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Animal Ark Pets Books In Order

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Publication Order of Animal Ark Pets Books

By: Lucy Daniels, Ben M. Baglio

The Animal Ark Pets series is written by different writers and is written for children (that are ages eight years old on up). The series started in the year 1994, with the release of the book “Kittens in the Kitchen”.

The series is produced under the direction of Ben M. Baglio (who wrote the brief for this series), and published under his name (in America) or the pen name Lucy Daniels (in the United Kingdom). When published under Ben M. Baglio, the name is both a pen name that is used by the collective of writers and by the man born in the year 1960. Each of the authors for a book are listed on the copyright page with ‘Special Thanks’.

A total of 94 books in the original “Animal Ark” series were produced from they 1994 until the year 2008. There is a magazine (that is called Animal Ark) that benefits Jean Byrd Animal Rescue and Education Centre (which is in South Africa). The series was set in Welford in Yorkshire and center around Many Hope and the vet practice that her parents have. That being said, quite a few books in the series took place in other continents all around the world. Mandy believes that all animals are to be adored, worshiped and protected. Assisting her in her adventures, is her best friend James.

“Kittens in the Kitchen” is the first novel in the “Animal Ark Pets” series and was released in the year 1994. Mandy Hope helps her parents at Animal Ark, and they treat all kinds of animals, no matter the size or shape. Even when she is outside the clinic, she is unable to resist helping an animal. A stray cat gives birth in Mr. William’s kitchen, and it makes him furious. Are Mandy and James (Mandy’s friend) going to be able to find homes for these four newborn kittens in just a week?

Fans of the novel love the story about this animal, and the way that Mandy is able to help them. Kids felt that this book warmed their heart and it was challenging to read (albeit in a good way). The book helped some improve as readers. Some adults loved them as kids, and it caused them to want to be veterinarian, not to mention a vegetarian.

“Pony on the Porch” is the second novel in the “Animal Ark Pets” series and was released in the year 1994. Mandy meets the conceited Susan Collins and quickly decides that Prince (Susan’s beautiful pony) is the best thing about her. Then Mandy figures out that Susan is determined to win while show-jumping the horse; which threatens Prince’s life. Is Many going to be able to convince Susan before something bad happens to Prince?

Fans of the novel enjoy the way that this is a light read, and each book helps young readers build up their reading abilities. It is a very good book, this is a strong series, and remember fighting over them while in the school library. Readers enjoy reading about how Mandy is always able to help different animals and save them. She is quite the hero to read about.

“Puppies in the Pantry” is the third novel in the “Animal Ark Pets” series and was released in the year 1994. Mandy watches after some of the animals that have come to town with a film crew. Charley (their Labrador) goes missing. Are Mandy and James going to be able to find Charley before something bad happens to him?

Fans of the novel enjoy how kind Mandy can be to animals, and anyone who likes books about animals should read the book.

“Goat in the Garden” is the fourth novel in the “Animal Ark Pets” series and was released in the year 1994. Houdini (who is a goat) finds that he is in some trouble. He keeps getting out and eats the prized plants of Mr. Western’s. Mr. Western has now decided to take matters into his own hands. Are James and Mandy going to be able to save this goat?

Fans of the novel liked how cute this story was. It shows kids that they should love animals, and take care of them. Some found that the ending to the story was a delightful one, and yet again, there is another great book in this wonderful series.

“Hedgehogs in the Hall” is the fifth novel in the “Animal Ark Pets” series and was released in the year 1994. Mandy and James are able to rescue a mother hedgehog that is injured, along with her tiny babies. That being said, they know that the creatures are not able to stay forever at Animal Ark. Are they going to be able to find a way to release the hedgehogs safely back to the wild?

Fans of the novel found that you will be able to learn things through reading the book and enjoy the experience as well. This is a series that when Mandy does something to save an animal, it brings a smile to the readers’ face. Some cannot get enough of these books, and have to read them as they have been hooked on them and cannot put any of them down.

“Badger in the Basement” is the sixth novel in the “Animal Ark Pets” series and was released in the year 1994. James goes and takes Mandy to a badger sett that he has been looking at. When they get there, they find that it has been destroyed deliberately. The only thing left, is a single badger cub, orphaned by the ordeal. Will they be able to find out who did this? Not to mention, are they going to be able to find a home for the cub?

Fans of the novel enjoyed reading about Lucy being able to capture the thoughts and feelings of a teenage girl, something that cannot be an easy thing to do. This will show readers why it is important to nurture and protect and love all animals.

“Cub in the Cupboard” is the seventh novel in the “Animal Ark Pets” series and was released in the year 1994. Mandy and James save a mother fox that is in a trap, and find that of all of her cubs, only one has survived. Both the mother and the cub (both frisky as they spend some time at Animal Ark), are soon healthy enough to go back safely to the wild.

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