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Publication Order of Animal Magnetism Books

Animal Magnetism is the first of five novels in series written by Jill Shalvis. All five novels are based on romance between people from different backgrounds, beliefs and perceptions of the world. All this happens in a vividly described colorful setting of circumstances that aid in the progression of the romance. Jill Shalvis has a knack for writing truly engaging prose that combines elements of humor, vivid description, smoldering romance and normal everyday situations into a novel that is indeed hard to put down.

The story in Animal Magnetism centers on Lilah Young and Brady Miller. Lilah Young is a young woman who has a big heart as can be seen in her daily occupation with caring for stray animals. She is the co-owner of a kennel in Idaho. Brady Miller is a retired ranger who chose to become a freelance pilot as a means of earning a living. Brady was brought up as a foster child and is a man who has some underlying anger issues. It turns out that Brady is in Idaho to visit his two brothers as a consequence of being brought up in the same foster home. Brady’s brothers have promised him job as a helicopter pilot at their animal clinic, located in a vast ranch. Using a helicopter, the two brothers aim to extend the reach of their clinic.

The two meet in the unlikeliest of circumstances one morning, as Lilah is heads to the nearest town of Sunshine, in the company of two dogs, an extremely fat pig and a loopy duck. Whether it is due to the distraction from the animals or her daydreaming, Lilah ends up hitting the rear of Brady’s truck. What transpires is a confrontation that eventually turns out to be a meeting of two incompatible but lonely souls. Lilah feels that Brady is closed up emotionally and therefore conspires to open and soften him up by placing a lap dog named Twinkles into his care. The story is indeed is heartwarming to say the least. It depicts the transformation of a macho ex-army tough guy into a loving caring man, while at the same time illustrating how a tender big hearted by-the-book young woman decides to take a risk. Animal Magnetism is a novel that shows what can transpires when two incompatible people meet and hence forward forced to make not-so-easy compromises in the pursuit of love.

The second book in the Animal Magnetism series is Animal Attraction. The main characters in second installment are Dell Connelly and Jade Bennett. The two are introduced in the first novel where Dell happens to be Brady’s brother and veterinarian while Jade happens to be the veterinarian’s secretary. It is revealed that Dell and Jade have worked together for one and a half years with both preferring to keep their relationship a strictly professional. It appears both have their individual reasons for taking such a stance. Dell is a man who seems to dread love while Jade is crippled by a hurting experience in her past. Though the use of elaborate and engaging dialogue, the reader is given hints about the real nature of the character’s hidden fears. The whole transition from co-workers to lovers is set in an idyllic town of Sunshine, which offers an inexhaustible host of funny characters and hilarious situations. Animal Attraction is a novel that shows what can happen when two people decide not to let their past or even their current situations get in the way of their finding love.

The third book in the series is Rescue My Heart. This book is less attached to the second installment in the Animal Magnetism series in that none the characters were introduced from the previous books. However, a connection is made when it turns out that the character Adam Connelly happens to be a brother to the owners of an animal clinic in Sunshine, Idaho. The other protagonist, Holly Reid is a new character in the series and happens to be the daughter of a ranch owner in Idaho. It is revealed that Holly and Adam had been emotionally involved in their younger years before Adam joined the National Guard while Holly moved back to New York. The story begins with Adams return to Sunshine after a tour of duty in Afghanistan. It is apparent that certain horrifying experiences in Afghanistan still haunt Adam as manifested by recurrent panic attacks. Adam’s state of emotional instability causes him to become emotionally closed. However this does not prevent him from taking on duties at the clinic as a Search and Rescue coordinator.

Holly on the other hand is a recent divorcee, who is at the time in Sunshine managing her father’s estate. Holly is forced to relive the pain from an emotional breakup with a much younger Adam, when her father gets lost in the extensive wild plains of Idaho. As the two make plans for the rescue and during the subsequent rescue operation, Adam and Holly end up revisiting the past. The two find themselves trying to make sense of the emotions of their earlier selves from the viewpoint of their much older selves. However, Adams remains vehement that he is not ready for emotional involvement. One has to read this third installment in order to find out what the final outcome is. Rescue My Heart is indeed a novel that allows the reader to look at the different perspectives of love when seen from a younger age and then when seen from an older more experienced view point.

It is beyond doubt that the Animal Magnetism series will indeed be able to satisfy the palate of any lover of romance novels. Each novel in the series is able to give a unique situation in which love is hindered by numerous every day challenges. The added advantage of Jill Shalvis novel lies in the fact that each novel is self-sufficient and can be read and fully appreciated as a stand-alone novel. The thrilling, absorbing and entertaining novels in the book are a worth testament of the best-selling author that Jill Shalvis is.

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