama is the protagonist in a series of novels written by American bestselling author, Alma Alexander. Book one in the series The Hidden Queen was published in 2001. The second book Changer of Days was released four years later in 2005.

Alma Alexander writes for both Adults and Young Adult audiences; her work has been translated into over 14 languages including Catalan, Hebrew, and Turkish. She is currently a resident of Bellingham, WA and lives with her husband and two cats and some assorted visiting wildlife.

The Hidden Queen

In the first novel in Anghara Kir Hama series, the great king Red Dynan is killed in a battle thus leaving two of his blood to race for the future of his kingdom world. One a ruthless and the forbidden son who will stop at nothing to wear the crown at all cost and the other the nine-year-old girl Anghara Hama, the only rightful queen.

The life that Anghara has always known is over, and everyone that she loved is either dead or doomed. Now she is forced to flee to foreign lands or either die at the hands of her cruel brother Sif. A helpless and defenseless child is headed in an strange world and pursued by the army of a cruel and false king whose cruelty knows no bound.

However, Angara has a great destiny that stretches beyond the borders of the troubled realm, and she must have one day rule- and an extraordinary gift to be awakened in an undisclosed and heavily guarded distant desert land.

The first series installment is an enjoyable read. After the king dies in a major battle, his forces need leadership, and thus his son takes over the control of the kingdom making the real heir to the kingdom to escape into hiding, until the day she is ready to return and take control of the leadership and claim the throne. This plot is the perfect one for fantasy novels and most inspiring.

The plot holds virtually many surprises- for instance, the young queen holds untapped magical powers that she can only utilize after learning how to use them in a foreign country. The characters are well woven, and the author has made it easier for the readers to identify the characters quickly.

Aside from the main character, you will meet, Sif who is Anghara half brother. At first, he is happy that the only way that he can remain in power is to kill his sister, Anghara- he truly knows that this needs to be done, but the truth is that does not want to. Through Sif, the author creates a dilemma that will keep anyone who reads this novel debating on whether the decision that Sif finally makes is right or wrong. Halfway through the book, Sif turns into a real villain and declares that every gifted person in his kingdom must be destroyed and swears that the normal humans would only rule his kingdom.

Overall, the novel is well written in a unique style. The author, Alma Alexander, adds some excellent descriptive passages and crafts the plot at a fast pace. The worlds that she creates are well-crafted have interesting ideas, and none is left unexplored. If you fancy adventurous fantasy novels which are exciting and innovative, then this is a great read and perfect for you.

Changer of Days

As a child, Anghara was forced to escape in the kingdom she was rightful to rule, avoiding the pursuit of her brother’s ruthless minions, the one man who would rather see her dead than taking over the throne. However, years she spent in the strange desert land, she learned how to use a miraculous power known as Sight. The power has finally transformed this young queen and is now ready to claim what was rightfully hers in the first place.

However, betrayal greets her when she arrives back home in her homeland. She is tortured and made suffer under the cruelty of her bloodthirsty dictator Sif. In the prisons of her enemy, she awaits death she cannot escape from, and she is subsequently robbed off the gift that distinguishes her from the rest of the people. However, people who have solemnly sworn to die and defend for her will not rest until their beloved queen is secured and safe including the one whose heart only belongs to her. For the young to be queen destiny is far much greater than the crowns and countries- greater even than most feared old gods who now must stand down and make way for the destined Changer of Days.

Like The Hidden Queen, the second book is an interesting one. After the death of her father in The Hidden Queen Anghara is crowned a child-queen in the midst of war. However, when her brother takes control of the kingdom, she is forced to seek a series of refuges.

While in exile she inherits an ability known as Sight which combines aspects such as telepathy, prescience and a very close relationship with the gods among other great things.

The thing that stands in between Sif and a legitimate way to claim the throne is his mother who lacks Sight, and as a result, Sif initiates the persecution of all those with the ability, and therefore, Anghara assumes personal guilt.

The need to escape Sif’s grip while she transitions into adulthood and learn to use better her Sight powers drives her into the company of a mystic from the exiled land which becomes her spiritual mentor. Years pass by, as well as several encounters with gods and rites of passage, and when the time comes, she heads back home to reclaim her throne. Unfortunately, she is sent into dungeons by her half brother minions, loses her powers, but later rescued and flees back to the desert where she encounters more gods and regains her Sight powers and prepares for one last final battle to get what was rightfully her in the first place.

Changer of Day is a great sequel which will firmly grip you from the start to the last page. The characters are well woven, especially Sif, even though a villain, he is still a sympathetic character and one of the interesting characters you will ever come across

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