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Publication Order of Gin Sullivan Books

Dark Road Home (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Anna Carlisle is a new and upcoming author from America, who likes to write mystery, thriller, and suspense novels. She resides in northern California and is famous for writing the Gin Sullivan mystery series. In this series, author Carlisle has introduced the chief protagonist as Gin Sullivan, who is a medical examiner by profession. The first novel of the series, Dark Road Home, was very successful and it helped to begin the successful journey for the series as well as for the writing career of author Carlisle. In addition to writing mystery novels, author Carlisle also works as a teacher. She teaches the art of writing to her students at a local school in northern California.

The Gin Sullivan series written by Anna Carlisle is comprised of a total of 2 books, which were released between the years 2016 and 2017. The debut novel of this mystery series is entitled ‘Dark Road Home’. It was released by the Crooked Lane Books in the year 2016. Author Carlisle has set the plot of this story in Chicago and California. The primary characters depicted in the book include Gin Sullivan, Lily, Jake, Richard, Madeline, Lawrence, etc. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that Gin Sullivan resides in Chicago and works as a medical examiner. One day, she receives a call and is informed that a dead body has been discovered in the woods just outside her hometown. The description of the body makes Gin worry a lot as she thinks that it could be of her younger sister named Lily, who had gone missing around 20 years ago. In order to find out what had happened on that fateful day, Gin Sullivan decides to return to her hometown and help the local police in the investigation. She also begins to use her talents being a medical examiner to look for clues for solving the mystery behind the disappearance and death of her sister. The decision to get involved in the investigation proves very difficult for Gin Sullivan as she feels that the task is very demanding at the professional and personal levels. The more Gin digs into the mystery, she uncovers more shocking truths. The shocking discoveries seem to have the power of changing everything in Gin’s life. They could even destroy whatever is left in the lives of Gin Sullivan and her family.

Gin had spent her childhood with her little sister and a group of close-knit friends in her small hometown. Her parents were mostly busy in their professional lives, but in spite of that Gin and Lily were warmly supported by her friends. The distanced relationship of the sisters with their parents is the reason they had started treating their friends as family and were very close to them. However, during the fateful summer after they graduated from their high school, everything changed suddenly. When Lily was not found after searching her for days, it was concluded that it was meaningless to look for her as she was far from being found again. Lily’s disappearance made Gin pit against her sweetheart from high school, Jake Crosby, who was the last person with whom Lily was seen before her disappearance. And when Jake calls Gin after almost 2 decades to inform her about the dead body resembling Lily, she recognizes her voice. When Gin decides to come back to her hometown and support her parents, she becomes surprised to see that the town has not changed much in all these years. She does not waste much time and makes her way into Lily’s autopsy by sweet talking the local cop and Jake’s father, Lawrence Crosby. The examination makes Gin realize that there were a lot of things that she did not about her sister and their friend circle. Now, she asks Jake to help her find out the whole truth before it is too late. However, she fails to realize that Jake could have been the person responsible for Lily’s vanishing and also for hiding things from her about Lily. After a little while into the mystery, some buried secrets are uncovered which tend to change everything that Gin Sullivan has been living for until now.

The second book of the series is called ‘All the Secret Places’. It was also released by the Crooked Lane publication in the year 2017. Once again, the main characters shown in the plot include Jake Crosby and Gin Sullivan. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is depicted that Gin Sullivan moves to her hometown in Pittsburgh and stays there for an extended leave period from the job at the office of the medical examiner in Chicago. While she lives there, she tries to rekindle her old love with Jake Crosby. Gin Sullivan is still readjusting herself at her home when she comes to know about a harrowing news from Jake. A housing colony that Jake’s construction firm was developing had caught fire and a dead body was found underneath a burnt house. After establishing the identity of the victim, it is learned that he is the same man who used to be a violent offender several years ago and terrified the whole town with his notorious acts. The list of suspects grew long because of the victim’s known personality. It becomes a difficult challenge for the investigating authorities to point out the killer. Gin Sullivan makes up her mind to look into the case on her own and unearth the some old demons. She learns that some people in the town will go to any lengths to keep the secrets buried. But, she does not lose hope and continues to investigate until she unravels all the secrets connected to the victim’s death and catches the killer. Even though author Carlisle has written this novel as a continuation of the Gin Sullivan book series, it can also be read independently. In the initial narration of the plot, author Carlisle has given a description of Gin Sullivan’s background. These include the time she spent in Trumball as a child, her relationship with her parents, her sister’s mysterious disappearance, her career, and her love life. Later, she proceeds to the mystery and describes it in a fast paced and twisty manner. Gin Sullivan is seen putting herself in dangerous situations multiple times and coming out of them every time with the help of her sleuthing abilities and investigative skills. The book was equally appreciated by the readers and the critics as the first series’ first novel. Now, author Carlisle is working on developing the third mystery book of the series, which is also expected to be full of suspense and thrill.

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