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Animal Ark Pets Summer Shows Books In Order

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Publication Order of Animal Ark Pets Summer Shows Books

Animal Ark Pet book series is a collection of children’s books written under the direction of renowned author, Ben M Baglio under his pen name of Lucy Daniels, with the first book in the series being published in the year 1994. The books have been published and distributed in the United States, under the name Ben M Baglio, for the authors, who were involved in penning down the book. On the copyright page, each of the authors is named with a special thanks, note. The target market of the Animal Ark Pets book series is eight years and above. The protagonist in the Animal Ark Pets book series is Mandy, who happens to be the daughter of a local veterinarian. The plot of each of the books revolved around Mandy finding animals that are in trouble and then trying to help each of these animals with the assistance of James, her best friend and the locals as well.

The Animal Ark Pets book series have been adapted for screenplay into a television series and a magazine, the Animal Ark, that was published to accompany the book series. The magazine is used to fund the Jean Byrd Animal Rescue Centre that is located near, Shamwari, South Africa. The original Animal Ark Pets book series consisted of 94 novels, which were penned down between the year 1994 and 2008. Despite the fact that a majority of the stories revolved around the protagonist, Mandy and her parent’s Veterinarian practice, known as the Animal Ark, located in the town of Welford, Yorkshire. Several of the books took the readers to different continents. The original Animal Ark book series included several books, which were labeled as Holiday Specials or Summer Specials. As a matter of fact towards the end of the year 2003, the Animal Ark book series realized holiday specials such as the Halloween, Easter, Valentine’s Day and Christmas.

Animal Ark Pets Book Series

Puppy Puzzle is the first book in the Animal Ark Pets book series and also a great book for advanced readers. If you have a child who is in love with animals, then they are going to fall in love with this installment. This book is also going to open the door to the next step for your child in reading the Animal Ark book series. As the first book in the series, Puppy Puzzle introduces the readers to Mandy, a little girl whose parents are veterinarians by profession. The Animal Ark, their veterinarian station is part of their home; thus Mandy is exceedingly familiar with all the animals that live in their village. In Puppy Puzzle, Mandy becomes friend with James, who is her schoolmate. Apart from Mandy and James, the author introduces the readers to

The two begin to share James’s newest puppy. Mandy helps James in taking care of his newest puppy. James decides to name his puppy Blackie, and they decide to take Blackie one day to school during pets day. However, during the pets’ day, Blackie, unfortunately, gets mixed up with his brother Sootie, whom they look alike. The story ends up being a little bit confusing and amusing as the two eventually return the two puppies to their proper homes. Kitten Crowd is the second book in the Animal Ark Pets book series. This is a family and pet oriented story about taking care of animals and then handing them over to loving homes. Mandy and James are still the best of friends. In this book, we are introduced to Katie, who is moving house. Her cat has just had a litter of kitten. Katie’s mother is planning to give out the litter of six kittens to animal welfare because she does wish to relocate with all the kittens. Giving up the kittens to animal welfare is the last option because she is still considering finding a loving home for the kittens. If they are unable to find a home for the kittens before the end of the week, then she plans on giving up the kittens to animal welfare.

Rabbit Race is the third book in the Animal Ark book series by Lucy Daniels. In Rabbit Race, we meet once again with Mandy and James. Just like the previous installment, Rabbit Race is a story that centers of these two characters. Each year, a new school theme is introduced and also a carnival as well. In the carnival, there will be a rabbit race, and the two characters, Mandy and James hope that they are going to participate in the race as well as the go-cart race. Mandy is a young girl who loves animals and also happens to know so much about animals because her parents are vets. Because Mandy loves animals, she loves to assist her animals from time to time. Whenever each of her friends has problems with their pets, Mandy is usually available and willing to help.

Recently, Jack’s pet dog has just passed away, and Mandy believes that getting a new pet will be of great help. Initially, Jack is not interested in getting a new pet, however, when he eventually lands his eyes on a baby rabbit, he immediately falls in love with the animal. When the rabbit gets in grave danger, Mandy and Jack come to the rescue. Hamster Hotel is the fourth book in the Animal Ark book series. In this book, Mandy is the main character and also a true animal lover. Mandy is on summer vacation, and she has just traveled to her grandparent’s house. Upon arrival, Mandy gets to learn about a hamster that her grandparents are taking care of. Mandy decides to call her grandparent’s house the hamster hotel. One day, Mandy wakes up to discover that the hamster is nowhere to be seen. Immediately, Mandy decides to look for the hamster, only to discover that the hamster was up for sale.

With that said, all the books in the Animal Ark book series have been brilliantly written, that even adults can enjoy reading them. If you know of a child who is an animal lover is going to fall in love with this book series.

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