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The Light After the War (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lana's War (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Girl During the War (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Life She Wanted (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Philadelphia Heiress (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Anita Abriel is a renowned Australian-born American writer of young adult, contemporary romance, historical fiction, women’s fiction, chick-lit, and adult fiction novels. She is particularly famous for writing the 2020 novel called The Light After the War. She claims that the story of this novel is inspired by the true survival story of her mother during the Second World War. Additionally, Abriel writes under the pen name of Anita Hughes and has penned several widely successful novels under this name. They include Monarch Beach, Christmas in Paris, Lake Como, Market Street, Christmas in Vermont, Christmas in London, Rome in Love, California Summer, Christmas at Chalet, and several more.

Following her birth in Sydney, Australia, Abriel went on to live in a number of places. She completed her graduation from Bard College and obtained her bachelor of arts degree in English Literature. Abriel also obtained a minor degree in creative writing. When her interest in writing grew more and she made up her mind to make a career in the field of creative writing, she decided to pursue a master’s degree from UC Berkeley. Subsequently, Abriel joined a Creative Writing program at the university and earned her master’s degree. Author Abriel’s life has always been filled with excitement and charm. During her childhood, her parents used to take her to various exciting activities like riding waves on Bondi Beach and petting koala bears. Abriel showed an interest in writing for the first time when she was eight years old. She entered a writing contest organized by The Australian newspaper at the national level and emerged as the first prize winner.

The newspaper also labeled her as one of the ‘Next Best Writers of Australia’. Author Abriel made her debut as an author with her 2012 book called Monarch Beach. It was followed by two books each in 2013 and 2015. Several other novels also followed in the later years. As of today, Abriel resides in Dana Point, California. She likes to keep herself busy with her writing projects throughout the day. However, Abriel likes to take breaks in between and often watches sunsets. She says that it gives her soothing effect and helps to calm her mind and relieve all the stresses. Abriel believes her family is her greatest strength and she will do anything to keep her family members happy and cheerful.

A wonderful novel written by author Anita Abriel is entitled ‘The Light After the War’. It was released by Simon & Schuster in February 2020. The book is inspired by the incredible true story of a couple of young Jewish women hailing from Hungary, who survive the Holocaust during World War II by escaping from a train going to Auschwitz and living on a farm in Austria until the war got over. It describes a memorable tale of love, survival, endurance, and true friendship. The central characters mentioned in this novel include Vera Frankel, Anton Wight, and Edith Ban. Initially, it is depicted that Edith and Vera are best friends. They arrive in Naples in 1946 as refugees. While being transported from Hungary to Auschwitz in a train, they managed to escape and take shelter on an Austrian farm until the war was going on. Following the end of the war, the women decide to give a new beginning to their lives.

Vera Frankel receives a letter of recommendation from an officer in the American military and goes on to work at the US embassy. There, she comes across Captain Anton Wight and falls in love with him. While Editha and Vera try to overcome the nightmares of the world war and struggle with the aftermath, Anton Wight also goes through struggles of his own. Soon after, he disappears and Vera Frankel is forced to change her course. In their quest to find a better life, the women travel from Naples to places like Ellis Island and Caracas. In doing so, they give a new start to their careers, meet old friends, and try to rebuild their lives after incurring terrible losses. Overall, this novel is evocative, compelling, and moving. It describes a timely tale of survival, love, true friendship, and trust. Abriel is hopeful that this novel is going to stay with the readers for very long if they read it from start to end.

Another mind-blowing book penned by Abriel is known as ‘Market Street’. She wrote this book as Anita Hughes. It was published by St. Martin’s publication in 2013. This book revolves around the life of the heiress of a department store, her passion for food, and her troubled marriage. Abriel has set this book in San Francisco and has mentioned the essential characters in this novel as Cassie Blake, Aidan, Alexis, and a few others. The book opens by introducing Cassie Blake as the heiress of the most exclusive and popular department store in San Francisco called Fenton’s. She is married to a handsome man named Aidan, who works as a professor at UC Berkeley. Aidan and Cassie have been married for 10 years. When Cassie finds out that Aidan let one of the students at the university seduce him, she leaves his house and goes on to live on the 3rd floor of the Presidio Heights mansion of one of her best friends named Alexis.

Cassie Blake is aided by the high-spirited and hilarious Alexis, but she has to come up with a decision soon regarding forgiving her husband and giving another chance to their marriage. However, her complex marriage is not the only thing Cassie has to care about at the moment. Her mother wants her to look after the newly opened Food Emporium at Fenton’s. She thinks that the food emporium is going to be the hottest gourmet destination of the entire city and so, she is very serious about it. Food has always been the true passion of Cassie, but she suspects that her mother is trying to shift her focus from the messes of her marriage to Fenton’s fold by giving her such a wonderful opportunity. To add to the complexity of her life, Cassie Blake discovers that the Emporium’s architect, James, has developed soft feelings for her in his heart. Cassie wonders what course she should take to get rid of all the problems in her life and make it a peaceful one.

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