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Miracle Creek (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Happiness Falls (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Angie Kim is a published Korean author of fiction.

Angie Kim was born in South Korea in the town of Seoul. When she was younger but not quite a teenager, she moved from Seoul to the United States. Just like that, this young author went from having her every day life take place in South Korea to taking place in Baltimore, Maryland, in the suburbs.

Angie Kim went on to attend Stanford University. From there she went on to attend the prestigious Harvard Law School. There she worked with the Harvard Law Review as an editor. She also went on to practice quite a bit in law as part of her position as a trial lawyer working at Williams & Connolly.

In addition to learning the field of law, Angie Kim has also been quite busy with her writing. She first became a published author for the first time in 2019 with the release of her first fictional novel. It is titled Miracle Creek. Before that, she wrote stories that were entered into contests and won a Glamour Essay Contest as well as the Wabash Prize for fiction.

Her work has also appeared in a variety of such sensational publications as the Sycamore Review, The Southern Review, Slate, the Asian-American Literary Review, the New York Times, PANK, and Salon, to name a few.

Angie Kim currently resides in the United States. She lives in Virginia with her husband and their three children in the northern region of the state.

Miracle Creek is the first novel from author Angie Kim. This debut book will introduce you to this author and give you a fresh literary view at the same time. If you are looking for something to read that is a departure from what you’re used to, this is an intriguing and unique story that you’ll definitely want to check out.

This is a compelling courtroom drama that leaps out of the pages. It revolves around an immigrant family from Korea. When a young mother that is raising her child on her own is accused of murder, things certainly do look bad. The child in question that was killed would be her son, eight years old and born with autism.

Miracle Creek is a small town that is located in Virginia. It is there that Pak Yoo and Young Yoo have decided to work with an experimental device. It is a medical device designed for treatment but still in an experimental state. They call it the Miracle Submarine.

The sub is actually a pressurized chamber of oxygen and patients are able to enter it in order to go in for their dives. These dives are the treatment, where they enter and hope that they will be able to fix their medical issues. These may include not being fertile enough or going through something like autism.

At first the experiment is going okay, but then one day it all goes wrong. The device explodes, even though no one knows why. This takes a situation that was probably risky to start with and takes it over the edge. Now it really is a bad situation and the Yoos are going to have to answer for it. The explosion ended up taking the lives of two people and so it’s not just going to disappear.

The treatment device was their way of trying to help people who had things that just were not being cured by modern science or anything else, really. The explosion must have been caused by something, because the oxygen chamber had not harmed anyone else before this and they were operating it just the same. Could it have been someone with bad intent in their hearts wanting to harm someone? Did someone do something or spark something to make it all go wrong?

Now the Yoos are at the center of a murder trial that is dramatically causing a lot of disturbance not only in their lives, but in the lives of the people living in the community too. Hopefully someone is going to be able to get to the bottom of this and find the cause of the explosion so that the couple will be exonerated. No one wants to think that this was caused by someone trying to kill people, but you never know.

There are certainly many causes and suspects involved as well making the entire thing look very suspicious! Could it have been a person that did this? Perhaps it was a patient’s mother that said she was going to be sick but on the same day was smoking a cigarette in the area?

It also could have very well been Pak and Young, as much of their small town seems to think. After all, they could have been aiming to benefit themselves and get an insurance payment out of the whole thing. It would have even been enough if they had gotten it to pay for their daughter’s education. But could the pair have been that invested that they would be willing to risk the lives of others in order to go after it?

The trial that is to come is going to uncover more secrets than anyone ever thought possible. The things that are unearthed from trying to take a microscope to that night will uncover secret wood trysts, notes, charges of child abuse, and more. As the trial goes on, alliances and rivalries begin to crop up among people that were once close.

Driven to extreme degrees of sacrifice and even desperation, it will be a town divided over an event and a trial unlike any that they have ever seen. Will justice be able to prevail in the courtroom, or will this simply be a case where immigrants are held accountable for the actions of someone else?

Inspired by Kim’s own understanding of life as a trial lawyer and Korean immigrant as well as the mother of a submarine patient in real life, Miracle Creek is one contemporary fictional novel that you cannot afford to miss. Pick up this page turning story to discover every bit of this interesting debut work about secrets and lies from Angie Kim!

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