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Publication Order of Animal Books

Animal (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Animal II: The Omen (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ghetto Bastard: The Beginning (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Animal III: Revelations (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Animal IV: Last Rites (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Animal 4.5 (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Animal V: Executioner's Song (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Chronological Order of Animal Books

Ghetto Bastard: The Beginning(2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Animal(2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Animal II: The Omen(2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Animal III: Revelations(2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Animal IV: Last Rites(2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Animal 4.5(2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Animal V: Executioner's Song(2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Writing for a number of years now, the American author K’Wan Foye has become one of the most prolific writers within his field to date. Working within the genre of urban fiction, he has managed to craft himself an impressive and equally extremely well regarded extensive backlog of work. With his ‘no holds barred’ examination of inner city life, he casts his eye on everything from class to race, keeping his work grounded and real in the process. Working as a spin-off series from his equally popular and just as highly regarded ‘Hood Rat’ franchise, this line of books takes the character of Animal and continues his story. Featuring a key central protagonist this time, it focuses on his narrative, telling of his progress as it carries on from the title ‘Eviction Notice’; the fifth book in the ‘Hood Rat’ series. As a more focused set of books, they manage to bring their characters arcs more to the forefront, whilst still retaining that ever engaging gritty style that K’Wan Foye has now become famous for.

Following the character of Animal, it provides an extremely in-depth perspective of the lifestyle shown within. Not hiding from the darker elements of the reality of such a life, it works in establishing the narrative well, creating a rich and vibrant portrayal of what it’s really like. As more books are planned for the future too, it would seem that K’Wan’s characters will live on into the foreseeable future.


First published in 2012 on the 2nd of October, this was set to be a the first in as series of spin-off titles from K’Wan Foye’s previous ‘Hood Rat’ franchise. Taking place after the fifth book in the series ‘Eviction Notice’, this continues on with some of the characters giving them a story all of their own. Brought out through the Cash Money Content publishing label, it works in building up a style and tone all of its very own, making it distinctive in its own right.

Moving from the hardened streets of Puerto Rico to the equally rough neighbourhood of Harlem, this book maintains a keen eye for detail. Focusing primarily on Harlem in New York though, it manages to capture the identity of the area evoking a clear image of what it’s like to live there. Regardless of whether the reader has visited the place or not, they will get a strong impression through K’Wan’s detailed descriptions. Featuring the characters of Animal and Gucci once again, it tells of their troubled relationship, as they overcome all the odds to be together. Both strong and resilient withstanding all that life has to throw at them, it’s their strength that shines through the story. Regardless of all the torment and strife, Animal sees her as the most important thing in his life, as she and him are soul mates.

Returning to Harlem from Puerto Rico after spending some time in exile, he vows to put the past behind him to be with Gucci. That’s when he finds that his enemies have shot her to get to him, leaving her in a coma and fighting for her life. This is a line that’s been crossed too far for Animal and he then swears to make them all pay for what they’ve done. Who is out to get him? Can he survive his past? What will become of Animal?

Animal 2: The Omen

Initially published on the 19th of November in 2013, this was once again released through the Cash Money Content publishing label. Continuing on from the previous title, it works at developing the already well established Animal series of novels. With its already firmly grounded setting and formula, K’wan Foye works at building up this, creating a more finely crafted franchise in the process.

Taking place in the same world as before, it manages to conjure up a strong eye for detail once again. With the environment and area almost being a character in of itself, it’s easy to see where K’Wan has been able to draw much of his inspiration from. Allowing it to become almost three-dimensional in the readers mind, it manages to build up the world they all inhabit. Back on the hardened streets once again it finds Animal torn between parties, as he comes back into contact with the father who left him, and his hatred of those out to destroy him. Dealing with Gucci once again too, it manages to test his loyalty to the utmost, putting strains on any ties he has, or may have had. Animal may have been strong once before, but this time round is going to see him truly tested, as he attempts to break free from his past and live for tomorrow once more.

His father, the man that abandoned Animal at a young age, turns up with a mission to kill him this time. Not only that, but Animal now has a chance to gain revenge on those that have done him wrong, a chance he doesn’t want to lose. Torn between a burning hatred of two parties, he must team-up with his father to take down those who have caused him so much strife. Who are these people from his past? What did they do to him? Can Animal witness the omen?

The Animal Series

Ever since his initial release of his début novel ‘Gangsta’ all the way back in 2002, K’Wan Foye has come a long way. As a major proponent of hip-hop culture infused novels, this really is no exception, as it shows the author at his literary peak so far. With interviews on MTV News and Power 105 having taken place, he’s a strong advocate for the form, speaking extensively on the subject. Working as a spin-off series, this particular franchise manages to stand on its own two feet, providing a new and interesting perspective. Still using Foye’s trademark style, tone and wit though, it maintains his ability for providing incisive social commentary alongside gripping narratives and characters. As it also appears that there’s a lot of ideas left in Foye yet as well, it doesn’t seem like he’s stopping any time soon, with more expected to follow for some time yet.

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