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Publication Order of Anna Fehrbach, the Angel Books

Angel from Hell (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Angel in Red (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Angel of Vengeance (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Angel in Jeopardy (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Angel of Doom (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Angel Rising (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Angel of Destruction (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Angel of Darkness (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon

Anna Fehrbach is the main character in a novel series of historical thrillers written by British bestselling novelist Christopher Nicole. Born in Austria to an Austrian editor father and an Anglo-Irish mother, the protagonist, Anna is described as having extraordinary good looks, exceptional personality, a superb athlete and having an IQ of 173. The series publication began in 2006 when the first novel in the series Angel from Hell was published. Each book in the series has an “Angel” in the title. The series consists of nine primary works with Angel in Peril marking the last book in the series.

The author of Anna Ferhbach series was born on December 7th, 1930 in Georgetown, Guyana formerly known as British Guiana. He is the son of Jack Nicole a cop and Jean Dorothy. He attended Queen’s College in Guyana and later Harrison College in Barbados. He served as a clerk for the Royal Bank of Canada from 1947-1956. He relocated to Guernsey, the Channel Islands in the United Kingdom. Nicole married his first wife on 31st March 1951 with whom they had two sons Jack and Bruce and two daughters, Ursula and Julie. However, they couple divorce and on 8th may 1982; he married a second wife Diana Bachmann a fellow writer. The author is passionate about history, and he has been published since 1959. His first stories were set in the native Caribbean, but later he wrote historical novels that are set in tumultuous periods of the cold war, world war II and World War I and depicted places in Asia, Europe, and Africa. The author has also written other classic romance novels, specialized in Series and Sagas.

Angel from Hell

It is the year 1938, when Germany invades Austria, as a result of this invasion; all the anti-Nazis are immediately arrested and imprisoned. Amongst those arrested is the liberal editor Jonathan Fehrbach, his Anglo-Irish wife, and his two daughters. However, the elder of the girls, 17-year old Annalise is alienated from her parents and taken into Gestapo custody. The arresting officers immediately recognize that the girl had an exceptional personality; she is extremely good looking, head of her convent, she has a superb IQ, a good athlete and her mother speak English fluently. She is sent to an SS training camp where she is inducted into the SD, the most of the secret of German secret services.

The first novel in the series is an interesting read. Anna is a gorgeous girl which makes her one of the best heroines you will ever come across in any historical novel. Her family is taken by force by then Nazi officials upon learning that her father was a liberal editor who is an anti-Nazi. The Hitler regimes soon learn of Anna Fehrbach useful attributes, separates her from her family and taken through a unique training program to make a covert agent out of her. She is requested to fulfill her duties to her superiors and also threatened to lose her family just in case she ever goes rogue.

The spy thrillers of the WWII are popular novels in the modern day, but Angel from Hell unique has qualities. Unlike most of the books in that genre, it is well written which enables the reader to forgive the more violent episodes. Both primary and secondary characters are well developed, and their interaction is a superb one, they are more livable, and you will almost associate them with the real life people. Furthermore, the plot is well developed and connects well from one chapter to the next.

Angel in Peril

The year is 1949; the Cold War is at its climax. The super powers are only prevented from shooting at each other because of the knowledge that nuclear war would only mean an end to the civilization. However, in Kremlin, there is a bit of problem; the security forces are unable to arrest Anna Fehrbach, the woman who once attempted to kill Premier Stalin in 1941 and subsequently made one spectacular escape from the Lubianka Prison. Anna has made use of her remarkable beauty, lethal skills, and supreme beauty to fight a one-woman war with the Soviet soldiers.

After having been rumored to have died in the blazing ruins of Berlin in April 1945, Anna made a surprising reappearance a year later when she returned to the Russian territory of Germany to retrieve the fortune she had deserted there before escaping.

Moreover, once again, even though forewarned of her plans, the MGB had failed to arrest her, and many lives had been lost. The worse of this even though regarded as a Nazi agent, there is substantial evidence that in starting this latest coup she had some assistance of the CIA suggesting worrying possibilities.

However, since 1946, Anna has disappeared into thin air. Alternatively, has she?

Angel of Doom

Angel of Doom is the thrilling sequel to Angel of Jeopardy and the fifth novel in Anna Ferhbach series by Christopher Nicole. It is July 1944 in the aftermath of the attempt to assassinate Adolf Hitler. Germany is in chaos, but fortunately, the charming but deadly Anna Ferbach is on the grounds to help maintain the stability of Hitler’s regime. However, she is not what she seems at all, and in her position as a double agent was herself fundamental to the conspiracy. Now as the Third Reich collapses will Anna manage to rescue her family held by the Nazi and at the same time remain loyal to the regime.

Angel in Jeopardy

Angel in Jeopardy is the sequel to Angel of Vengeance and the fourth installment in the thrilling Anna Fehrbach series. The year is 1943, and the Germany defenses are shattering, and Heinrich Himmler is taking all the necessary steps to ensure that he survives. He hires a beautiful but venomous Anna Fehrbach to courier millions of money across the border in Switzerland. Unfortunately, what Himmler does not know is that for four years, Anna has been operating as a rogue agent, working for the American OSS and British SIS with only one goal in mind; to bring the Nazis down. The fourth series installment continues the story of the double agent, Anna who was separated from her family and later trained to become a toxic agent. The characters in this novel are well crafted. Furthermore, the plot line is quite engaging right from the first to the last page.

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