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Animal Ark Pets Holiday Special Books In Order

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Publication Order of Animal Ark Pets Holiday Special Books

The “Animal Ark Pets Holiday Special” series is written by different writers and is meant for children as young as eight years old. The series was created by Ben M. Baglio (who also wrote the brief for the series and supervises the production of books in the series). Ben’s name appears on the books when published in the United States of America, and Lucy Daniels (which is a pen name used to publish certain children’s books) appears on the books published in the United Kingdom. Ben is a real person and the name that the books are published under in America. Any writers that contribute to the installments get listed with “Special Thanks” on the copyright page of the book. The books are meant to help improve children’s reading ability.

The “Animal Ark Pets Holiday Special” series is a spin off of the “Animal Ark” series, which is the main part of the series. It began in the year 1995, when “Sheepdog in the Snow” was released. The holiday and the other special books became the focus of the writing and publishing starting late in the year 2003. The long running series ended in the year 2008. This spin off series alone had 26 books published from the year 1995 until the year 2008. The series covered holidays like: Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Easter, and Halloween.

“Sheepdog in the Snow” is the first novel in the “Animal Ark Pets Holiday Special” series and was released in the year 1995. Christmastime at Animal Ark and James and Mandy have the great idea to throw a party for all of the pets that are in the village. The festive mood that Mandy has turns sour when Tess comes to her; Tess is a wounded sheepdog. Is Mandy going to be able to save Tess?

Fans of the novel enjoyed it, finding that it is a nice little story. Some, as kids, would read these books as fast as they possibly could. These in particular, were what they would read during the holidays. These books, no matter which series they actually come from, are must reads for some; and if they grew up reading them, they will show them to their kids too.

“Kitten in the Cold” is the second novel in the “Animal Ark Pets Holiday Special” series and was released in the year 1996. Mandy Hope is an expert on animals, because her parents are veterinarians. Puppies, rabbits, hamsters, and kittens: Mandy knows about all of them. Her friends and Mandy all help animals that are in need. Sometimes, Mandy is able to help any kids that are in need.

Fans of the novel found that this author is great at writing these books, as each one is a winner, and it does a great job of capturing the heart. This is a fast read, but one that is very cute to read. Some cannot get enough of these books, and are glad that there are so many of them to read.

“Fox in the Frost” is the third novel in the “Animal Ark Pets Holiday Special” series and was released in the year 1997. It is Christmastime at Animal Ark again, but for a couple of wild foxes, it is not exactly the season of goodwill. Mrs. Ponsoby believes that they are a hazard for her dogs, and would like to drive them out of the area. The local farmers have a much more drastic idea planned. Mandy and James have to save the foxes from either injury or much worse.

Fans of the novel some found that this is a great book, but intense to read. It may be hard for some of the younger readers to read such harsh material. Some enjoyed reading about a fox in this one. It teaches about all kinds of different animals in this one.

“Hamster in the Holly” is the fourth novel in the “Animal Ark Pets Holiday Special” series and was released in the year 1998. Mandy and James are in their school’s holiday show this year. While they perform, Honey the Hamster gets out of her cage and makes a break for it. She is last seen going out into the snow and scurrying under a holly bush. Mandy realizes that Honey has to be found soon or she is going to freeze to death. Is the show going to be able to continue?

Fans of the novel enjoyed reading about all the cute little hamsters, as they were just too sweet. This was quite an enjoyable read for some, and found that they liked when they are able to finally find the hamster. These books do a great job of putting kids in a festive mood, and this one is no different.

“Pony in a Package” is the fifth novel in the “Animal Ark Pets Holiday Special” series and was released in the year 1999. On a busy Saturday morning, a delivery man brings a giant surprise to Mandy and Animal Ark. It is the tiniest horse that Mandy has ever laid eyes on. This miniature horse was meant for Tania Benster, who is new to Welford. Tania’s parents have gotten divorced, and this makes Tania far too upset to properly care about her gift. Is Mandy going to be able to show Tania just how much this little horse has to offer?

Fans of the novel enjoy the depth and humor that is found in the book. Readers liked the way that part of the message of the book is to try and get to know someone, even if you rather would not. Once again, you learn more about animals, and there are some great moments and acts of kindness in it.

“Mouse in the Mistletoe” is the sixth novel in the “Animal Ark Pets Holiday Special” series and was released in the year 2000. James’ classmate (who is named Sara) loses Muffin, her new pet mouse while in the local garden center. It would appear as though she will not be in the mood for the celebrations going on for the season.

Mandy and James ask everyone if they have seen the white mouse, but have no luck. Then they start worrying about Mungo, who is the cat in the garden center. Could the missing cat have wandered onto the cat’s territory.

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