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Ann Reardon
Ann Reardon is non-fiction author. She is also owner and host of How to Cook That, a top-rated baking series in Australia and the US. For many years, this certified dietician and scientist worked in food service.
However, as she was nigh-nursing her son, she decided to share her knowledge on food with the world. What started as a once-a-week post with an occasional video turned into a full-time job as her platform grew. Reardon moved to YouTube, and her viewership continues to grow to date.
Her channel focuses on desserts and has included valuable information on her channel in the How to Cook That cookbook.

How to Cook That
How to Cook That is a cookbook that details how to cook delicious cakes and pastries. For fans of Ann Reardon’s cooking YouTube channel, this book provides a chance for them to have some of her famous pastry recipes in their kitchen.

In Reardon’s fashion, the recipe comes with more than just a list of ingredients, and everything is explained in a fun and easy-to-understand way. There is also enough information on how the ingredients work together to produce the desired results.

The recipes herein are fresh, and there are many of them to suit seasoned bakers and those who know very little about the skill.

The author has done an excellent job explaining what happens when you add your ingredients to a recipe or use more or less of the indicated amounts. Thanks to this book, novice bakers can diagnose baking mistakes with ease and take corrective measures where necessary.
Given the author’s background as a food scientist, it is easy for her to explain these mistakes in a way that makes sense, even if you do not know much about baking. Her fun personality shines throughout this book, and the pictures are enough to make you try some of these decadent recipes.
This is not your average cookbook.

The scientific introduction at the start of every chapter makes the book interesting, even for readers who are not interested in trying out the recipes. Additionally, the art on a plate part that may appeal to those only looking to add some taste and sophistication to their kitchen.

The Fun Easy Desserts chapter offers six recipes that include some exceptional shakes for the home bakers looking for simple desserts they can whip up in minutes.

There are more complex recipes that will take you hours to prepare and source all the ingredients, but if the photos are anything to go by, you know that your efforts will be well rewarded.

How to Cook That is a fantastic cookbook that you should consider adding to your collection if you enjoy baking delicious treats for your family. It is also a perfect gift for an adventurous baker keen to deepen their knowledge in their craft and food in general.

In here, you will find detailed recipes for extravagant chocolates and desserts and simple recipes that require no practice to perfect. While some of these recipes are a bit complex for beginners, they will come in handy whenever you want to impress. It helps that the language is simple, and there are great pictures to feast your eyes whenever you want.

Ann was also an editor for Dave Reardon’s novel here are details on that.

The Deep Enders
The Deep Enders tells the story of a teenager and his experiences during the second world war. Murph Turner is just sixteen when the Pearl Harbor bombing happens. Keen to keep him safe, Murph’s mom sends him to Broome to stay with his father.

While he is heartbroken to be torn from his mom, Murphy has no choice but to go. He must be evacuated as his mother stays behind to nurse the injured at a big hospital.

The plan is that his mom would join him and his dad as soon as possible. From Hawaii to Darwin, Murph spends four weeks at sea. He then takes a three-day bus ride from Darwin to the little town on the Australian coast where his father is based.

By the time Murph meets his father, he is hungry, tired, and hot. Adjusting to the Australian weather is quite a challenge, not to mention that everything about his new home seems bizarre. Fortunately, Murph quickly befriends an Aboriginal boy who helps him get over his loneliness.
Banjo is fun and naughty, and soon, Murph finds himself joining in on his adventures.

Things take an unexpected yet more exciting turn when Murph meets Micki, a beautiful girl who will quickly become the center of his attention. Micki comes with her fair share of issues, one of them being that she is on the run from the authorities.

Now three teenagers, all running from their past, have to learn how to cope with life as war clouds continue to gather and uncertainty looms on their lives. When they are thrown into a deadly conspiracy, there is no telling how much damage this could cause to those they love. Living close to a military airbase comes with its challenges, and the trio gets in trouble for the wrong reasons.

While there are enough historical details in this book, the story is mainly about friendship.
Thanks to the friendship these three teenagers share, all the bad things happening around them seem to disappear. Despite their flaws, these kids are lovable, and it is easy to sympathize with them.

The Deep Enders is a fast-paced and gripping historical fiction story filled with mystery and suspense.
It is also a story about friendship and how powerful it is. At a time where racial injustice, war, and panic are the norm, it is amazing that the main characters find comfort in the friendships that they develop within such a short time.
This book is ideal for middle schoolers as they can easily identify with the main characters and their struggles. While it touches on war, violence, and death, the information is not graphic. It is also an ideal read for anyone looking to read about WWII from an Australian’s point of view.

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