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Anna Carey is a noteworthy author of the Young Adult and Romance genres. She is an American by birth and has pursued a successful writing career after her graduation. Her father was an astronomer and her mother was a special education teacher, who used to live on Long Island. Anna has spent her growing years in Long Island along with her parents. Earlier in her life Anna has tried her hands at painting and graphic designing. She has also been a physical therapist, flutist, district attorney and eventually became a writer. She believes that being a writer allows her to pursue all the other professions she likes and enjoys doing. Anna ha graduated from the New York University in the subjects of English Literature and Creative Writing. During her college days, she used to actively take part in the snowball fights in the Washington Square Park. After her graduation, Anna began working as an editor at a children’s publishing house and later went on to pursue her MFA from the Brooklyn College in Fiction. After seeing success as an author, Anna has managed to have a big apartment in Los Angeles, where she lives now. Even though she enjoys the pleasant weather of Los Angeles, she misses the charm of New York and gives frequent visits to her home town. Apart from being a writer, Anna has also worked as a gift wrapper, nanny, cocktail waitress, editor and sofa saleswoman. When not busy in writing, Anna is often found indulged in reading or telling elaborate and moderately interesting stories about her pet dog. Anna has mentioned in her interviews that she likes miniatures, flea markets, dance-offs, chalkboard silhouettes and singing loudly in her car. Anna is a happy-go-lucky lady who likes to enjoy every bit of her life. She has a particular interest in desserts and likes molten chocolate cake with strawberry, vanilla ice cream and Nutella. She has written a total of seven books under three different series’ and is particularly famous for the Eve series, which is comprised of 3 books and was her debut series as an author. Even the other two series’ written by her are quite successful among her fans.

The Eve series written by Anna Carey consists of 3 novels published between the years 2011 and 2013. The first novel of the series was titled ‘Eve’ and was published in the year 2011 by the HarperCollins publishing house. The novel in based on the romantic relationship between the main character named Eve and the love of her life, Caleb. The plot of the novel can be understood from the opening line of the novel, which says that there is nowhere to go when there is no surety of safety anywhere. The plot of the novel introduces Earth as a perilous place after being under the attack of a deadly virus for more than 16 years. The virus has affected most of the population of Earth and a major part of it has been wiped out over the 16 years of attack. In the midst of this, Eve is introduced as an 18 year old orphaned girl. She is aware of the dangers of the virus and has never crossed the heavily guarded boundaries of her school.

Eve lives along with 200 other orphaned girls in the school, all of whom are ordered to stay within the perimeter of the school in order to stay safe. They have been promised a better future as teachers and artists in the coming days of New America. However, Eve comes to know about a horrifying truth about her school on the night before her graduation. She comes to know about the real purpose of her school and begins to think that she might end up having a horrifying fate if she stayed there. Hence, she decides to flee from the school. After fleeing from the only home that she had since her childhood, Eve sets herself on a long and treacherous journey. She strives to search for a place where she can live peacefully and make some living for herself. Along the path of her long journey, Eve meets Arden and Caleb. Arden was a rival from her school and Caleb was a rough and rebellious boy, who used to live in the wild. All her life, Eve has been taught to stay away from men in order to stay safe. Therefore, she fears after meeting Caleb and Arden at first. However, Caleb slowly finds a way to win her trust and promises to protect her from all sorts of difficulties. Soon, the two are forced to run for their lives as the soldiers begin to hunt them. Being in love with Caleb, Eve never wishes to leave him, but is forced to choose between her life and her real love. The lives of Eve and Caleb has been very well depicted by Anna Carey. She has described the plot of the novel as both beautiful and horrifying. The novel became successful and was appreciated by everyone for the unique characterization and description of the plot. Anna was praised by the critics for her efforts and this motivated her to write a few more novels.

The second novel of the series was published in the year 2012 by the HarperCollins publishing house. It was titled ‘Once’ and continued to depict the miserable life of the main character, Eve. In this novel, Eve is shown as being hunted by the soldiers and has trust issues with everyone she meets. After fleeing her her school, Eve has found shelter in Califa, a place which is considered safe for women. Eve feels safe in Califa and feels protected from her terrifying fate. She can sleep soundly. Soon, she gets to know that Caleb is in trouble and he needs her to save him. In order to live a safer life, Eve had abandoned Caleb even though the two loved each other very much. Feeling guilty for her act, Eve decides to go in the wild again and save Caleb from his troubles. However, she gets captured and is brought to the City of Sand, which is the capital of The New America. She comes to know about a shocking secret from her past and feels confronted by the reality of her harsh future. Eve tries to flee from prison after knowing that Caleb was alive. However, she understands that her decision to have Caleb back in her life could prove to be deadly and she has to make a desperate choice between saving the ones whom she loves or risk to lose Caleb forever. Author Anna has very well described romance, sacrifice and adventure in the novel. She has once again proven that she is a master in her ability to write fantastic novels. Anna’s efforts of describing a world full of terrifying events and at the same time giving a wonderful description of the romance between Eve and Caleb, was very well appreciated by the critics as well as by her fans.

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