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The German Heiress / Finding Clara (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Soviet Sisters of the Cold War (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sinners of Starlight City (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

She grew up close to Detroit, Michigan. Anika would attend Michigan State University, graduating with her B.A. in the subject of international relations. She also went to New York to attend Columbia University, where she graduated with her M.S. in journalism.

Anika started off wanting to work as a CIA agent. She even had the security clearance for it thanks to an internship in Washington at the State Department. However, CIA applications meant that she wouldn’t be able to write her stories or even have a diary. She loves stories so much that she gave up the idea of that career and instead worked as a journalist.

The author worked for the Chicago Tribune as well as Philadelphia Inquirer. Then in 2001 she moved to Germany where she also worked as a freelance journalist. She has had her writing appear in European and United States media. Anika has also taught, teaching journalism in Chemnitz at Technical University.

The writer admits that she loves writing quite a bit. She is thankful that readers get the chance to look into her daydreams and dreams. She says that she writes about what she cares about the most. These include our secret parts, the place we hold in the world, family troubles and strengths, kids that have been scarred by the adult world, and what history is able to teach us. She hopes her readers will be entertained and inspired to think about the place they have in the world and their ability to act for good.

Readers that want to find out more about the history of Germany after World War II during its allied occupation years can find out more at Postwar Germany, the author’s history blog. It was started as she researched her first book and offers articles, videos, photos, and more.

Anika is married to her husband. She lives with him as well as their two daughters in Essen, Germany. This is also the setting of her debut novel, The German Heiress.

The author also helped write Lost to the World, which was published in 2003 and written by Tom Adler.

The German Heiress is the first novel to come out from Anika Scott. It also goes by the title of Finding Clara. It was published in 2020.

The time is 1946, and the place is Essen, Germany, among the ruins. This is a location where the people can’t bring themselves to believe that World War II is over already.

The characters in this book vary. There is a young girl named Clara. She used to be an heiress to the iron works of Falkenberg and was even an icon during the war. Now she’s on the lam trying to get away from Allied authorities. She’s been accused by the occupiers of having complied with the war crimes alleged to have been committed by her father.

There’s also Jakob, a black marketeer that is charming. He was hurt badly during the war but is trying to help the remaining members of his family get through this peace time. Then there is Willy, a young teen boy that’s been put in charge of guarding a Wehrmacht supply mine. The only person with him isn’t a person at all but a canary by the name of Gertrud. He doesn’t think the war has ended and so does not give up his post.

Clara goes back to her hometown, looking for her best friend. Instead she finds everything destroyed. In Germany, war has taken its toll. The buildings and the people are living in the wreckage. Everyone has been changed by the war. Clara has to his her identity to survive. But can she square up with her actions and move ahead in life? Read this book to find out.

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