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Ani Katz is a teacher, writer, and a photographer, and was born and grew up on Long Island’s south shore. She has a BA from Yale and an MFA in Photography from Columbia College Chicago.

Ani had always been an arty child, and it was something that was always encouraged, having come from a family of art lovers. For the first ten years she practiced art, she mostly made tiny figurines out of Sulpey clay and drew. She must have been taken to MoMA rather early on, because all of her portraits from this time that she drew all had Matisse noses.

During middle school, Ani began doing private lessons with a local photographer that her mom set up. This is because her school didn’t have a photography program, which meant she had to pursue it all on her own, during the weekends and in the summertime. Her parents converted their third floor bathroom into a darkroom for her, and it is still the only darkroom Ani has ever seen that had a working toilet.

During her junior year in high school, she took a class on Saturday mornings at ICP and found Robert Frank’s “The Americans”, which just blew her away. It was here that she started to understand photography as an art form with its own unique set of possibilities and history.

Through all of her high school years, she worked hard in order to get into Yale, and when she got there, she decided to do whatever she wanted to. This means deciding what was important to her and what wasn’t. Like if a special advance screening of a Miyazaki film was happening the night before some final, she’d see the movie. She felt that if she kept on pushing herself the same way that she did in high school while in college, she would have quickly burnt out.

As a photographer, she tries to shoot just about everyday, particularly while she is at work. Often, she has to get back to her real job, meaning she has to put her camera down. She makes about five work prints a week, these are of images she likes enough to look at again.

Between May 2008 and November of 2009, she made about 225 work prints, of which, probably 25 of them would she want to go to the mat for.

In the year 2009, she and Emma, her sister, started Recession Art. They were both under-employed and chose to do something a lot more productive with their time instead of watching more episodes of Law and Order: SVU. To make their organization relevant, they decided to structure the whole thing around the economic climate.

So they put on shows for the struggling and young artists that hadn’t gotten a lot of exposure and weren’t able to break into the traditional gallery scene. It would give them a chance to show off their work and make some money. On the other side of things, they set a cap of five hundred dollars for each piece, in order for middle-income art lovers to afford some original work.

Writing from a male’s perspective, Thomas’ particular perspective, was not as tough as she first thought it would be, and got a lot easier as she delved deeper into the process of writing. She struggled the most when she began, when she felt she needed a more obviously repulsive voice so readers wouldn’t sympathize with Thomas too much. While she continued, however, she found that approach wasn’t making much sense. Thomas would only work, she found, if he is understandable and familiar, because otherwise, readers would not stick with him.

Ani’s debut novel, called “A Good Man”, was released in the year 2020, and is from the literary fiction genre. The novel was published by William Heinemann,, a PRH imprint

“A Good Man” is the first stand alone novel and was released in the year 2020. A dark and gripping tale of psychological suspense about a family man that is driven to some unspeakable acts.

Thomas Martin is everything that a man is supposed to be. He has a loving daughter and a beautiful wife, a fantastic house on Long Island, a flourishing career at a rather prestigious Manhattan ad firm. He is a good brother and son, taking it upon himself to support his adult sisters and ailing mom. He knows that it is his God-given duty to shield them, all of his girls, from the everyday horrors of the world.

What happens, however, when Thomas’ fragile ego gets rocked? After he commits a terrible deed, one that he can never undo, he grapples with his own sense of self. At times, he casts himself as a victim, and at others, a monster. All that he ever tried to do was just to be a good man.

He has failed and one unspeakable tragedy has befallen his whole family. Thomas now struggles to come to terms with what his life has become. If he could tell the story the way he saw it, he thinks he could be able to figure out why and how things unraveled so terribly. How he could have failed so disastrously. Because Thomas Martin is a good man.

Fans of this simply fell into the story Thomas Martin was telling and followed along with it with an ever growing sense of unease. He is an unforgettable character that is going to stick with you long after you have finished reading about him. Some found the final sentence to be something that is going to haunt them forever. The novel is beautifully done, both addictive and involving and there is a fantastic flow to the prose that pulls you along in its wake. This is an extremely disturbing yet equally fascinating read.

Readers found Ani Katz is a brilliant author, as she displays such control over the sense of creeping dread in the novel, and cannot wait to read what she comes up with next. She deftly embodies her narrator and gives voice to his self-serving recreation of past events and presents him in the ways that he sees himself: that of a protector, a provider, and a patriarch. It is a spellbinding work of psychologically potent art.

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