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Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Outtakes from a Marriage (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Good House (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Children (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Foundling (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books

An Innocent, a Broad (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Long Weekend (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Special Delivery (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Collections

I've Tried Being Nice (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Ann Leary is a published author of fiction.

Ann was born on August 14, 1962 in Syracuse, New York. She then moved to different states with her family, living in Maryland, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. When she was fourteen years old they moved to Marblehead, Massachusetts. All of the moving meant that she made friends, but the friendships tended to be short lived. So Ann read books and became fascinated by them, especially books that were about animals.

She especially loved Walter Farley’s illustrated story book Little Black, A Pony. She even found a copy available online that she purchased. When it finally came in the mail, she was filled with nostalgia. She remembers that the first book she ever read was a children’s version of A Jungle Book. She also liked other books including Black Beauty, the James Herriott books, and the Black Stallion books. Her reading tastes changed when she was a teen and found Delta of Venus, switching genres from animal stories to more unique and sophisticated story telling.

Ann went to Vermont to attend classes at Bennington College. After two years, she transferred. In 1982, she enrolled in Boston’s Emerson college. That was the reason why she met Denis Leary. He was teaching a class on comedy writing that she had heard was an easy enrollment. When the class ended for the semester, Denis ending up asking Ann out. They had great chemistry and got married in 1989.

The couple had a son in 1990 that they named Jack. He was born prematurely while they were in London for a comedy gig that was supposed to go over the weekend. The couple ended up staying there for nearly six months. Ann wrote a memoir about the experience that came out in 2004 that is titled An Innocent, A Broad. They have two children together now, a son and a daughter (Devin was born in 1992). They have also lived on a Connecticut family farm with dogs, horses, and cats. She and Denis also reside in New York.

Leary’s non fiction also includes The Long Weekend and her book Special Delivery. She has also penned nonfiction and fiction for different magazines and publications, including NPR, Real Simple, Redbook, Ploughshares, and the New York Times. She is also known for her fiction such as Outtakes from a Marriage, The Good House, and The Children. She has had her work translated into over a dozen languages.

Ann is also the co-host of Hash Hags, a radio show that airs weekly on National Public Radio. When she is not busy on the radio, spending time with family, or writing, she enjoys equestrian sports and serves as a volunteer EMT.

The Good House was a best selling book and has been developed into a feature film that stars Kevin Kline and Sigourney Weaver. “Rallying to Keep the Game Alive” is her essay that came out in the New York Times. It’s been adapted for the television series Modern Love on Amazon. The series stars John Slattery and Tina Fey.

Outtakes from a Marriage is the first fictional novel to come out from author Ann Leary.

In this story, readers meet main characters of Joe and Julia Ferraro for the first time. They’re a couple that lives in Manhattan, and things have taken a turn for the better. They’re living well in New York thanks to the fact that Joe has landed a huge job. He’s a star of a television show that’s become a hit. It’s also been recently nominated to win a Golden Globe award.

They’ve been living together for many years where they scraped cash together to make ends meet. But now they live in a nice apartment on the Upper West Side and even have a beach house in Amagansett. Their two children are enrolled in private schools. The couple is still in love, but Julia has reason to take pause when she hears a voicemail left by a woman that doesn’t sound like a mere acquaintance.

Julia is suddenly worried about her marriage. She checks his messages and goes online to try and see what he’s up to. She even appears on the set without announcing that she’s coming. Should she talk to Joe about the voicemail? Julia’s wondering whether she has been put to the side after she tried to help her husband make it after all these years.

Things used to be so different. She used to live in the East Village and considered herself edgy. She wrote for the Village Voice, which published her music reviews. She threw huge parties in her loft along with her friends. Back then, Joe was a drama student who was shy but interested in her, following her around. He eventually won her over. Julia assisted Joe in becoming a handsome and charming man that had the confidence to take on his career. She became a mother and began an entirely new life.

Julia’s on a mission to improve herself. With an awards show coming up and her marriage potentially over, she’s trying to do what it takes to be self sufficient. Even if her husband isn’t faithful, can she find herself again? Read this novel to find out!

The Good House is the second fictional novel to come out from Ann Leary. It was a finalist for an Audie Award in fiction in 2014. This is the story of main character Hildy Good, a woman who lives in denial about many things.

Hildy resides in a small town on the North Shore of Boston. She’s a broker in real estate and a mother as well as a grandmother. She’s also deep into her alcoholism. Her family gave her an intervention a year before, and Hildy feels alone and persecuted in an unjust way. She is in denial about her drinking, believing that moderation will help.

Hildy’s trying to deal with her demons but soon discovers that she’s become involved in something else. This includes a scandal, love story, and more. But what will convince her to stop drinking forever? Can anything? Read this interesting novel all the way to the end to catch the entire story!

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