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Anna Banks is a New York Times bestselling author, who likes to write young adult, science fiction, romance, and fantasy books. She is famous for writing the Nemesis series and The Syrena Legacy book series. Author Banks was born and brought up in the town of Niceville. She claims that all the residents of the Niceville town are generally very nice in nature and behavior. Banks got the inspiration for taking up writing as a career by reading the popular works of Yo Mama. The life of author Banks prior to become a famous author was also quite interesting. She is fond of pet animals and has a pet cat in the form of a small Weiner dog that he calls Puckdoo. Banks does not quite like the style of high heels as she is not able to walk comfortably while wearing them. The only that she is able to with high heels is standing straight. Hailing from a town in Florida, Banks believes that she is the only person in the entire city who does not have a body or face tan. When author Banks was 12 years old, she stole a car and drove it across 3 states with it. Such was the kind of adventure in the life of author Banks when she was a young girl. Banks is represented at the Literary Studio of Stimola by Rosemary Stimola. She is happily married and lives along with her loving husband and a daughter in Florida Panhandle. She believes that she has a more southern accent as compared to the New Yorkers. Author Banks loves to eat the food items that are prepared with real fat. The other thing that author Banks likes very much is chocolate. If a whole chocolate is placed in front of her, she would eat away all of it without giving even a single piece of it to anyone else.

Among the favorite books of the author, there is Unravel Me, Shatter Me, Candor, Shiver, The Host, Forever, Cinder, pushing the Limits, Enclave, the trilogy of Hunger games, Divergent, Shadow & Bone, Graceling Fire, and almost all of the books written by Janet Evanovich and James Patterson. The humor novels make author Banks laugh in such a way that she loses her feminine touch and her nose starts running. The movie rights of author Banks’ Syrena Legacy series has been acquired by the Mad Hat Entertainment, which is the producer of the franchise of How To Train Your Dragon. Author Banks says that her primary goal as a writer is to provide entertainment for the funny and smart girls like herself. Her works are often centered around love stories as expected of her, and contain elements of humor and sarcasm. Being the youngest child among the 7 children of her parents, author Banks had become a spoiled child when she was small. Her mischiefs knew no bounds while she was growing up. Prior to the beginning of her writing career, author Banks used to work as a waitress and a banker. After finding her interest in romantic comedy novels and the much required success with her initial books, she decided to quit all her previous jobs and start writing on a full time basis. Author Banks loves fried chicken, Simon Cowell, and old movies. She loathes haters, licorice, and exercise. In addition to writing under her original name, she also pens romantic and sarcastic fiction books under the pseudonym of Anna Scarlett.

A popular book series written by Anna Banks is called Nemesis. It consists of a total of 2 books, the first of which has already been published and the second one is expected to be released soon in 2017. Both the books describe the story of Princess Sepora from Serubel. The debut novel of this series is entitled ‘Nemesis’. It was released by the Feiwel and Friends publication in the year 2016. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that Serubel’s Princess Sepora is the last of the Forgers in all the 5 kingdoms. She creates a spectorium that gives energy to all. However, her father finds a new way to make use of his daughter’s special ability in the form of a weapon. When Sepora sees that her father has the intention of inciting a war, she decides to flee away from his grasp. While running away, Seproa goes beyind the lines of the enemy territory. She finds that she has landed in the Theoria kingdom. Later, all her plans of keeping her identity hidden get thwarted when Sepora gets captured and kept in the servitude of Theoria’s young king named Tarik. He has recently taken over the leadership of Theoria and faces a problem right away. His kingdom suffers from a new form of plague that sweeps across the kingdom and kills many citizens. Now, the last things that Tarik wants in such difficult times is a servant trying to attract his attention and cause him trouble. However, he seems to have no intention of ignoring Sepora. Just as she and Tarik come face to face, an unlikely connection is established between them. Because of this, more complications come into their lives that they had not imagined. It appears that the gift of Sepora can help Tarik in saving his kingdom. But, she wonders whether she should take the risk of exposing her identity and her feeling for the nemesis.

The next book of the series is called ‘Ally’. It is about to get published in 2017. At the beginning of the story of this book, it is depicted that King Tarik and Princess Sepora form an uneasy truce between each other’s kingdom after the dangerous plague spread throughout Theoria. As the feelings of Sepora and Tarik get entangled in power and politics, they are required to make use of their trusted resources to arrive at a common ground. Later, several traitors having powerful allies come out from the most unexpected places and pose a great challenge to the King and Princess. The challenges seem to bring about a change in their kingdoms that is feared to last forever. In order to prevent this from happening, Sepora and Tarik must learn to differentiate between their trustworthy and untrustworthy allies. And also, they must trust each other completely so that others cannot benefit from their differences or cause them any harm. They have to act well within time to save their respective kingdoms, their lives, as well as their relationship.

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