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About Anna George

An Australian author skilled at getting into the mind of her characters, the highly renowned writer of modern contemporary thrillers Anna George has been writing for quite some time now. Incisive and precise with her prose, she really understands her subject matter, writing with a high degree of authenticity and realism. Not just that, but she is also highly adept at researching her subjects, which has also elevated their realism to another level. The dialogue of her characters is also particularly noteworthy too, as she definitely has an ear for how people actually speak and interact with one another. This is kept within the realms and boundaries she sets within her novels, allowing them convey her many ideas in a clear and articulate manner.

A writer who definitely has something to say, she really knows how to impart certain themes and ideas through her words. This is managed in a clear and intelligent manner, as she really makes sure to that no one sentence or word is wasted. Over time this has seen her go on to become one of the foremost writers currently working within her particular genre and field to date. Setting the template for many other writers to follow in her footsteps, she really does manage to break new ground with her novels. Keeping the words going, she really definitely keeps her readers interested throughout, allowing them to immerse themselves in her work, something that she’ll continue to do for some time to come.

Early and Personal Life

Growing up in Australia, the writer to be Anna George would really get a feel for the area of Melbourne during her childhood. This would come to formulate many of her ideas, allowing her to become a lot more in-depth with her subject matter in the years to come. Taking in inspiration from the world around her, she would come to harbor an interest in the psychological make-up of people, something which would allow her to shape many of her characters and personalities. Always showing an interest in writing, it would appear that her fate was sealed from the outset, as she would always be found with her head in a book. Writing from a young age too, she would always be working on honing and refining her craft as a writer and novelist of modern fiction.

Starting out as a lawyer prior to becoming a full-time writer, she would gain a number of experiences and insight, also helping to shape her following ideas. Writing feature film scripts too, she would travel to various places such as Mexico, whereby she would get to see some of the world, which fed into her work as well. Researching the life and experiences of a backpacker in the country, she would use her time spent in Mexico to inform her script, a learning practice that has followed her throughout her career. Writing legal notes and footnotes during her time as a lawyer as well, she would quickly become adept at applying herself to a number of different styles. Currently living and writing in Melbourne to this very day, she lives with her husband and their two sons, continuing to put out work at a regular pace.

Writing Career

Starting out with the novel ‘What Came Before’ in 2014, Anna George would largely come to write stand-alone titles. These would allow her to apply herself to singular stories that really put her ideas forth in both a clear and concise manner. Following up her debut title in 2017 with the second novel ‘The Lone Child’, she would go on to continue in a strong vein. Setting herself as a writer to watch, she was quickly lauded by both the critics and the general public alike, something which can be seen reflected through her sales. Featuring themes such as the difficulties and hardships faced when falling in love, she would quickly establish herself as an author with her finger set firmly on the pulse of the human condition.

Prior to writing novels she would also write reviews, which included working for publications such as a Hong Kong street magazine. This would evolve over time, as she quickly became adept at writing for a wide mainstream audience, making her writing clear and accessible. Her reviews of films would also allow her to gain some insight into the craft of storytelling as well, enabling her to look into her own craft too. Gaining awards and nominations, she was shortlisted for awards such as the 2015 Ned Kelly and Sisters in Crime Best Debut Fiction award among others. This would see her well on her way to becoming a strong and reputable voice in the subsequent years to follow.

What Came Before

Initially brought out in 2014, this was first released on the 1st of June, published through the ‘Penguin Australia’ publishing imprint. Marking the debut of Anna George as an author, it manages to really convey what she has to offer as a writer. Not only that, but it is a stand-alone that makes for an extremely compelling and interesting read for a wide ranging audience.

Starting out with the characters of Elle Nolan and David Forrester, it sees them set firmly in a world whereby they can’t conceive of love. David is a lawyer who believes that Elle is his last chance to find love, despite his own demons and ingrained cynicism at the concept. Elle is also somewhat jaded, now being a film-maker who was also previously a lawyer too, having now all but given up on the idea of love herself. Not a conventional love story though, David finds himself hovering over the body of Elle after one fateful night. How did this come to be and where did their ill-fated journey take them? Is true love always for the best? What came before?

The Lone Child

Released through the PRH outlet this time, this was released on the 31st of July in 2017. Providing another stand-alone novel, it continues many of Anna George’s ideas and themes from before. Developing her voice and style as an author, it definitely marks a strong second entry for her as a writer.

Ever since the death of her mother Neve Ayres is someone who has learned to look after herself, something which she has managed since the age of seven. Now, heading to the coastal area of Flinders to seek solace in her cliff-top house there, she is facing up to her partner suddenly leaving her after her being eight months pregnant. That’s when she sees a young girl called Jessie who comes into her life suddenly, providing a much needed source of care for her newborn. How much should she care for a stranger’s child though? What lies in her past and what does the future hold? Who is the lone child?

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