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Anna Day is a popular English novelist, who likes to write young adult, contemporary, and romance books. She is known to have written the internationally famous novel, The Fandom. This thrilling young adult debut book helped author Day establish herself as a noteworthy author of the genre. Author Day resides in the northeastern region of England. She spent most of her earlier days growing up in that place and still chooses to live there. During the daytime, author Day works in her profession of clinical psychology. Whenever she gets time from her work, she utilizes it to write young adult stories. Author Day says that while she was growing up, she was very close to her father. She remembers him even today as the man who was pretty obsessed with his guitar. Day learned the skills to play a guitar from her father. Her mother too was a very interesting and inspiring person for her. She would cook amazingly delicious food items and make author Day crave for them. Day always wished to develop cooking skills similar to that of her mother. It was because of her parents that author Day got interested in food and music. Even today, she chooses these two things to cheer up her mood. Author Day completed her graduation from the university in the field of Psychology. Following her graduation, she started working as assistant to a psychologist. Day continued to work for this job for a few years before going on to work independently. Within several years, she became a reputed clinical psychologist. In the year 2015, Day entered the Children’s Fiction Contest by the Chicken House with a story based on the fictional world of The Gallows Dance. Later, the story ended up becoming the plot of her debut novel, The Fandom. Also, The Fandom went on to become the fastest selling title of international rights by The Chicken House.

Anna Day’s debut book is entitled ‘The Fandom’. This book was published in January 2018 by Chicken House publishing company. The central characters of this novel as mentioned by author Day include Violet, Alice, Willow, Katie, Nate, and several others. The characters are depicted as friends, who go out to watch their favorite movie inspired by its exciting fictional world. But, their adventure turns into a nightmare when they meet unexpected accidents similar to the ones depicted in the film. Whatever they see in the unreal world seems to be happening with them in real time. The friends begin to look for ways by which they can help themselves come out of the troublesome situation. But, before they could do so, they experience a series of emotions of guilt, fear, and love. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that Violet and her friend Alice seem obsessed with their plan of visiting comic con. There, they expect to meet their favorite character from their dearest movie in real life. This film character is named Willow. However, it turns out that the actor is not at all what he is portrays on the screen. He snorts cocaine and lives like a douchebag. In spite of knowing this fact, Alice and Violet’s excitement of meeting him remain unbroken. The duo is accompanied by a common friend named Katie. She doesn’t seem to have any idea about the movie or the actors in it. The younger brother of Violet, Nate, also joins them on the trip. He looks much more obsessed than Violet for the meeting. Then the moment finally comes when they come face to face with the real actor. While they are busy in having the conversation, something unexpected happens and the foursome get transported into the film’s fictional world. None of them appear to have an idea what happened and how did they end up getting transported there? Soon after, the events from the fictional movie begin to unfold before them. The friends feel as if they have gotten trapped in a deadly world, from where they don’t know how to get out. Shortly after, the friends realize the connection of the things happening with them. And with the understanding of their situation, they also realize that the story of the film ends in a tragic way. Violet knows she cannot let the sorrowful end happen to herself or her friends. So, she decides that she will try to change the climax into something favorable. However, in doing so, she will have to take some unknowable risks that may land them in great dangers. They might even remain trapped for the lifetime if they take any wrong step in trying to set things right.

This book is incorporated with some very authentic characters. Day has produced an innovative plot, that appears to have honed the collective feelings of excitement and awe of the characters. The feelings of fear and confusion also seem mixed with the other feelings. Author Day’s writing style is such that it incorporates numerous cultural references of pop. This helped in adding the sense of reality to the plot. Day has given storyline an added layer of narration that makes the readers remain puzzled till the very end. In this way, they felt like they were united with all the characters. On the whole, the plot looks startlingly believable and has an exciting narration to it. All these factors helped in the success of the book. Author Day received numerous positive reviews for her dedication and hard work in coming up with this unique story. Her fans praised her with motivating comments and critics praised and appreciated her as much as they could. All the reviews brought much more success to the novel and author Day. Many readers have mentioned in their reviews that they enjoyed the description of Day very much. They appreciated the idea of the transportation of the characters in an unreal world, where they face many challenges and finally overcome them to reach home. The readers felt that no other author had thought of developing his or her story in this way before author Day. This is what makes the book special and unique. And to add to the excitement of the story, there is confusion, drama, dilemma, love, fear, and guilt. These things keep the readers interested until the climax. Author Day said after the book’s success that considers herself lucky to have found such loving fans and hopes to come up with another exciting story very soon.

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