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Anna Bright
Anna Bright is an independent bookseller during the day, and writer at night who manages to get into trouble by reading when she should be doing other things.

When she isn’t busy hiding out amongst the books, she loves roller coasters, concerts, and adventures both at home and abroad.

Anna believes in mountains, woods, cobblestones, highways, dancing, roller coasters, cherry Pop Tarts, magic, and books.

When she isn’t writing or reading on her couch, she is dragging her husband off on some adventure, causing trouble at One More Page books (where she works), or communing with Salem (her cat and spiritual familiar).

She has always been a reader. Books were her vacations, her best education in empathy, and her secrets. She just wasn’t always a writer. She did want to write, just never had “an idea to write a story”. She doesn’t believe she realized before then that ideas were just a dime a dozen, that there are websites with prompts, but it’s execution that is the real thing. Once she got her first idea, it was like a fire was lit right underneath her. She mulled the idea for a few months before taking the plunge during NaNoWriMo.

Anna finds she can write pretty much anywhere, she’s even drafted rough scenes on her phone while on the subway. However, picking one song for a scene and letting it roll again and again in her mind is the best way for her to get all the words flowing.

Working at the bookstore changed the whole game for Anna. She was an avid reader and a committed writer when she began working there, but once she began working there, she was swimming in some great content and reading way outside of her comfort zone.

It helped to be in an environment where she was interacting with other people, since she is a natural introvert. If she isn’t careful, all of the voices of her characters began sounding like her own, so it is essential that she gets out. There is something simply magical about working with books that truly makes her heart glow. It has enhanced her desires to write by a lot.

One day she was blow-drying her hair and daydreaming about fairy tales and about Stephanie Meyer’s novel “The Host”, which she devoured like bread at an Italian restaurant. Then she began thinking about love and how the external pressure affects how you fall for people and falling in love at the end of the world.

Then she had the idea to write a there-and-back-again romance, with a fairy-tale being retold at each location. Once she began thinking about it, she could not stop. This is how she came up with “The Beholder”.

While she wrote the book, her favorite part of it was the sheer wonder of seeing something take shape in her hands. She has tried a lot of artistic media, and was just absolutely terrible at pottery and painting and other kinds of visual stuff. Building out a world and creating characters, it is something that feels magical to her.

When she sold the book, she was on a road trip to go to a wedding with friends, including her husband and critique partner. She will never forget reading the email out loud to everyone in the car and everyone screaming and whooping. She was so happy in that moment, she wanted to cry. She danced so hard that weekend and at a lot of Blue Bell ice cream.

Anna’s debut novel, called “The Beholder”, was released in the year 2019. Her work is from the young adult fantasy genre.

“The Beholder” is the first novel in the “Beholder” series and was released in the year 2019. Selah has been waiting her entire life for happily ever after. Being the only daughter of the Potomac’s leader, she knows that her duty is to locate the perfect match, one that is a partner that will help secure her people’s future. Now that day has come.

After an excruciatingly public rejection from her closest friend from childhood, Selah’s stepmom suggests a rather unthinkable solution. Selah has to set sail across the Atlantic, where some potential suitors await, and if she doesn’t return engaged, she shouldn’t come back at all.

From the fjords of Norge to English castle gardens, and under the dreaded Imeriya Yotne, Selah’s journey is going to be the quest of a lifetime. Her stepmom’s schemes are not the only secrets that hide below decks. The stakes of Selah’s voyage might be higher than any happy ending.

The novel takes readers on a mystifying journey with Selah. Anna weaves some surprise and unpredictability into this story. Twists of deception and some ulterior motives make it so that nothing is nearly what it appears to be. Selah’s relationships are all sweet in their own way and make you root for each and every one.

“The Boundless” is the second novel in the “Beholder” series and was released in the year 2020. Selah found her true love with Prince Torden of Norway, but she never imagined for a second she would have to leave him behind. All due to the Beholder’s true mission being a secret that Selah’s crew did not trust her to keep. Transporting the weapons to the rebels that battle against the savage tsarytsya, whose shadow looms over their next port in Shvartsval’d. A place that Selah was hoping to avoid.

Gone is the girl that left Potomac filled with fear. With one stockpile of weapons belowdecks and her heart hanging right in the balance, Selah is determined to see the Beholder’s quest to the finish.

Anna’s writing is beautiful throughout, and her world building is outstanding. She also does a remarkable job of giving Selah a great character arc over these two novels. This one has plenty of action, intensity, and even some interesting surprises thrown in. Readers liked seeing how strong Selah has become in this one, now she is fierce and ready to take what she wants in order to survive. There are strong female characters here (both villain and hero), and a smart and well-written lead character.

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